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Syria- SAA Inching in on ISIS in its Stronghold Raqqa

image-SAA Forces Advance against ISIS in Raqqa

Sunday 20 June 2016,

Latest news from the field, Syrian Arab Army spearheaded by a Republican Guards Elite Force advances towards Tabqa city in Raqqa province.

SAA forces are now 7 kilometers away only from Tabqa military airport in the northern province to the East of Aleppo. Restoring Tabqa Airport will allow the Syrian Arab Army to cut ISIS’s main lifeline from Turkey from the west.

Seems the latest offensive led by the US coalition that include al-Qaeda in the Levant aka Nusra Front and other takfiri and terrorist groups against government in Aleppo southern countryside has not deviated the Syrian government forces from their goal to root out ISIS from their declared false ‘Caliphate Capital’ in Raqqa.

ISIS managed to grab large swaths of land in both Syria and Iraq 2 years ago with the direct help of the US regime of Barack Obama and his regional stooges namely Saudi, Qatar and essentially NATO member state Turkey.

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  1. lizburbank

    The world must know that US world domination depends on control of “international community” organizations including UN, NATO, its clients including “israel”, GCC arab states, and its terrorist proxies al-qaeda, its offspring, including ISIS.


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