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Cologne: Sexual, and Principle, Assaults

Cologne:  Sexual, and Principle, Assaults

Miri Wood, RNc

Humanity’s celebrations of the New Year date back 4,000 years, to Babylonia; Babylonia which added a new moon to the vernal equinox (when light and dark are almost equal in a 24 hour period) and then began 11 days of glorifying barley, and the sky god’s victory over the sea goddess.  The month of January was less than 600 years old, when the Romans made its very first day, the beginning of the new year, in 153 BCE.   Over the millennia, the festivities came to begin the gaiety the evening before, and continuing throughout the new day of the new year.  The ancient historical exaltation of the barley is mostly alien, yet still involves feasting.

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31 December 2015 should have ushered in the usual, customary, and reasonable international revelry to usher in the latest in the infinity of new years, and probably would have, had it not been  for an English language German digital medium, The Local, inquiring on 4 January, into the claim of “cover-up” of massive sexual assaults against women, in the courtyard of the Cologne Cathedral, on New Year’s Eve, ringing in what might be called “mass insanity,” as international msm began running with the story, three days later.

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Among the first reports, were allegations that between 500 and 1,000 women reported having been sexually brutalized (these figures continue to keep changing), including two women — one a police Cologne police officer — reporting having been raped.  All initial coverage described the rapists and other sexual batterers as being “Arab” or of “north African” descent, and within a nanosecond, the suspect list included 2-4 Syrians, and a couple of Iranians.

The teams of racists versus misognists* were quickly organized along the lines of the right wing and faux left:  The Nordic tribesmen told women to shut up and be protected from the foreign savages, and the “left” told women to shut  up lest they be perceived as racists; after all, women are always sexually assaulted a such events, so why should this one be different?  Besides, “refugees” need time to adapt to western mores.

Witnessing international humanity forced into choosing teams invoked a more despairing sense of pessimism than seeing such awful alignments, domestically, in the US, whenever there is local massacre:  Neither side makes note of America‘s financial subsidies of “open carry” in, and against, other countries).

There is a joke, in the US, that the only way Americans learn geography is via military invasion.

Reading international media reports on the Cologne attacks, suggests ignorance of geography permeates the world.

So, here is a map:

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The countries of the north of the African continent — Egypt, Libya, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia — are all Arab countries.

Syria and Iran are part of the Asian continent.  Syria is an Arabic-speaking, Arab country.  Iran is a non-Arab country whose language is the non-Arabic, Farsi.

Racism, sexism, and neocolonialist fascism are not only not mutually exclusive, but are congruent, and any attempt to segregate them makes us divisible, and conquerable, fools.


Merkel’s Germany has supported the terrorist, cannibal beheaders of the FSA since the beginning of the abominable Syrian crisis. She oversaw the closure of the Syrian Embassy in Berlin, in early 2012.  In December 2015, she brayed criminal lies about flying, chlorinated, IEDs, and dictated — in neocolonialist impunity — that Dr. Bashar al Assad, the elected president of the Syrian Arab Republic, has no place in his own country’s future, and in audacious psychotic fashion, proclaimed him to be the cause of external Syrian refugees.  That there was no “Syrian refugee problem,” 5 years ago, that upwards of 300,000 terrorists have invaded Syria since 2011, is of no consequence, according to Merkel.

In early December, 2015, Germany also brayed its kafkaesque “self-defense” proclamation.   In perfect Doublespeakit announced an astonishing merger of alchemy and quantum physics:  It was sending a warship frigate, an undisclosed number of Tornado bombers, and 1,200 members of the German military, to the Mediterranean, near to Syria, for the sole purpose of not joining the coalition of war criminal countries coordinating their attempted final solution against the SAR (“self defense” has been the barbarically egregious alibi of all the  F*UK*US countries’ criminal acts against Syria:  Obama used the mercenaries cum  orangettes as cover.  Necrophiliac-beastialist Cameron used the slaughter of 30 British tourists, on a Tunisian beach, by a non-Syrian, as cover.  Munchin Hollande used the terrible wetworks against Paris, to bomb Syria…instead of bombing France, despite the reputed killers being French nationals.)

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“Psychotic” certainly is not hyperbole. It is self-evident.

What happens on the rightwing platforms and in chatrooms is as least as awful as the acts of those assaulting the women. — Interior Minister for North Rhine-Westphalia, Ralf Jaeger, exonerating mass sexual assaults of women (Buzzfeed, 8 January)

CNN also gave the sexual brutality against women a whitewash, the same day, running the headline:  “Cologne Police Chief Fired over [generic] New Year’s Violence.”

Mutti Merkel’s “open door” policy — which breaks EU law, known as the Dublin Resolution — appears to only involve Syrian refugees (as part of the “strategic depopulation” of the Syrian Arab Republic), as in July 2015, she patted a crying Palestinian girl on the shoulder, while telling her that her family was to be deported back to a Lebanese refugee camp (after a bit of backlash, the Palestinian family was given a year extension on deportation).

Many of the initial msm reports contained the oddly partial quote by Merkel:  “…to send a clear signal to people who do not want to stick to our legal system,” which appears to have been culled from her speech at the annual CDU Federal Congress meeting, 14 December 2015.  In this speech, neo-colonialist Merkel emphatically stated that German law is ‘above’ honor killing, a particularly odiously Islamophobic remark, particularly when factoring in Germany’s claim to the UN, that femicide “is not a phenomenon which can be found in Germany.”

