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Black Day for Brussels. For Syria, 5 Years of ‘Arab Spring’

by Afraa Dagher

Terror attacks hit Brussels, Tuesday:   Metro, airport.   Moments of sounds of explosions, and scenes of frightened, fleeing people.

They call that day, the black day. 

Is it really so simple to bomb in Europe, despite all the check points and the high technology of security services, and is it so easy to link it to refugees, in an attempt to link it later, to Syria or Libya? [1]

Fullscreen capture 3242016 74414 AM.bmp

If we go back to Paris attack, who could forget the Syrian passports, dropped at the bombing site.   Do the masterminds of such scenarios think people are so naive and idiot, to believe such proof?

This time, the attackers didn’t leave their passports, however they left a flag of the so-called ISIS, friends of so-called FSA that carry flag of Sykes-Picot French Mandate occupation of Syria.


In 2013 the famous New York Times wrote about “dilemma” of “brutality” of terrorists called “rebels.”  It showed video of terrorists murdering kidnapped Syrian soldiers.

From NYT: Terrorists about to execute 7 captured Syrian soldiers, in Idlib, 2012. Far left is Italian national Haisam Saqar, recently arrested in Sweden while seeking asylum as “Syrian refugee.” In 2011 Saqar was Italian media favorite for anti-Assad programming. Italy is seeking his extradition, possibly to free him, as Italy has no law prohibiting its citizens from joining ‘foreign militias.’

When Syrian journalist of Press TV was murdered by a terrorist on live television the world media called terrorist “rebel.”  When Syrian journalist from Syria state news was killed by terrorist, terrorist was called “rebel.”

Maya Nasser was murdered by terrorist sniper in Damascus 2012.
Yara Abbas was killed in 2013 by a terrorist sniper also called “rebel.”
525010_10200173681002017_1607234129_n (1)
Sheikh Mohammed Saeed Ramadan al Bouti, blown up in mosque, with 50 others, 21 March 2013 — by “fsa moderate terrorists.”


Those behind these actions in Brussels and Paris, want people to believe that “ISIS” is a super organization, while the truth is “ISIS” is just tools, have been trained in countries like  Turkey, Jordan and Israel, most of them Saudi, Chechen, Moroccan, Tunisian, Palestinian, and even Syrian, but with radical islamist mentality, belong to the Saudi wahhabism school.

Fullscreen capture 242016 101651 PM.bmp
Partial list from 2014 of foreign terrorists in Syria.

Those terrorists have no real education, they are under drugs, or just set free from their jails, if from Saudi jails, or Guantanamo. They just do what their masters ask them to do, their masters plan for them, supply them with all advanced equipment, most of the terrorist can’t even read!

Saudi ‘royal’ release of 1,239 death row inmates into the Syrian Arabi Republic, to slaughter.
24 April 2015: Ambassador Jaafari presents second book of names and photos of foreign terrorists killed by Syrian Arab Army, within Syria’s borders. All UN member states except Angola and Venezuela are ‘represented’ by the dead terrorists who are called “moderate opposition.”

They got their training and their treatment, when they got injured in Turkey or in Israel.  Zionist media bragged of treatment for wounded terrorists on occupied Golan and in hospitals.

How for such tools, under drugs effect [Captagon], to manage violating the security in Brussels or in Paris!

Without the cooperation with the foreign intelligence, we wouldn’t have seen such deadly scenarios.

All that to help their agenda, blaming on Syria and asking for more pressure on the Syrian government delegation, to give up Syria, to Saudi Riad delegation in Geneva talks!

Or, for more intervention in Libya —  Libya which NATO turned it to a catastrophic land to an environment of chaos!

Meanwhile, the only forces who are fighting those foreign and Arab Gulf backed terrorists, are the Syrian Arab Army and allies.

