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Slain UK MP ‘Rising Star’ on Wrong Side of Humanity

by Miri Wood, RNc

On 16 June, Helene Joanne “Jo” Cox, 41, died from gunshot and stab wounds, in Leeds, UK.

Cox had been elected as a Labor Party Member of Parliament, just 13 months earlier.  She leaves behind a husband, Brandon, and two young children, Lajla (5), and Cuillin (3).  Fifty-two year old Thomas Mair, charged in her murder, is being described by those who knew him, as a “timid gardener.”

No msm has noted that Cox has become another terrible statistic in the pandemic of femicide – despite the immense freudian implications of the multiple stabbings her killer inflicted, after shooting her, three times.  None has acknowledged her killer chose a woman, a petite woman, upon which to unleash his geopolitical rage.

We should oppose all violent reactionary extremism everywhere, not just in the west. — a Syrian

Some msm have begun to note the double standards regarding labels placed on killers, based on skin hue and nominal religious backgrounds.

None, though, has addressed the murderous double standards in reporting of assassinations of western politicians versus reporting on assassinations against leaders in countries on the geopolitical demonization hit list.

Martyred generals, western cheer
SAA Brother, sister martyrs

As we live in incredibly fragile times, it is an unfortunate necessity to state that every human being on the planet has the inherent right to not be murdered, before demonstrating that Cox was on the wrong side of humanity, against Syria, and against the Syrian people.

It is doubly important to expose Cox’s background, as msm has her on the fast track to sainthood, while her husband is fundraising to support death squads, in Syria.

Though Cox was a new MP,  she had an extensive political background, having been advisor to Sarah Brown, former PM Gordon Brown’s wife, an advisor to a Labor MP, an advisor to a Member of the European Parliament (MEP).

As such, there is no newcomer excuse for having been on the wrong side of humanity, when she founded the all-party parliamentary group (APPG), the white man’s burden, Friends of Syria, through which to disseminate increasing propaganda against the SAR.  Were Cox as caring as her obituaries report her to be, she would have forced the reopening of the Syrian Embassy (closed in May 2012 – because western diplomacy works by ejecting diplomats,by censoring diplomats.).  She would have forced the UK to end its part in draconian sanctions against the Syrian people.  She would have not spent her 13 months demonstrating her imperialist intentions against the SAR.

The west is only permitted to grieve collectively when heinous assassins kill our people.  South, or East, though, victims are made faceless, nameless, mere statistics — unless someone famous, who then is demonized beyond the grave.

western mainstream media reporting on Syria

On 10 October 2015, UK’s The Geryon’s headline imperialistically reported that More than 50 Labor MPs to Defy Jeremy Corbyn in Vote on Syria.  Cox – who regretted having nominated Corbyn for Labor leadership – was among them.

Labor defies Corbyn on SAR

On 11 October, The Geryon ran an opinion editorial, written by Cox and Conservative MP, Andrew Mitchell:  British Forces Could Help Achieve an Ethical Solution in Syria (when it comes to imperialist aggressions, it is not just in Washington DC that the faux progressives and rightwing unite).

Cox ethical invasion

Third, on the military front.  Some may think that a military component has no place in an ethical response to Syria.  We completely disagree. — Cox and Mitchell

How does a reputed progressive join with a conservative to call an invasion of another country ethical?  It is a war crime.

On 12 October, The Geryon reported on Cox’s statement that the UK should impose a no fly zone in Syria, even if the UNSC decided to vote against it.


No Fly Zone is fascist Newspeak for one or more imperialist nations to engage in invading a sovereign country’s airspace, dictating the invaded country may not fly in the area, shooting down all aircraft in that country’s own airspace, and bombing anyone in the way.  A NFZ is the predecessor of obliteration of a country; it is insult before devastation.  Look at what NATO did to  Libya, after the rabid dogs of war imposed the euphemism.

How does a reputed progressive justify such an act of war?

