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Syrians Are an Asset to Any Country They End Up In

Refugees flooding into European countries

‘Syrians are an asset to any country they end up in.’ Syrians never wanted to leave their country, Syrians are the proudest people in the world and the most proud people of their country.

Watch this clip by Canadian comedian Russell Peters:

If it wasn’t for those wanting to destroy Syria sent from all sides of the world to destroy the oldest continuous civilization in the world, Syrians won’t leave. In the matter of fact Syrians received Refugees from all sides of the old World throughout their history, in thousands like Kuwaitis fleeing the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait, in tens of thousands like the Lebanese fleeing the Israeli repeated aggressions against Lebanon, in hundreds of thousands like the Palestinians again fleeing the Israeli land theft of Palestine, and even in 2 million when Iraqis fled the US and UK invasion in 2003.

Not to mention Caucasians fleeing the former USSR and before that, Greeks, Armenians fleeing the Ottomans, South Africans fleeing the apartheid regime there to the extent the only main office for the South African anti-apartheid movement was in Damascus, not in the so-called free world which that time had the best relations with the apartheid regime in S. A.

image- Iraqi Refugees in Damascus Syria
Iraqi Refugees in Damascus Syria

Syrians never erected a single tent for the Refugees seeking shelter and security in Syria, Syrians welcomed all refugees in their homes and treated them as brothers and helped them re-establish their lives, businesses, industries and in many cases allowed them to form their communities.

Syrians are now treated as unwanted beggars in countries that caused their suffering in the first place, countries that sent the filthiest filth of the world to Syria: FSA, Nusra (aka al-Qaeda Levant), ISIS which is a variation of al-Qaeda with Qatari money and Turkish sponsorship, and all sorts of criminals landed at one time ‘Freedom Fighters’

Just a fact to end this with Syrians form only 20% of the total number of Refugees fled to Europe, and you can identify them by their high education, their stylish clothing, carrying their laptops and mobile phones and iPads, and seeking dignity, ONLY from the welcoming people. Syrians would, later on, open their own businesses in the welcoming countries and create jobs for the native people receiving them.

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