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Fugitive Lebanese Wahhabi Cleric Ahmad Assir Was Beating People

Wahhabi Ahmad Assir

He caused the killing of at least 16 soldiers and officers from the Lebanese army and tens of his own people in the recent clashes in Abra, Saida (Sidon) city south of Lebanon recently. Before this he and his group caused the deaths of many other Lebanese soldiers and civilians, not less than 30 in total, and wounding tens others in different cities of the country, mainly in Tripoli and Akkar in the north, Arsal in the east, and in moving clashes on the roads. Fugitive anti-Islamic Islamist Wahhabi cleric Ahmad Al-Assir was also beating people in his ‘security quarters’.

A new video leaked to the net shows the cleric with a group of his followers beat up an unarmed young man, he uses his AK rifle metal bend holder to help inflict more damage to the victim.

They are praised by the west as ‘freedom fighters’ against ‘dictators’ but in fact they are all part of the regional Muslim Brotherhood organization and larger Hizbu Tahrir party worldwide.

They just seek to establish a number of small radical enclaves they call Emirates or statelets under the leadership of a Supreme Guide whom is still to be picked among the trio: the Turkish Erdogan, the embattled Egyptian Muhammad Badie, the Supreme Guide of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, and Saudi king, actually the former Qatari prince was trying to be the Caliph as well. Maybe his succeeding son is less ambitious, hopefully.

Fugitive Anti-Islamic Wahhabi Cleric Ahmad Assir

If you are appalled by the above video, and you should be, please note that each western taxpayer citizen is involved in financing these criminals. Each western country is involved in training, financing, and arming these groups while also covering their crimes. Crimes that include: beheading, dismembering, throwing people off rooftops, lynching, suicide bombing and many other ‘creative’ methods of crimes against humanity.

Again, the criers on the victims of these terrorists not only accuse the victims themselves, they punish the victims themselves for the crimes these inhumane creatures commit.

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