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Syria Ceasefire: Stop Killing Our Terrorists!

Some graphic videos and photographs are included in this article.

by Miri Wood, RNc

On Monday, 22 February 2016, Russia’s President, Vladimir Putin*, announced on national Russian television, that he and US President Barack Obama had agreed to a ceasefire.

In Syria.

Putin’s five minute address is included in this recent article, Ceasefire in Syria – Pray for Syria.  This Terms for Cessation of Hostilities in Syria began at midnight, Damascus time, 27 February 2016.  Nanoseconds after the onset of the “cessation,” Russia stopped  “all Syria airstrikes on areas and armed groups included in ceasefire,” the area called “the green zone.”  Russia was pleased to announce that 17 takfiri gangs had signed ceasefire applications, at the Hmeimim air base, near Latakia, and that Russia was coordinating a “hotline” with its US counterpart, in Amman, Jordan.

Fullscreen capture 2272016 22439 PM.bmp

Though Russian media claims it will continue to bomb non-moderate terrorists, Russian Lieutenant General Sergey Rudskoi told the press that all RuAF were currently grounded, “to avoid any possible mistakes.”

Among those to not become “possible mistakes,” were the moderate terrorists who immediately embraced this US-Russian ceasefire by reigning mortars, rockets, and missiles upon Damascus, Hama, Aleppo, and Deir Ezzor.  Among the 10 moderately murdered, were 3 children.  These three areas have been frequent targets of the terrorists in Syria.  On 16 January, 300 Syrians were slaughtered in Deir Ezzor.  Upwards of 100 Syrians have been martyred in Damascus city, and the Damascus suburb of al Sayyeda Zainab, since 23 August:  6 January 2016, 31 January 2016, 9 February 2016.   On 28 February, Deir Ezzor was again hit with takfiri mortars, resulting in the death of one Syrian, and injuries of eight others.

At the time of this writing, Russia has not reported on the new attacks in these regions of Syria, but has exclusively reported, sectarianly, on specific attacks against a specific minority area, and specifically claiming that these violations are solely directed from Turkey.

Fullscreen capture 2282016 84643 AM.bmp

Fullscreen capture 2282016 72957 AM.bmp

Why is Russia separating Kurds from Syria, in its reporting, unless the intention of Russian leadership is to have a carving of Syria into a “Kurdistan”?  Syrian Saleh Musallam, leader of the Democratic Union Party (PYD) has said no Kurdish state in north Syria.  Is Russia supporting the separatist YPG, whose Facebook page used to brag equally about slaughtering Syrian soldiers, as it did about killing takfiri, that bragged of its support from the State Department, and US media — while keeping its Israeli support on the down-low?  This YPG that is allied with the terrorist FSA against Syria?

Terrorist FSA uses the flag of French Mandate occupation of Syria.

[A source from a social media site reports that the RuAF bombed a high takfiri population area of Idlib governate, but no corroboration is yet available in Russian, nor Syrian media.]

Absolutely everything about the Syrian crisis, since its inception in March 2011 has been beyond Kafka:  More than 100 countries of the world — including Mirconesia, combined population a bit over 100,000 — have dumped their human garbage into Syria, while the world’s reporters continue to call it a “civil war,” and its barbaric savages, “rebels.”  The US State Department even threw a gala celebration of the “fourth anniversary” of the attempted final solution against the SAR, in March 2015.

Fullscreen capture 1152016 121203 AM.bmp

The beyond Kafka of the Syrian crisis, continues to be unable to locate a bottom, a boundary, in terms of its deadly geopolitics, as the new alliance of Syria’s enemy, the US, and Syria’s ally, Russia, are currently demonstrating.  Though internet access gives everyone the capability of becoming an independent, investigative journalist, it seems to instead nurture and intellectual indolence, feed massive short-term memory loss, and champion orwellian, Doubleplusgood destruction of recent history (“We have always been at war with Eastasia,” despite the facts that we have not) — which includes the flagrant attempt to erase the unspeakable terrorism of the FSA, rehabilitating it as “patriotic opposition,” according to Syria’s new co-tsar, Dmitry Medvedev, in his 12 February interview with Spitnik.  Calling these savage barbarians “patriotic opposition” is an appalling affront to every Syrian who has been made a martyr by  these criminals whose original battalions were culled from some 64,000 Syrian criminals who were on the loose courtesy of corrupt law enforcement, whose numbers were multiplied with the arrivals of hundreds of thousands of foreign terrorists.

Fullscreen capture 2272016 22238 PM.bmp

Though the FSA has branched out into never-ending subsects of terrorist killers, many of which engage in sporadic fratricide, it has always been a takfiri gang of depraved killers, funded by foreign powers.