On 2 December, the neo-lib Huffington Post published Cox’s op-ed, titled, With Regret, I Feel I Have No Option but to Abstain on Syria.  Cox did have an epiphany, a repudiation of her previous fascist calls for the all out bombing of Syria, but simply withheld her vote, because she did not think such war aggressions went far enough.

Cox regrets abstention

On 3 May, Cox continued her fascist call for international action“ against Syria, referring to terrorist occupied sections of Aleppo as rebel held areas.  Somehow, for Cox, the most monstrous international conspiracy against one country, in the history of humanity, was not enough action.  No matter that the world was dumping its human garbage into the SAR.  No matter that the west was training, funding, arming Takfiri to destroy Syria.  No matter that Saudi occupied Arabia had gone so far as to empty 1,239 death row inmates into the SAR, to behead, destroy, to bomb.

Cox wants to bomb SAR

Somehow, for Cox, this has simply been not enough international action.

Where was Jo Cox, in 2012, when her beloved FSA-terrorist-rebels threw mailmen from a rooftop of a government building, in Aleppo?

Where was Jo Cox, in November 2012, when Qatar and Turkey paid her beloved FSA-terrorist-rebels to dismantle and transport 1,000 Aleppo factories into Turkey?

Where was Jo Cox, in March 2013, when her beloved FSA-terrorist-rebels kidnapped the Yellow Man of Aleppo? Before the Syrian crisis, this gentleman was a bit of an attraction for visitors to his city, and many tourists paid to have their photos taken with him.

Where was Jo Cox, 21 December 2013, when her beloved FSA-terrorist-rebels bombed the al Kindi University Cancer Hospital, in Aleppo, turning it to rubble [update August 2017: YouTube and Vidme both recently censored the video, but this url will show it]:

How do western genocidalists get to be cheered for their humanity, when they have none? 

Aleppo father selling kidney

Rumors have begun to circulate that Brendon Cox may be appointed to finish Jo Cox’s MP term.  The grieving husband — whose priority, upon learning of the vicious murder of his wife, is “raising money for a UK foreign asset in a targeted nation” — would be no newcomer to politics; he was senior advisor to former Prime Minister Gordon Brown.

More recently, B. Cox served as Director of Policy and Advocacy of the Save the Children (STC) charity.  He resigned from this position in September 2015, amid allegations of inappropriate sexual behavior against women staffers — which he denied.

B. Cox sex allegations

There is an interesting relationship between the UK office of Prime Minister, and STC.

Justin Forsyth, CEO of STC from 2010-February 2016 (salaried at 160,000 British pounds/annually) had been another senior adviser to PM Gordon Brown, had also been special adviser to war criminal Tony Blair.  STC board member, Jonathan Powell, had been Blair’s Chief of Staff.  In 2014, STC gave its Global Legacy Award Global to Blair.  It should be noted that on 11 June 2015, the government of Pakistan ejected the STC, claiming that it had ties to the US CIA.

aj+ has written that “Syrians Mourn the Death of Jo Cox.”  This is a lie, as no Syrian mourns the death of any individual that wants to destroy his or her country.

Every Syrian, though, is disgusted by her brutal murder, every Syrian can weep for the sadness of Cox’s young children, as every Syrian has felt unspeakable horrors, has buried at least one loved one, for more than 5 years.

Let it be remembered that aj+ is an offshoot of al Jazeera, the medium owned by the absolute monarchy gas station in the Gulf, Qatar, which had spent over $3 billion in 2012, in its part of the most obscene international conspiracy against one country, in the history of humanity.


In May 2015, al Jazeera Arabic ran a discourse on the need to slaughter a Syrian minority population, to slaughter every one of them, including children, and also to torture them first.

It was aj+ , just months later, which launched the myth of the external Syrian refugee, when it viralized the photograph of the re-positioned, drowned baby, for about 30 hours, before extending a background story on his death – which caused much of the world to suddenly develop amnesia over the plight of  the Rohinga boat people, the plight which had dominated the media for more than half of 2015.

