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The Godfather of Terror Not Many Do Recognise

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Blaming only the USA, Saudi and Turkey for the genocide in Syria does not catch the whole picture. Germany is engaged in killings in Syria. It is not only the United States, France, Great Britain, the Turkey of wanna-be Caliph Erdogan and the Wahhabi terror kingdom of Saudi Arabia who are imposing a bloody, genocidal war by proxies with their created Frankensteins of FSA, al-Qaeda and Daesh. Germany is deeply involved into the genocide in Syria and the neo-colonial aims to plunder and rule. Wisdom starts by telling things with their proper names. One should not underestimate the German contribution to the pilage of slaughtered innocent civilians. Evidents are piling and obvious.

I. Creating and promoting an artificial “opposition”

In May 2011, the leading official of the german foreign ministry (“Ausswaertiges Amt”), Mr. Hoyer, in an interview with a reporter of his own ministry said that the federal government of germany would support the “opposition”, but without going into details of who this “opposition” actually was. This official position sticks well to the attempts of the German federal government to subcutaneously promote “regime change” in Damascus. For instance the “Goethe Institut” in Damascus, an official institution run by the german government, in the late 1990ies hold meetings of high-ranking, respected ‘opposition’-figures to encourage them to debate steps suitable to overthrow the legitimate syrian government. Of course, this scandalous interfernce in internal issues of a souvereign nation is a clear breach of the UN-charta. But, as we know: it is all okay as long as “WE” (the west) do it. (Footnote: The institute even invited a former official of the Assad-government who then wrote a memo on this for the syrian government.)

This interview with Mr. Hoyer was given in May 2001 – just at that time when Mossad-, CIA- and SAS-killers started to deliver some Maidan-event to Syria, aiming to ignite a ‘civil war’ which then was to be blamed on the legitimate syrian government. When asked by the interviewer, whom he actually would define as this “syrian opposition”, Mr. Hoyer delivered the truly enlightening information that the german government would not have any reliable info about the several groups, but, regardless from this, would not hesitate to “support” them. About some months later, the so-called “Free Syrian Army” was founded by the Turkish and French intelligence and the west created the “Syrian National Council” as a political facade of the terrorist organization, labelling this thuggish mess the “sole and legitimate representation of the syrian people”. Since then it has become pretty clear whom the german government, together with all other western governments united in the anti-syrian “Friends of Syria”-group (later: “Friends of the Syrian People”) was exclusively regarding as legitimate “opposition”: ruthless criminals with impressive criminal records as drug dealers, thieves, killers and brothel-owners, all exclusively living outside Syria and being totally unknown to the syrian people. The “Friends of Syria”-group was designed as a surrogate for the UN, as Russia and China already had been signalling no great contriution to slaughtering a nation this time.

II. Sanctions and terror-funding: Blackmail and terror as methods of illegal proxy warfare

Gathered under the flag of shame, and with the battle-cry “Christians to Beirut, Alawites to the grave” on their lips, the FSA-terrorists committed several atrocitiess, the massacres of al-Houla and Tremseh that the Western terrorist sponsors like Mr. Westerwelle (the german foreign minister at this time) unisono blamed on the ‘dictator Assad’. That civilians loyal to the government were killed in these massacres was generously ignored by the western politicians and tehe propaganda outlets, labelling as “free press”. Germany, like all western states supporting terrorism, expelled the Syrian ambassador, and the EU, under german directive, imposed evere sanctons on Syria, hitting the civvilian population. These sanctions, as a means of warfare, do serve the killing of the syrian people. Like the “moral bombings” of UK and USA on german cities in WW II, these sanctions are intended to break the resistance of the common people and force the syrian people to overthro their government. And like the anglosaxon genocide of more than 2 mil. german women and children, these sanctions will fail but cause horor, pain and trouble to 21 mil. innocent civilians who have never done any harm to the world.

In summer of 2012, the german foreign minister announced that Berlin proudly hosts a group of FSA-thugs (oops, of course I meant: “syrian moderate opposition”-heroes). These cute “sole and only legitimate representatives of the syrian people” were brought Berlin in order to work on a transition plan, creating the framework for a “Syrian future after Assad”. In addition, a program for syrian ‘high potentials’ of the terrorists groups are being funded and trained by german experst to take responsibility in a puppet regime of western favour. Guess which kind of future these brave heroes would have in mind for those syrian women, children they missed to genocide as yet? Since 2012 this program is being funded with a total of EURO 1.2 mil per year. German taxpayers money, on best investment for granting Germany a role in “future Syria”. (Footnote: the fact that the german government officially announced to host and fund terrorists on german soil did not really make germans willing to kick these lunatic psychopaths out of office at the elections held just one year later. Infact, they again decided for Merkel…). Bringing terrorists to your country would not make you a terrorist as long as you are the government and pushing your assets, right?

