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Geopolitical Confabulation in the Ides of March

image-syrian president dr. bashar al assad

by Miri Wood, RNc and Vladimir Suchan

On Monday evening, 14 March 2016, Russian President Vladimir Putin magnanimously gave a courtesy call to Syrian President, Dr. Bashar al Assad, to inform him that Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu had been ordered to begin the withdrawal of the “main part of our military group” from Syria, effective 15 March 2016 (15 March is the anniversary of the abdication of Czar Nicholas II, in 1917).

Though Russian media did not offer a complete sentence from President al Assad’s part of the conversation, they reputedly quoted individual, superlative words of gargantuan gratitude.

Russian media did, more extensively, quote their president:

I consider the objectives that have been set for the Defense Ministry to be generally accomplished. That is why I order to start withdrawal of the main part of our military group from the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic starting from tomorrow…in a short period of time Russia has created a small but very effective military group… the effective work of our military allowed the peace process to begin…Syrian government troops and patriotic forces have changed the situation in the fight with international terrorism and have ceased the initiative.*

Fullscreen capture 3142016 22245 PM.bmp

Putin did not explain what is “the main part” of Russia’s “effective military group” that has done “effective work,” and that would be leaving.  Putin did not explain what “objectives” have been “achieved.” Putin did not explain what “peace process” has actually begun, considering that the [unilateral] ceasefire agreement has been breached more than 137 times since its inception, 27 February.  Putin did not explain his strange dichotomy of separating “Syrian government troops” from “patriotic forces,” as the Syrian Arab Army that has protected the Syrian people for more than five years, is Syria’s leading patriotic force.  

Russian media have consistently ignored the immediate breaches in ceasefire, except when it has also separated a Syrian minority population from the rest of Syria, including other Syrian minorities, all of whom make up most of the population of the Syrian Arab Republic.

One exception to Russian media censorship on ceasefire breaches has been an 8 March limited hang-out (or perhaps a vicious nose-rubbing), ‘Truce hasn’t changed anything, terrorists attacks intensified’ — Aleppo residents to RT.

Fullscreen capture 382016 104714 PM.bmp

There are two types of people in Syria:  Syrians, and non-Syrians.  — a Syrian patriot

The second exception was 13 March, when RT reporter Lizzie Phelan claimed that she and her crew were the intended targets of two mortar bombs, in Daraa.  The RT report on the suspected targeted attacks on RT employees stated that it was “in rarely attacked area,” while simultaneously showing a demoralizing, completely bombed out street, in its lead photograph.  Phelan orwellianly called the terrorist bombers “opposition,” and RT shamelessly called the city “the cradle of the uprising in Syria,” declaring that Daraa is “divided” “between government forces and various opposition forces.”

Imagine the outrage, were a Syrian reporter to, under similar circumstances, describe Moscow as being divided between Russian forces, and opposition forces.  RT also declared that “No injuries have been reported following the incident,” despite the wounding of a Syrian citizen, and the massive material damages reported by SANA.

Fullscreen capture 3142016 105913 PM.bmp

NB:  In April 2014, Tel el Jabya, Daraa governate, was the site of a massacre of Syrian Arab Army ground troops, from a genetically altered C. tetani bioweapon.

The oft-mention Syrian minority ‘target’ of the inciting Turkey, via Kremlin news media, has exclusively involved the Kurdish population.  Despite the statement of Saleh Musallem, leader of the Democratic Union Party (PYD), that there is to be no Kurdistan in northern Syria, Russia has made itself clear, in its unspoken call for inflicting a new Sykes-Picot on the Syrian people, including Lavrov’s rotten, unlicensed, command for the inclusion of the Kurds at the Geneva circus.

Fullscreen capture 3102016 72617 AM.bmp

Putin’s mysterious “patriotic forces” are actually not “mysterious,” if one recalls, that on 12 February, Russia launched a re-branding campaign of the terrorist FSA, when Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev developed a self-inflicted amnesia, and called this original gang of sociopathic killers, “patriotic opposition.”