Three days ago, B. Cox launched a fund-raising campaign in memory of his wife.   Donations are flooding in; as of  3 hours ago, more than 900,000 British pounds (1,164,526 USD) had poured in.

He listed three organizations for which the money is to be dispersed:

  • The Royal Voluntary Service, “helping to combat loneliness in Jo’s constituency.”
  • Hope not Hate, “who seek to challenge and defeat the politics of hate and extremism.”
  • The White Helmets, “volunteer search and rescue workers.”

Given that the mapping out. and visiting of shut-ins, and the holding of various interdenominational meetings combined cannot be that costly, one has no choice but to think that most of these monies will go to the WH death squads, “al Qaeda with a face lift.”

WH condolences

Independent investigative journalist, Vanessa Beeley has done extensive research into these contras in Syria.  WH was founded – and is directed – by non-Syian, British national and former British army officer, James Le Mesurier, in Istanbul, Turkey, March 2013.   Beeley’s exhaustive, two part report, War by Way of Deception, on these foreign-funded terrorists is found here, and here.

Self-proclaimed as an NGO, these death squads are not independent, support a NATO “no fly zone” – as did Cox – are armed, and have received $23 million from the CIA’s USAID, according to both the US State Department and the WH’s titular head, Raed Saleh.

Saleh, CIA funding

Saleh, an electronics salesman in pre-crisis Syria, was magically transformed into a First Responder, after the WH founding in Istanbul.  Despite the label of “neutrality,” Saleh has called upon the UNSC to use “all measures available” against the Syrian Arab Republic, including the murderous NFZ.

On 19 April, Saleh was to have received an award from the US based NGO, InterAction, whose sole raison d’etre  appears to be to give such awards, but was denied entry into the US.  Though the State Department offered no explanation for entry denial, it created enough of a media buzz to introduce the US to this UK-US terrorist gang.

Jo Cox’s fund has surpassed its goal of one million pounds – in less than three days.

How many more Syrian children will grieve, as the Cox children?

martyr's blood protects watan
Syrian rally 2011

Editor’s addendum:  We inform the readers of SyriaNews that we intentionally leave evidence of massive censorship of videos uploaded by various armed terrorist gangs.  Censorship of the truth is part of the makeover of alQaeda, as the NATO-run deep state msm criminal propaganda appears not to be sufficient.  This global, military industrial complex continues to shove reality into that orwellian memory shredder.

We continue to search for back-ups of these important videos, and appreciate support from you, via clicking on the advertisements or clicking on the donate button.

Consider, also, that Mrs. Cox’s grieving husband raised millions for alQaeda White Helmets, within days of her brutal murder.

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  1. miri

    Sorry that I left out Cox’s imperialist gem from UK’s Telegraph, 6 February 2016, in which she wrote that her colonialist “white man’s burden” demanded that she, and co-horts “must not let America sell out the Syrian rebels to…Assad.”

    What kind of chutzpah is that, a combo of propaganda, and re-taking of her majesty’s American colonies?

    Everyone knows, or has the responsibility to know that prior to Obama’s war criminal bombings of the SAR, in September 2014, the US funded, armed, trained these takfiri cannibals that Cox calls ‘rebels.’

    Everyone knows that the entire western plan is to carve up Syria.

    How dare UK or anyone else demand the right to protect terrorists in the SAR.

  2. dick100

    Yes this is the craziest remark of all, The Jihadists were mobilised by Obama and Washington and are their paramilitaries, paid, armed and trained by them for a war against Syria.

    • miri

      It’s been done countless times before. The worst in terms of reverberations in the US, was the Iran/Contra mercs against Central America, funded by dumping crack cocaine and drugs into major US cities.

      Machiavelli clearly exposes the geopolitical dynamics, in his “The Prince.”


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