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SAA Commits Massacres in Bayda, Qussayr Countryside

Bayda Baniyas

Syrian Arab Army been systematically demonized by western mainstream media throughout the Syrian crisis for over 2 years has finally proved them right and committed a series of massacres in Homs & Tartous countrysides. Tens were killed at the hands of the SAA forces in Qussayr countryside completing the siege around the city and in Bayda town on the coast near Baniyas in Tartous countryside, tens more were arrested and many wounded.

Before getting too much excited, the above news are parroted by all NATO aligned media in the west and their stooges in the Arab world, but with a small difference, those massacred at the hands of the Syrian Arab Army and the National Defense Forces were armed terrorists from Al-Qaeda FSA organization and not civilians who are always killed at the hands of these inhumane terrorists then frame the Syrian Army for it, and NATO strategists have a long history of reputation in using false-flags.

Bayda coastal town near Baniyas, Tartous countryside
Bayda coastal town near Baniyas, Tartous countryside

Bayda Town ‘Massacre’:

Last week residents from the coastal town of Bayda near Baniyas in Tartous countryside and from around the town were worried of unusual movements by tens of terrorists and tipped the state security with information about suspicious movement and a depot of weapons being stored inside the town, the information passed to the SAA command in the area and troops dispatched to the town to act upon the information were ambushed by terrorist groups and a number of SAA & NDF men were killed and injured in the ambush, calling for a larger military operation to secure the city and take out the terrorists.

The operation still going on to comb and secure the town and its surrounding cave and hills till the time of writing this post, SAA & NDF lost a few more men but the terrorists lost in dozens killed, tens arrested and wounded. Initial news from activists on the ground confirm the killing of around 50 terrorists, some of which were foreigners. Other information from the area mentioned the killing of 2 family members counting 10 from families known for their support to the Syrian state and stood against the Jihadists in their town, one of which were the family of the town’s imam who tried to negotiate a way out of the town for the terrorists before SAA enters, and they killed him, his wife and children.

Syrian Arab Army
Syrian Arab Army

Qussayr Countryside ‘Massacres’:

SAA operations continue to cut of the main lifeline for smuggling terrorists and weapons to Al-Qaeda fighters inside Syria from the ‘self-distanced’ Lebanon and cleanse the entire Lebanese – Syrian borders areas including Homs countryside. The large numbers of terrorists infesting these areas and ‘dying’ to maintain this lifeline results in large numbers of them being killed by the unstoppable Syrian Arab Army and National Defense Forces determined to finish NATO’s indirect intervention in Syria and breaking the bones of its most valuable asset the Wahhabi Al-Qaeda Sex Jihadists, which were useful so far in countries from Afghanistan to Mali throughout all the countries on their way, including of course Iraq.

Jose, Abboudieh, Tal al-Hanash and many other towns were liberated from the terrorists control and the siege around the strongest-hold of terrorists in Al-Qussayr city near Lebanese borders in Homs countryside. No exact figures about the killed terrorists but reports indicate they count in dozens in different locations making the Wahhabi movement throughout the Islam world go mad for the past month at least declaring Jihad against the Syrian state, but in vain as nobody showed up fearing the fate of their friends.

Meanwhile, the SAA is still moving to complete securing Damascus countryside especially after Al-Qaeda terrorists ‘democratized’ and ‘liberated’ a kerosene tanker inside Damascus International Airport causing a huge fire and endangering civilian air flights and after the Takfiri dark forces of Al-Qaeda FSA ‘democratized’ the body of prophet Muhammad’s companion Hijr Bin Uday. Operations are also going on around the clock and in full throttle in Idleb & Aleppo countrysides, and the fiercest we can say are still going in Latakia norther countryside, where terrorists are smuggled by the Turkish Muslim Brotherhood government to remind Syrians with all the massacres Ottomans committed in their dark history.

The following video report by Al-Manar with English subtitles explains part of the operations in both Al-Qussayr countryside and Bayda town.

Now you understand why NATO officials keep accusing the Syrian Arab Army of committing ‘massacres’.

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