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Plan B for Syria is Actually Plan A

image- Assad: Syrians will accept only victory

John Kerry might look dumb but he isn’t, it might sound like his tongue slipped about a Plan B in Syria but it doesn’t, his country might be in a horrible shape minding its own business but they don’t, their only interest is to save Israel for the biblical preparations towards ends of time prophecies. They do not think, they just execute the orders, the orders are not new, it’s thousands of years old, only those dumb will say it’s a conspiracy theory or will ridicule it, but there’s a clan working towards it since ever and all major events in the world only lead to that direction.

Plan B to divide Syria over legal lines: Behind one line is a legitimate sovereign government, an establishing member of the United Nation, the oldest continuous nation in the world, the oldest civilization, and on the other side a host of enclaves run by warlords, anti-Islamic Islamist terrorist groups sponsored by regional ‘democracies’ like the ones in Saudi Arabia, Qatar and even Erdoganstan (formerly Turkey).

Why they need to divide Syria? By they, we mean the evil empire camp ran now by the United States of America and its stooges worldwide. They need to divide Syria because it’s an obstacle in the path of the ‘New World Order’ promised by George H. Bush and his masters. They managed to ‘achieve’ a lot in their quest to establish this NWO, the only entity that is supposed to grow in all directions and all heights is Israel, the coming empire. Everything else should work to serve this goal of theirs.

Syria refused a peace treaty with Israel that would legitimize the illegal ‘borderless’ entity of foreign settlers as an ever growing cancerous regime in the region.

Syria also rejected the plan to strangle Russia and Iran by allowing the Qatari gas pipeline to go through Syria to Europe to bypass the Russian two streams.

Syria instead offered the plan to connect the 5 seas as a regional economic hub, a plan that doesn’t go in-line with the NWO plan, so Syria has to be divided.

Syria is a danger for all its neighbors because of its secular nature. It’s the number one danger to Israel because of the quest of Zionists to make a ‘Jewish’ state of Israel, which is by definition called: Sectarian. Syria is a danger to Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey for the same reason where the trio of ISIS and Nusra sponsors are Wahhabis, and yes Muslim Brotherhood ruling Turkey now are in the same line of Wahhabism. Syria is a danger to the US-UK divided Iraq map, because it can absorb and unite parts of this devastated country with it. A strong unified Syria has all the influence over the tiny shredded Lebanon. And I didn’t forget Jordan, but there’s not much to say about it.

What will the Syrians do? 

They won’t and didn’t and never thought of depending on others to help them conquer invaders and enemies. Check the history records, it was always Syrians helping others since ancient times and never anybody helped Syria. Syrians stood up for the battle imposed against them by a coalition of over 80 countries from the very beginning. Syrians were and are and will be forever willing to defend their country against any invaders and just like how all those empires that came and occupied Syria ended up in bits and pieces, the same will happen to the current invaders.

Who doesn’t know history cannot read the future properly. Syrians fought alone this battle since the very beginning while even their current assumed allies Russia and Iran were striking huge business deals with all of Syria’s enemies, not what an ally would do during the times of war. When Russia and Iran saw the determination of Syrians to defend their country at all costs, they stepped in. Russia for its part realized very late they cannot trust Turkey, even China is not safe from Turkish games with its Muslim minorities. Iran knew that after Syria is their turn no matter what they do. And the opportunity was right for them when the Syrian were about to use the last blow and engage everybody in the war declared officially against them, thus they stepped in.

Federation of Syria is a disaster for the country

Syrians don’t have a Plan B. That’s an insult and limitation. Syrians have unlimited plans and options to keep their country united because they know that any ‘play with the fault line their country is, that will cause an earthquake’ that will be felt worldwide with them paying the hefty price of it, many fold more what they’ve already paid and paying so far.

Syria, if you didn’t notice yet, has not played any cards outside its borders. But don’t test that ground. Syrian president Dr. Bashar Assad didn’t have a slip of a tongue when he replied to the reporter of the Spanish magazine interviewing him saying that if it wasn’t for the Russian military aid Syria wouldn’t manage to turn the tide against the terrorists as a ‘hypothetical assumption’. He knows what cards are under his sleeves and at the request of the entrusted Syrian commanders and leaders ready to be played at any time.

The Syrian Arab Army is described as an ‘army that fights unwinnable battles and win it’. Have you ever seen an Army in the world where after the assassination of its top generals including the Minister of Defense it became stronger other than the Syrian Arab Army?

The Syrian diplomacy is known to be the peek of diplomacy worldwide since the early days of humanity. Can you explain why the Syrian diplomatic body remained intact in spite of the desperate attempts by all enemies of Syria to intimidate and bribe the diplomats all over the world?

The Syrian people are known to be the most resilient. And these are the main pillars that have stood thus far and will continue to standing before leaning over the dead bodies of the enemies of humanity. Did you know that only 20% of the refugees to Europe are Syrians and those Syrians going there carry their laptops, iPads and latest mobile devices, unlike the 80% others? Did you know that the vast majority of Syrians remained in Syria and those displaced by force were displaced internally? What is the total of Syrian refugees abroad against the 23 million Syrian population?

Haven’t you seen the West and their regional stooges resort to the most heinous crimes against humanity, covertly and overtly, committed by the filthiest filth of the planet against Syrians of all religious and ethnic backgrounds, of all ages and of both genders? Syrians decided to stand up and eliminate tens of thousands of these terrorists. There’s an estimate that the West has sent Syria over 360,000 foreign fighters over 5 years, how many of them are still there?

The country that didn’t fear half a million US terrorists wearing Marines uniforms on its eastern borders ladies and gentlemen, will not fear their remnants and the remnants of that empire.

‘We master playing at the edge of the abyss, and if we fall we fall over the dead bodies of our enemies’~ late Hafez Assad. This time we will not fall, we will only lean over to watch the dead bodies of our enemies.

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  1. Baljeet Singh Jassal

    Nato’s main plan was to attack Iran after Syria, that is postponed with the Nuclear deal. However now another front is being opened to some how drag Presidents of Syria, Russia and Iran into International Criminal Court. Actually the case against destablising nations (in Syria) deserves to be taken first in ICC. But unfortunately so called non-aligned nations like India chose to keep silent for their economic benefits and don’t oppose NATO.

  2. Dak Kol

    End Time Prophecies will see Israel and the nations judged for their immoral activities – Jerusalem is called “the great city which mystically is called Sodom and Egypt” by their own Prophets.

    THE GREAT PURIFICATION is the end time. Injustices will be avenged with ensuring joy and liberty – just do not find yourself on the side of the oppressor. it does not end so well for them.

  3. Xavier

    Blaming the West for pursuing its interest is comvenient, but lets not forget that the fighting parties from the beginning were mistly syrians and other arabs. If Assad was intelligent enough to understand the situarion in his country five years ago there wiuld be no civil war. The West is taking advantage of the situation that was created bu the syrians themselves. You need to recognize them, otherwise there will never be a solution to the problem and both sides will continue fighting until the country is completely destroyed. Israel would obviously solidify its grip on the occupied Golan area. For the last 65 years the regional history proves that Arabs are not capable of making smart pragmatic decision it is the history of selfdestruction, lack of strategic thinking, fragmentation, and weakness.


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