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Ceasefire Agreed in Syria – Pray for Syria

image- un vaccination killed syria children

This was called for so many times before by the Syrian Government, however, the USA, Turkey and their allies refused to stop as more killings was required, they didn’t spill enough blood to satisfy their thirst.

image- Turkey Backed Terrorists Group Shells Indiscriminately Sheikh Maqsoud Neighborhood in Aleppo
Turkey Backed Terrorists Group Shells Indiscriminately Sheikh Maqsoud Neighborhood in Aleppo

Pray for Syria. Syrians taught the world the Alphabet, introduced civilization, welcomed all persecuted from all over the world, never erected tents for refugees, Syrians welcomed refugees in their homes and protected them like their own families. 1.2 million Iraqis alone, 600,000 Palestinians, 40,000 Lebanese, hundreds of thousands of Greeks, Armenians, Caucasians, even Beduins.

Whoever came to Syria for shelter was sheltered. Whoever came for food was fed. Whoever came for safety was saved. Whoever came for free medication was treated and given free medicine. Whoever came for education was taught. However, whoever came to kill was killed.

Syrians welcomed the 3 divinely religions and from Syria the 3 religions spread worldwide preaching peace and love between humans. Syrians ruled Rome, now Spain, Persia and far beyond, they went with love and were received with love.

Syrians never crossed borders to commit terror attacks against others. Syrians were terrorized by almost every other.

Syrians helped all liberation movements around the world, they were rewarded by the people they helped by dumping their filthiest filth, the scum of the earth to kill, rape, maim, loot and destroy Syria.

Pray for Syria.

Russian president Vladimir Putin word on the agreement with the USA, the main sponsor of terrorists and destruction worldwide:

What Did Syrians Do to Deserve the Hatred of the Whole World?

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  1. Brian

    Nice at long last to hear of a cessation of violence. Hope it will lead to a permanent end of this horrendous war and the Syrian people can solve their own differences peacefully. Without foreign trouble makers meddling. = When supping with the Devil you need a very long spoon. Best wishes and PEACE to SYRIA =Brian.

  2. Miri Wood

    Brian, this ceasefire has been as successful as all previous ones.

    Within its first 6 hours takfiri mortars and shells hit: Aleppo, Damascus, Deir Ezzor, and Hama. Bombs on Damascus came from Joubar and Duma. Ten have been martyred, today. Three of the dead are children. Twelve have been injured.

    In order to maintain this success, Russia immediately announced it was grounding its bomber jets, in Syria, to prevent any ‘mistakes’ from occurring, and Russia opened a ‘hotline’ to the US, in Amman, in order to ‘exchange information.’

    • Brian

      Miri thank you for the information. Even today Feb 29 its reported that the U.N steps up aid as truce holds. Another source reports day 3 largely stays quiet. Economical with the truth? Two fold treachery military and Politically. They are masters of deceit and ambiguity. Best wishes and keep up the interesting work Brian.

  3. David

    Mr. Putin,
    You have trusted and negotiated with those even we don’t trust? It might be an over-generalization to say that Washington DC is a den of vipers, but the ones who have pretended in good faith to give peace a chance have been collaborating behind your back to continue with their plans to partition Syria; they are the worst of the worst, and the poison in their sting is deadly. I hope you haven’t made a mistake; And I hope for Syria’s sake, and your own as well, you are already onto them because peace on the lips of this spawn from hell is nothing but treachery.


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