Though Putin did not explain who the “main part” of Russian military is (one person suggested that the “main part” is the Russian ground troops that do not officially exist in the SAR), soon to leave, he was emphatic that Russia’s two bases in Syria, would remain, and  “must be effectively secured from onshore, offshore and from the air.” **

One of the two bases is in the seaport of Tartous, a nice perk from the days of the Soviet Union.  This is Russia’s only naval facility in the Mediterranean, and is a repair and replenish material and technical support facility.  Early last year, the putinkjieh (a.k.a. “putinoids”) went into a collective swoon when a very large naval ship docked.  They were certain that Russia had finally come to “rescue” the Syria people, but became mute after it repaired and replenished and left.

The other is the air force base in Khmeimim, Latakia governate.  Here is where Russia’s S400 and one (or two) S300 sit, for photo ops, or in case Turkey decides to do a second round of double war crimes in attacking Russian jets in Syria’s sovereign territory.  Russia grounded its jets — originally invited in, by the Syrian government, to provide necessary air cover for Syrian ground troops — at the inception of the unilateral ceasefire, in order “to avoid any possible mistakes,” while coordinating a hotline with its US counterpart, in Amman, Jordan.

At the beginning of this unilateral ceasefire, Russian media was so delighted that 17 gangs of takfiri had stopped by to sign the agreements to cease terrorist activities, that this base has become a meeting venue for takfiri.

Putin is so pleased by this arrangement that this Russian base will remain open to observe ceasefire agreements (or, rather, ignore the continuing breaches).

The main goal, which Putin pursued before the beginning of the operation in Syria, was about [his] image … This goal has been achieved. — A. Khramchikin, Director, Center for Military and Political Analysis

While Dmitry Peskov, the Kremlin’s press liaison, was telling reporters that Putin’s decision to withdrawal troops from Syria was completely independent, Lavrov was telling Putin the opposite:  Thanks to these decisions, including your latest agreement with President Obama, today, intra-Syrian talks between the government delegation and delegations of multiple opposition groups have finally been launched in Geneva.

Lavrov’s words, though, do not emit the post coital sounds of the Tass headline of 7 March:  Russia satisfied with cooperation with US on Syria.

Fullscreen capture 3112016 124019 PM.bmp

I hope that today’s decision will be a good signal for all conflicting sides.  I hope that this will significantly lift the level of trust between all participants in the Syrian peace process and promote resolving the Syrian issue via peaceful means. — Vladimir Putin, President of Russia.  Really.

Scant hours after the announcement by the Russian deity, Radio Sputnik ran a neo-colonialist interview with a neo-colonialist journalist, coquettishly asking if the neo-colonialist “peace talks” are meant to break up a war-ravaged Syria into three mini-states. 

Fullscreen capture 3152016 124044 AM.bmp
Fullscreen capture 3142016 103502 PM.bmp
Fullscreen capture 3152016 95953 AM.bmp
The writing has been on the wall since the beginning of the Syrian crisis.

Spitnik doubles-down on Russia’s abhorrent and impotent attempt to humiliate the unbreakable, intrepid, Syrian peopleheadlining that they have no say in the fetid conspiracy to carve up their country.  After 16 days of a deadly ceasefire, in which casualties and injuries were neglected, except for the Kurdish minority, who could be surprised to know that the only mini-state named in this post-apocalypse map would be Kurdistan?

Syria has no minorities; Syria has only Syrians.

In the early 2006, then Senator Joe Biden called for the carving up of the devastated Iraq, into three chunks, based on ethnic groupings.  In November 2015, US right-wing media called for resurrecting Biden’s plan, and imposing onto the Syrian people.

How terrible is it, that Syria’s ally wishes to do to it, what Syria’s enemies have wanted to do to it?

The Syrian people love their president, Dr. Bashar al Assad.  They will keep him, as he has kept them, during these five years of horror.

No neo-colonialist power will remove him from their embrace.

The world now needs reminding that Syria is civilization before being a state.  Its extraordinary history is 10,000 years old. Syria was the hub of the ancient Silk Road.  There is no part of humanity that has not been touched by its graceful hands.

The civilization, Syria has withstood thousands of years of savage occupation forces, from the ancient Romans, throughout the more recent French [Mandate] occupiers, and throughout this long history, this civilization, Syria, has remained sanctuary for the homeless of humanity.

Whether being under occupation, or beginning its toddler stage, as a young republic, Syria has absorbed Circassians,Armenians, Palestinians, Kuwaitis, Iraqis….

Never once, did Syria offer a tent to humanity’s homeless.