By early 2013, due to german pressure, the EU unilaterally lifted those sanctions affecting the oil trade with the terrorists who then had been able to gain access to the oilfields in eastern and northeastern Syria. This lift was aimed to formally allow the EU-members to trade with the terrostis controlling those areas the western terrorists named “liberated areas”, hillariously propagated as “humanitarian aid”… This lift of sanctions for the FSA-thugs was an open admission of complicity: EU countries since then are allowed to trade and thus to directly fund the EU-created terrorists. Well, which goods others than stolen ones, artefacts, fabrication plants, oil and others could be traded by the terrorist, including Daesh (ISIS), and what does the EU expect genocidal monsters to invest their profits in?

In Summer 2013 chancellor Merkel and foreign minister Westerwelle announced the donation of EURO 400 million german taxmoney – for “humanitarin issues” (we do know this stupid propaganda very well,do we?) to be spent by the western puppets of SNC ak FSA in the regions under terrorists control. The claim that the terrorists would eventually buy bread, plasters and iodine for needy Syrian civilians under teir rule, obviously is a dream: At the same time the FSA put towns put under siege (such as Nubul in northern Aleppo countryside). Civilians were being exposed to starvation, with no medical aid, water, food supply – if they were not executed at once. Thus subsidized by Merkel, the FSA hordes in 2014 put women and children alive into the ovens of a wholesale bakery in the town of Adra, dmascus eastern countryside. In Aleppo and Homs, the Al-Farouqh Brigade of the FSA massacred Christians and Alawites. The only fault of all these poor civilians: they have had the ‘wrong’ religion or had been loyal to the legitimate syrian government. These civilins had been murdered by Germany as well.

III. A good deal, yet not for everyone: the flow of arms and the benefits for Germany

The terrorists of all fractions – in german totalitarian newspeak: “moderate insurgents”, “moderate rebels” or “opposition” – did and still do receive german-made weapons from German hands; in early 2013, the member of parliament Jan van Aken gained info that german-made sophisticated “Milan” anti-tank grenades are also in the hands of ISIS like automatic rifles from Heckler and Koch. As Germany is arming and supplying the iraqi kurdish “peshmerg”-terrorists, one can just sit down, sip a tea and wait until ISIS will have grabbed these weapons as well…

I could easily continue to enhance this list, ther eis no lack of evidences for most cruel and heinous atrocities enbled by the german support for the terrorists inside Syria. However, it should be clear: Germany’s participaton in war, terror, plunder, genocide, done by official government agencies, the military and intelligence agencies is obvious. Big money is to be collected from the bloodshed. Incidentally, the ostensible opposition party “The Left”, despite her propganda, is also involved into ugly regime-change-plans, working with the SNC.

IV. Outlook

Will anything change? I am pessimistc. Instead of engageing for peace, we will start the next wars soon. The war on Libya is to be extended by a new NATO-aggression which is already planned and laid-out. Still there is much of oil and other ressources to be taken away from the libyan people.

Our foreign policy is driven by greed and arrgance, and at least regarding the arrogance, the stance of the criminal genocidal german government is brilliantly reflecting the stance of the majority of german people.
We Germans incidentally did suffer from no abdominal pain at with our role in genocidal neocolonial wars in Afghanistan, Mali, Libya, Kosovo, Somalia and elsewhere. We are great and generous in ignoring our very own responsibility for these wars. Instead of bringing Germany back on track to respecting the laws and souvereignity of natios, engageing into peace and justice, we love to beat up the terror state USA.

But whilst we love to rant over other people’s faults, we are willingly or at least passively allowing the regime of Merkel to install the fascist totalitarian police state in Germany. Also the terror sent out from here now starts to backfire, with the politicians abusing faked events like the Brussels and Paris “terror attacks” for taking away civil rights from the peoples of Europe.

In the end, we may soon meet the poor living conditions of those we have oppressed and sucked for decades and centuries. Maybe, this will blow our arrogance.
Until then, it is “All quiet on the western front”...

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