Syria has been suffering this scene but in real way, real bombing, real missiles, real war , since 2011. Terrorists in and against Syria, though, get called “Arab Spring,” “legitimate opposition,” or “rebels,” since the beginning of the Syrian crisis.

411702_4439138053850_1852968969_o (1)

In May 2012 Syria’s Ambassador to the UN asked for a moment of silence for Syrian victims of terrorists.  His request was ignored.

11951328_509877129178894_3714194866779619232_n (1)

In August 2011 Ambassador Ja’afari told CNN foreign terrorists were killing Syrians.  The CNN reporter called him a liar.

Syrian people are used to such horrible life now.  Genocide against Syrians is ignored by the west.

When a suicide bombing takes it place in any street in Syria, you see Syrians run to that street to save their injured people, and to identify the dead ones.   Frequently suicide bombing will be followed by another one as soon as Syrians gathered at the first place of bombing, to kill more people.   However that doesn’t scare our people.

In Brussels, the news video shows how people are running away from the site of bombing .

For Syria the west called it Arab Spring. 

It is more than five years of Arab Spring beheadings, Syrian school children blown up, Syrian university students blown up, Syrian professors blown up, Syrian hospitals blown up.  So many student martyrs that in May 2013 a statue was unveiled to commemorate their lives.

In Brussels, though, it is a black day. 

The EU Foreign Policy Chief Federica Mogherini broke down with tears during an emotional conference in solidarity with Brussels. Her tears immediately became a drought when she stated no change in EU position against Syria, demanding neo-colonialist transition against the will of the Syrian people (most EU countries had democratically closed Syrian embassies by early 2012).

And the contradiction, that the so-called Arab league, after the horrible terror war against Syria and Libya, asked NATO to bomb civilians in Libya, and begged the US to bomb Syria and Syrians.  Furthermore, this non Arab league, stood with terrorist Saudi regime, to bomb poor people in Yemen.

Syrians love all nations, we belong to a historical civilization, we are peace callers.  We used to live with all nations, this is our education.

Please stand with Syria and its moral army, the only one who sacrifice to defeat this terror movement.


[1] Editor’s footnote:  The European Parliament‘s June 2015 briefing on “counter-terrorism” (“CT”) budgeting could readily become a posthumous edition to Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland.  While reporting that the west’s CT spending “grew by $360 billion” over a 15 year time frame, it makes opaquely clear that “greater investment” [sic] does not result in a decrease in terrorist activities.

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  1. Rafat Yusufi

    Be brave Syrian army and keep hand with Russia u will won. America is biggest terrorist of world. Daesh ISIL and other terrorist groups took birth from American’s abdomen. Israel wants to destroy Muslim world and then America and Europe. Salute to President Putin and Russian army who saved Syria from terrorists America and Israel. We hate these terrorist groups…Rafat Yusufi

  2. Rafat Yusufi

    Brussels’ Zaventem airport Bombings – It is per-planned by CIA and Mossad, If America and Israel wants to stop, can order these two groups. but it is interest of America particularly Israel. These two powerful countries want to give bad names to Muslim world and want to capture Arab oil field. this will continue in the name of terrorism addressed to Muslim (Islam). Since Israel control America, and America is super power, so they have right what Jews want America have to obey other the America will be finished…Rafat Yusufi

  3. Rafat Yusufi

    It is not counter terrorism. It is the terrorism given by western and American world, to the Arab world. All terrorism related to America particularly Israel because it declared the whole Arab is Israel. America act the terrorism and blame to the Muslim world. Although the European intelligence is very sensitive, what would be happened in the world or in its area they will detect it immediately. If they do not want any person particularly Muslim, they will be destroyed by them, they don’t have right to live in the world either the person should suicide or ones will be punished brutally. This is the law of world. America does not wants president Assad of Syria and Syrian people, they don’t have right to live in the world, just as did in the case of Moammer Qaddfi of Libya or Palestine or Saddam Husain of Iraq…… Rafat Yusufi


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