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Syria: West Weeps for Daraya Terrorists

Syrian rally 2011

by Afraa Dagher

For Syrians – if the west really cared – those so-called “moderate” terrorists should be sent to hell.  However, for the west and its governmental and “non”-governmental organizations, those moderate terrorists are reported as innocent victims.  A recent example that should be known to the whole world involves the Jabhat al Nusra  reporter Mahmoud Rslan.  He is the source of the western media reports on the “iconic” photograph of dazed, gray child Omran.  Rslan has no credibility to report any news; he is the man who has been working with terrorists and taking photos of kidnapped Syrian children and cheering his terrorist team who beheaded 12 year old Syrian-Palestinian Abdullah Issa.  Western media has not bothered to even look at his Facebook profile, in which he does not attempt to hide the truth about his terrorist ties, nor his call to murder every Syrian patriot and supporter of our government.  He is a member of the White Helmets terrorist gang funded by the CIA, promoted as “humanitarians.”

takfiri rslan.jpg

Rslan’s “iconic” picture is part of another round of propaganda against Syria exploiting Syrian children in the cheapest way, to misinform the world in order to bring more war against our country, which will kill more Syrian children.  Syrian children are used as human shields, Syrian children are murdered and their bodies used in anti-Syria news, and in some cases, children are painted in their dirty studios by professional makeup artists.

FX Productions
FX Productions


You can find this White Helmets team only in areas controlled by al Nusra, because they work together.  [1]

While western media was still wiping its crocodile tears about “Omran,” it started a new round of crying propaganda over the terrorists in Daraya, wailing that this is a “major psychological blow to the opposition.”

Daraya, in Damascus countryside, was full of terrorists; however the msm of the west, wanted everyone to believe that the entire suburb was filled with only innocent civilians, that the Syrian Arab Army had surrounded it, that Daraya was under our own army siege!

The reality is that Daraya had been under terrorist siege for more than four years, and our government worked out a deal to offer reconciliation to those willing to lay down their weapons against our country (those in agreement have been moved to Moudamyeha), to transport the terrorists to Idlib, and to temporarily evacuate civilians while reconstruction begins.   More than 1,200 terrorists had their weapons confiscated and were sent via our air conditioned government buses.  Our army cleared the road to Idlib of their landmines, and secured their safe passage.  Evacuated civilians are being moved to Harjaleh, near Damascus.  This is where they will live until their homes and neighborhoods are rebuilt:

Temporary shelter in Harjaleh
Temporary shelter in Harjaleh

temporary shelter.jpg

Whenever the terrorists who have been brutalizing our country since 2011, are under siege by our military, the west and its media begin campaigning to save them.  This is the same west that has remained silent over Kafraya and Foua’a, those two villages are under terrorist siege for more than two years now, and lack water, food, medicine; those two villages where Syrian children have been shot by terrorist snipers.   No media talk about these Syrian children, and no UN “aid chief”  asks for breaking such real siege on these innocent people, under this terrorist hell!

The UN gives immunity to the terrorists, by giving them the name “moderate.”

Soon after the Daraya terrorists arrival to Idlib, came a new massacre in Ariha.  Among the victims were 12 women.  Their “guilt” was that they were discovered to support their government.

Where is the world conscience?  How long will Syrians, Yemeni, Iraqis pay the hard price of genocide under the blind eye of the west?

To be more accurate, we should say by its double standards, by hiding the truth,  and by calling victims “terrorists,” and terrorists “civilians”!

Addendum:  Prior to boarding their buses to Idlib, the terrorists burnt their headquarters, and booby-trapped at least one building.  The Syrian Arab Army continues to clear landmines and defuse explosives.  This is what Daraya looks like, after four years of “opposition” control.


[2] SyriaNews has extensively documented on the UN bias against Syria; Aid Chief Stephen O’Brien voicing ”extreme concern” over the evacuation, whining that “what happened in Daraya should not be precedent-setting for other besieged areas in Syria,” sounds like he has plagiarized the words of UN Diplomat Dr. Ja’afari, who stated in January that it’s about 23 million Syrians besieged by economic sanctions, by terrorists crossing from Turkey, from Jordan, from Lebanon, from Iraq.  This is the reality.  The whole Syrian people are besieged.


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