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How Not to Be Scammed by Propaganda Against Syria

Victim of chemical attack by Al-Qaeda FSA in Khan Asal, Aleppo

HOW NOT TO BE SCAMMED BY PROPAGANDA AGAINST SYRIA: Let us not contribute to PsyWar, nor to the release of too many stress hormones that can kill off cardiac cells

by Miri Wood, R.N.c.

It appears that as the Syrian Arab Army is more efficiently liberating areas of Syria that had been under the control of the terrorist Wahabbi Sex Jihadists, there is an increase in hysterical propaganda stories being circulated by the media bffs* of NATO and its many allies. Protect yourself — and also have a big fat laugh — by following this few guidelines.

Victim of chemical attack by Al-Qaeda FSA in Khan Asal, Aleppo
Victim of chemical attack by Al-Qaeda FSA in Khan Asal, Aleppo

Look for the date of the original source story. Look at the date the intense reporting from a “well respected” news source begins. See how long it takes for all the other “well respected” news sources to snowball the story. Ask yourself if there has been any real announcement, press conference, public meeting, etc., of significance, that you have found via sources never cited by the NATO et al. bbfs.

Then, go to your sources, and see how many of them cite unnamed sources, see how many unnamed sources are cited, see how many “well respected” news sources report that the unnamed sources told them, directly, and how many “well respected” news sources do the circle jerk and cite each other.

Oh, and keep an eye out for embellishments, or the small changes, both of which are employed to get a better appearance of journalistic integrity, lol.

Today’s topic is the story that “Israel Has Bombed Chemical Weapon Facility in Syria.”

The original story appears to have been posted by , dated 29 April, 2013. Though its headline “Report from Syria: Israel Jets Bomb a Syrian Chemical Weapons Factory” begins the headache process, as the reader tries desperately to figure out why Syria would be breaking news to Israel that Israel is bombing it, its sub-header has a slightly more insane claim, that “The [Fake Syrians Army] reports that Israeli jets destroyed a Syrian chemical weapons plant before rebel groups could get their hands on the goods.” [1]

Here, we now have been given the opportunity to wonder if only GORK** is meant to know who this report was given to, while simultaneously being herded into great relief to know that we have again been rescued by that only “demo[n]cracy in the middle east.”

On May 3, and updated on May 4, CNN reports that two anonymous US sources have told CNN that Israel bombed chemical weapons in Syria. [2]

4 May, RT reports that CNN and NBC are reporting that Israel has bombed Syrian territory to halt weapons *leaving* Syria; that initial reports claim that Israel invaded Lebanese airspace (no report on who that was reported to, or who did the reporting thereof); there is no confirmation of Syrian airspace being violated (there is also no confirmation of Lebanese airspace being violated, but, who cares?); says US sources (cited by GORK?) say that they (“they” presumably being the unnamed sources) “believe” by those unconfirmed by all bombing was “related to” chemical weapons; further quotes an anonymous Israeli source who basically said that Israel has the right to defend itself; says that Syrian Ambassador to the U.N., Dr. Bashar Ja’afari, told Reuters he was unaware of Syria being bombed by Israel [3] (of course, of absolutely no importance to the NATO media bbfs, is the fact that on April 30, Dr. Ja’afari gave a press conference announcing that it was then 40 [FORTY] days since Syria had made a formal request to the UN, asking it to begin an investigation into Syria’s allegations that on March 19, terrorists used chemical weaponry against the civilian population, and that the UN had done nothing***).

The updated portion of the CNN report states that “The Lebanese army website listed 16 flights by Israeli warplanes penetrating Lebanese airspace from Thursday evening through Friday afternoon local time.” [4] I noted zero such reports on the English website, and one report of one Israeli arrested on May Day , who “crossed the border into Lebanon,” which sounds as though the person walked, not flew a plane 16 times. [5]

Debka (thought by many to be run by Israeli intelligence) is now reporting on the Israeli bombing of Syria, and the Daily Mall reports that Israel bombed a Syrian *suspected* chemical weapons site; both cite the US as its source, as does Reuters. [6] Something called “twitchy” reports that a US senator has tweeted that Israel bombed Syria. [7]

As these “breaking news reports” are growing at a speed geometrically akin to the Brun big lie about sarin****, a couple of weeks ago, I imagine I could keep expanding this list for hours, but, Morpheus becomes impatient.

BREAKING ADDENDUM! At 0900 Syrian time, Israeli daily Ha’aretz joined the circle jerk with the non chemical weapons scenario, using the following headlines: “United States Believes Israel Conducted Airstrike in Syria, CNN. Israel Air Force Jets Targeted a Shipment of Weapons Headed for Hezballah in Lebanon, According to Reports.”

That unnamed sources are key to these orwellian news stories, who ever cites the unknown (a.k.a. “nonexistent”) cannot be charged with plagiarism. And neither can the journals that cite each other.

*best friends forever

**acronym for “God Only Really Knows,” the diagnosis given to patients nobody could figure out, in the satirical “House of God” book.
[4] CNN, op. cit.
[6] , ,

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  1. Stephanie Son

    Other than invading Syria, I wonder what the US' plan is by pumping this false information through the airwaves. I have been reading all day about the "israeli bombing" and the SANA (website says nothing about israel bombing them. I had to refer to RT about it and all they had was the US's account of what happened. Just to back you up, Russia Today did say that the Syrian Ambassador to the UN, Dr. Bashar Ja’afar has no knowledge and neither does the israeli defense official (well he just denied it, you know how they are) of any airstrike taking place. Its funny how the spokesperson from the 'Free Syrian Army' said that the attack did happen. Thinking more about it, if someone was really bombed, the US might have done it since no one else knows about it but US. The Day Press of Syria does report of a bombing at an airport in Damascus, the location of the supposed 'bombing'. And who are these anonymous sources?

    WW3 is not that far off, if the US doesn't start it, israel will.



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