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Turkish President Erdogan Receives Bribe for Services

image- Erdogan corruption

Scandals for corruption and misconduct keep surfacing for Erdogan, the Turkish supreme Caliph, from illegal oil trade with terrorist groups, to lavish spending, to now bribes and not to forget his ongoing killing of his own citizens the Sunni Muslim Kurds southeast of Turkey.

The latest scandal involving the anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who is the absolute dictator of NATO member state Turkey is what the current link between him and a Turkish real Estate developer Mustafa Latif Topbas.

A Turkish court paved the way to the demolishing of what’s known as the Urla Villas in the Izmer province, the villas built by the aforementioned Mr. Topbas on a ‘first degree environmentally protected zone’ after the change of the zone status from first to third.

The scandal is about the role of the Turkish fanatic father of Jihadists in Syria Erdogan, with a leaked phone recording allegedly proving his acceptance to help his real estate developer friend to change the status of the zone. Erdogan was rewarded 2 lavish villas for his ‘assistance’.

Our prayers go to the families of all those involved in exposing this crime and those on the other side of the Turkish Sultan wannabe Erdogan in this case. Usually his opponents are imprisoned, kidnapped or found killed. The list of opponents of Erdogan facing such fates include Editors of Chief of leading newspapers, judges, policemen, public prosecutors, even top army generals. You simply can’t say No or defend who said No in the Caliphate land.

– Erdogan solidified his power after accusing Turkish top army generals of plotting a military coup against him when they were simply planning a military drill with his approval on it.

– Erdogan built a huge presidential palace that cost the Turkish cirizens a fortune, despite the fact that more than 70% of Turks live in low standards.

– Erdogan silenced media and social media including Twitter, YouTube, blogs and websites that ever criticized him, including this site which was among the first of his victims: Erdogan Blocks SyriaNews in Turkey.

– Erdogan is infamously known for turning Turkey to the country with largest number of imprisoned Journalists.


Erdogan jailer of journalists
Erdogan jailer of journalists

More on this subject can be found in Turkish media, the media which helped raise the monster defending his acts against Syria before the same monster started to attack who fed him.

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