Any, and all, who disgustingly, casually, discuss the butchering of Syria’s homeland, are both shameless, and soulless.

They are no moral superiors to the terrorists who have engaged in the butchering of Syrian individuals, during these five years.

Syria’s original geography
Fullscreen capture 3152016 12826 AM.bmp
Syria, today.

It is this civilization, Syria, that has produced the lone statesman of the UN, the precious jewel among the savage degenerates of faux diplomacy.  Currently in Geneva, wading through the sewage of these degenerates, and the drool of their unleashed, rabid dogs, Syria’s Permanent Representative to the UN, Dr. Bashar al Ja’afari, has been the sole voice of diplomacy, in a kafkaesque world gone completely deaf.

In mid-2013, His Excellency Ja’afari launched a series of successful Town Hall Meetings throughout the United States.  His goal was to educate the US population, including Syrian-Americans, about truth, about the horrors inflicted upon his country, by international neo-colonialist forces, about the courage of the Syrian people, about the heroism of the Syrian Arab Army, about the intrepid, collective soul of the Syrian people.

His cross-country educational gatherings were so popularly successful, that the demo[n]cracy-belching State Department decided to demo[n]cratically censor him, by restricting his movements to 25mi/40km from the UN.

In this, his first Town Hall Meeting, in Orlando, Florida, the good Ambassador reminds the world that Syria is not a secretion of Sykes-Picot.  Damascus is the oldest capital in the world.  Syria has no minorities, only Syrians.  Syria is a beautiful mosaic.

Syria is a miracle.

الله، سورية، بشار وبس

* The nurse – author has become increasingly concerned over the possibility that this Russian head of state suffers not insignificant neurocognitive deficits, as his language not infrequently hints at confabulation in his primitive language skills.  To often, he repeats.  Too often, he sounds as though he is lost in total darkness, struggling to maintain a sense of physical balance.  At other times, he sounds like a newly-speaking child, trying to “catch” the correct words, and put them where they belong.

**This odd description oddly brings to mind the Daring Young Man on the Flying Trapeze song from a 1934 movie:

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  1. Angelis

    Hi Miri,

    I love your powerful support for Syria and President Assad.

    You’ve picked up on a lot of unfortunate phrasings and contradictions in Russian media and official statements.

    I’ll make a couple of points. It should be stated that Russia has no obligation towards Syria. It’s involvement is tied strictly to its own interests, which are in direct conflict with the interests of the anti-Syria coalition.

    Materially, Russia’s involvement in Syria has made a dramatic difference in the progress of the Syrian forces, and in the political position of the Syrian government. The setback to the US agenda in Syria and their assets is substantial.

    Moreover, with the partial withdrawal of Russian forces, which were always meant to be a temporary assistance, the Russians are still carrying out airstrikes against terrorists, and have contributed to the training and experience of the Syrian forces.

    This Russian intervention in Syria that runs counter to US interests, has not altered Russia’s geopolitical goals, which is what allowed this intervention to begin with, and which continues Russia’s involvement albeit in a diminished capacity, yet in a situation not as dire as that which drew them in.

    I think that too much is being read into statements of Russian officials and media, some of which could be attributed to political manoeuvering, the objective of appearing to have an objective, inclusive, and balanced position, and the need to demonstrate that Russia’s involvement is for fighting terrorism and aiding a peaceful solution, as opposed to propping up the “regime”.

    To date, from the vetoes to the airstrikes, all material and practical Russian involvement has strengthened Syrian resistance to this filthy proxy war for regime change. I don’t put much stock in the peripheral or immaterial media or political headlines.

  2. Miri Wood

    Dear Angelis,

    Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts.

    Unfortunately, this piece is completely accurate, and Russia’s betrayal of the SAR is becoming increasingly blatant, in both word, and deed.

    When Medvedev calls the takfiri-fsa “patriotic opposition,” and when Russian media changes the name of the “Syrian ARAB Army,” the treachery can not be explained away via some ‘hypersensitivity.’

    Please refer to “The Final Battle of Armageddon,” for extensive documentation that Russia has supported “transition” against the SAR, since the beginning of the crisis.

    Also, you might be interested in the fully documented report on what was in “Kerry’s briefcase,” which will be published shortly.

    Again, thank you for your time.


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