The remainder of this report will be dedicated to reversing recent filthy revisionism against the Syrian Arab Republic.

Medvedev has forgotten President Putin’s  uber clever remark — mixed in with insulting remarks against Syria — to beastialist-necrophiliac David Cameron, during the June 2013 G8 meeting:  “One hardly should back those who kills their enemies and eats their organs.”

This is the video of FSA takfiri, Abu Saqqar, carving out the heart of a murdered Syrian soldier, and eating it, to which Putin has alluded, in the above video clip:

How does anyone dare call this FSA terrorist threatening Syria with death by chemical weapon, VX, “patriotic opposition”?

Of note:  When Syria’s Permanent Representative to the UN, Dr. Bashar al Ja’afari, brought this produced-in-Turkey video to the international home of diplomacy, Syria’s request for investigation was ignored, as was the subsequent request to investigate the use of chemical weapons against Khan al Asal, 19 March 2013.  Yet, when Israel lied that the SAR had used GB against the SAR, both the UN and the media heard (and repeated) the uncorroborated propaganda.  One year later, Ambassador al Ja’afari was further silenced, when the State Department limited his movement to 25mi/40km from the UN, in order to halt his successful cross-country Town Hall Meetings.

Around the time of the VX rabbit killings threat, early December 2012, a Syrian child was coerced by moderate FSA-ers to hack off the head of a tethered Syrian man, with a machete:

411702_4439138053850_1852968969_o (1)

In August 2012 — when all terrorists were still calling themselves FSA — this “patriotic opposition” spent a lovely afternoon throwing mailmen from the roof of a government building, in Aleppo:

The FSA terrorists completely destroyed al Kindi University Cancer Hospital, in 2013 (short video clips of the FSA blowing up al Watani and Jisr al Shughar hospitals, included, here).

What form of “patriotic opposition” kidnaps women and children, and holds them as hostages?

How does Syria’s ally coordinate with Syria’s enemy?  Were this better called collaboration, in the worst possible nuance of meaning (Russia’s picaristic tendencies against Syria has been an ongoing problem, but only once before, did it make such a blatant alliance — though the love affair between Putin and Hollande was short-lived)?

Just before Hillary Clinton left her position of Secretary of State, to pursue her campaign for president, the US had spent over one billion dollars in funding the terrorist FSA.  The US has always known it was supporting terror against Syria, even before its admission that it was ‘losing’ trained terrorists from the FSA, to other terrorist gangs.   In May 2013, US Senator John McCain became an illegal alien, slithering into the SAR, to meet with kidnappers and assorted other FSA takfiri (one who was later identified as al Qaeda operative al Baghdadi, previously released from an Iraqi jail, by US occupation forces).  Less than two months later, McCain’s FSA friends remotely detonated the car of Syrian professor, Dr. Seham Dannoun, who required amputations of both her legs.

One of the key US men in Syria, the ‘Free Syrian Army’ (FSA) Col. Abdel Jabbar al-Okaidi, who operated mostly in the Greater Aleppo area, was open about his daily communication and collaboration with extremist jihadists from the ‘Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant’ (ISIL) and al-Qaeda’s official branch in Syria, Jabhat al-Nusra. He refers to their fighters as brothers. In one footage after the rebel capture of Menagh military airbase, he even appeared standing next to an Egyptian jihadist from ISIL, Abu Jandal, while thanking him and his group for their contributions. The US is known to have funneled military aid to al-Okaidi and others in the FSA throughout the last couple of years.

“And this is normal for ISIL to make mistakes just as we and other brigades make mistakes.  Whoever works makes mistakes.”

In addition to massive financial infusion of taxpayer monies, to moderately armed moderate malignant sociopaths, the US also sent an unknown number of mercenaries into Syria, to help with moderate devastation, with a moderate final solution against the Syrian people.  Mercs are covert operatives, with silly covers, like journalists who have never been published, and disabled aid workers whose disabilities magically disappear once they have become illegal aliens in the country the US wishes to destroy, or disabled veterans who have gone rogue and apparently hit the lottery, too, to afford their travels.

Rogue merc disabled veteran Eric Harroun joined the moderate takfiri in Syria, threatening the life of President Bashar al Assad, and helping to shoot down Syrian Arab Army military aircraft.  Note at 0:06 seconds into this video, that the windshield has stenciled on it the FSA flag of French Mandate occupation of Syria:

Other US mercenaries were made famous when it was decided they were worth more as dead propaganda, than as live killers: Orangettes James Foley, Steven Sotloff, and Peter Kassig.  These triple-headers were used as the excuse for Obama to move from covert ops to overtly illegal war criminal bombings of the SAR.  After Obama gave his blood-curdling live address to the nation, on 10 September 2014, Syria announced it was amenable to working with any country legitimately offering to help crush the takfiri, provided these countries were to work under Syria’s leadership, under Syria’s national sovereignty.

Instead of Obama (et al.) apologizing for attempting to decimate the SAR, instead of offering to make reparations, instead of removing his coercive and illegal economic maneuvers, instead of agreeing, the US president had his State Department press liaison announce that the US would [orwellianly] view any attacks by Syria, against war criminal US bomber jets, as an act of war.

That means I will not hesitate to take actions against ISIL in Syria… Across the border, in Syria, we have ramped up our military assistance to the opposition.  — Barack Obama, 10 September 2014

The US ceasefire coordinating center in Amman is the proverbial rubbing salt in the wound.

Jordan has malignantly been involved in the Syrian crisis, since its inception.  It set up tent dumps for Syrian refugees (women and children subsequently rented or sold to sex tourists) during the very early days.  Between November 2012 and February 2013, Jordan helped deliver 3000 tons of Croatian weapons to the FSA terrorists.  Jordan has provided Israel with use of its airspace, to facilitate its frequent bombings of Syria.  US Marines have taught FSA training camps, in Jordan.

25 March was one of the darkest days, in Syria, since the international attack on it, began.  Two hundred thirty Syrian soldiers were martyred in a coordinated blitzkrieg attack by 10,000 terrorists — thousands of whom came from Jordan — in Jordanian tanks, with Jordanian jets flying overhead, in the ancient town of Bosra al Sham, a town so rich in cultural history that it is a UNESCO Heritage Site.

Jordan is a member of the fascist, war criminal coalition against the SAR.  Jordanian war criminal bomber pilot, Muath al Kasabeh, became his own funeral pyre after being shot down by the friendly fire of the war criminal UAE’s only woman bomber pilot, Major Mariam al Mansouri (who was immediately grounded).  Such an accident would not have been possible, had these jets been equipped only for air-to-ground firing (al Mansouri was aiming for a Syrian Arab Air Force jet, but missed).  Jordan’s Castretto King used the friendly fire-ing of the plane, and its pilot’s reputed immolation (the Hollywood FX of it was rather absurd) to unabashedly stuff himself into a too-small uniform, and quote lines from one of Clint Eastwood’s worst movies, after which he — and the criminal coalition — received massive news coverage.

Syria is entering the fifth year of battle against the most grotesque international conspiracy in human history.

Syria has sacrificed too much to be savaged by an ally.

May the souls of Syria’s martyrs indeed be formidable guardians.

“Syrian first lady Asmaa Bashar Al Assad held a reception on the occasion of Mother’s Day, 21st March 2013, to show the gratitude of all Syrians to over 5,000 Syrian mothers whom each of them sent all of her sons to defend the country in the face of an unprecedented NATO and stooges alliance with all evil forces on the planet including Al Qaeda terrorists to destroy Syria, the mother of all mothers.”


*Seemingly self-appointed new head of the Syrian Arab Republic, Mr. Putin has, with Dmitry Medvedev, been half of the duumvirate inflicted upon the Russian people, since 1999.  Putin was Prime Minister from 1999-2000, and then from 2008-2012.  From 2000-2008, he was president.  His current role as president has existed since 2012.  Since any attempt to conceptualize such a two-man regime running such a large country might cause the readers’ brains to go cross-eyed, simply put, Vladimir Putin has been head of Russia for almost 17 years.

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  1. Yonatan

    It is clear that the author does not grasp the political significance of the ceasefire. It essentially declares Syria’s national integrity as sacrosanct, courtesy of the Evil Putin. It gives Turkey notice that it can be included in the list of terrrorist actors if it continues attacking Syria. That has interesting implications for NATO if the US does not restrain NATO member Turkey. The onslaught against died-hard takfiris will continue as witnessed by the currect actions of the SAA and SAAF. The stand-down of Russian aircraft was for two reason – to avoid false flag actions against Russian activities and to allow the SAAF the opportuninity to defend their country unaided.

  2. miri

    Yonatan, it appears that you have not read this article, as I could not have written it, without having a “grasp” of the “political significance of the ceasefire.” It is to tie Syria’s hands behind its back, and let the takfiri kill more, and, oh, btw, Russia is suddenly discussing the making of the Syrian Arab Republic its #fiefdom via “federation” status.

    You really believe Putin was SHOCKED! by erDOGan’s attack?

    More related to the Russian-Turkish deal that went south, and that Turkey is suing Russia over, in some international court.


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