Cologne’s mayor, Henriette Recker (who had survived a stabbing in mid-October 2015, while on the campaign trail,  by a crazed, xenophobic, right-winger, for her work with refugees), patronized the women of her city by advising them to “keep at arm’s length” from strange men, in order to protect themselves from future sexual assaults and batteries, and by promising to soon post an in-depth Guide to the Women of Cologne on Not Getting Raped by Refugees, a.k.a. a “Code of Conduct” to her website.


Inexplicably, Mutti Merkel, and Henriette Recker — celestial, colonialist guardians of the refugee — began their program of teaching refugees to not rape in their celestial new country, while wallowing in their stunning ignorance of the following facts:  [1] In the Asian, Arabic country of Syria, rape is a capital crime.  [2] In the Asian, not Arabic country of Iran, rape is a crime.  [3] In Algeria, rape is a crime, as is “wife-beating” — punishable up to 20 years in prison — as is sexual harassment.  [4] In Tunisia, rape — including spousal rape — is a crime, as is sexual harassment. [5] In Morocco, rape is a crime.

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…but we are waiting of course the behavior of the women and of male immigrants who — as some angry feminists have pointed out — should be allowed some time to learn how they can legally abuse women in this country, instead of illegally. — a German woman

On 8 January, Wolfgang Albers, Cologne’s police chief, became the sacrificial lamb, in being fired, evidence of Recker’s commitment to the well-being of women.

On 8  January, in response to the mass sexual assaults in Cologne, Theo Francken, Minister for Immigration (Flemish Nationalist Party) announced compulsory classes for non-European migrants and refugees, consisting of a “series of rules on how to behave with women in both a general and sexual sense in our Western culture,” because of the “high numbers of single young men who arrive in Belgium and who come from a culture where relations with women are totally different to the West” (begging, yet again, the question of women and girls being consistently missing from the “refugee” reports).  Belgium, by the way, does not permit public access to criminal justice statistics (and so we are ignorant of statistics involving  femicide and domestic violence against women).  Belgium, by the way, does not have a national hotline for battered women (though it does have 26 women’s shelters).

On 9 January, the Cologne Cathedral courtyard was again filled; this time with hordes of protesters, reportedly of three distinct groups:  The Nordic tribesmen of the PEGIDA gang of thugs (what the acronym stands for, is too repulsive for this writer to spell out) who believe that only they have the right to sexually abuse women; generic anti-fascists; women condemning sexual violence against women, most of whom first politely denounced the fascists there to protect their honor.  Reportedly, the PEGIDA thugs mis-behaved enough that the police did a bit of dispersal via water cannons.  Alas, there was no fourth group, to condemn Germany’s complicity in creating refugees, particularly Syrian refugees, who did not exist, five years ago.  Derivative reporting on this mass demonstration, included the heart-warming story of “Syrian refugees” condemning sexual violence against women, while holding the flag of French Mandate occupation of Syria, used by the terrorists of the FSA, and the even more heart-warming story of the Caucasian American woman rescued from being raped, by a group of conveniently nearby “Syrian refugees” who kept her safe until she was safely back in the hands of her previously misplaced beau.

On 11 January, six Pakistanis and one Syrian man, were beat up on the streets of Cologne, by approximately two dozen Nordic tribesmen.  

On 13 January, the gang v. countergang operation — those self-appointed guardians of women’s safety, and those who dictate when women may, or may not, complain of sexual assault, battery, and rape — came out swinging.  The fraud left had its eureka! moment, upon discovering that the xenophobic right had been using videos of the massive sexual assaults of women, in Tahrir Square, Cairo, in 2011, reporting them as having occurred in Cologne.  That upwards of eighty women were sexually brutalized in one day, in Egypt,  remains inconsequential.  The illegitimate use of a legitimate video was apparently evidence of the women sexually abused in Cologne having been liars.

NB to Guiding Lights Merkel, Recker, and Francken:  In July 2014, nine of the men found guilty in the mass sexual brutalization of women, in Egypt, were given their post conviction sentences:  Seven received life. One received two 20 year sentences.  One received a 20 year sentence.


On this writer’s list of msm sewage stench, is the recent, disgusting, and orwellianly blending of im/migrant with refugee, to create a ghastly hybrid that degrades both.

The hybrid neglects the reality that we are all inherent migrants, practically born as ship-builders, coming from our individual seas of amniotic fluid, that we are all the progeny of migrants, irrespective of our individual native continents, countries, states, or cities.  We are migrants when we vacation in new lands.

Being or becoming a migrant means having a choice.

The matriarchal Ay-Ays built their ships, about 3,000 years ago, and traveled up the Amazon.  When they reached what is now called the Caribbean, they decided to stay, engaging in agriculture, archery, and volley ball.**


Refugees, inversely, either have no choice in fleeing their countries, or believe they have no choice but to flee their countries, their countries decimated by external, neo-colonialist, forces.  They spend all of their financial resources in being debased into human cargo, no refunds to their survivors, for starvation or drowning (a glimpse at the monetary, physical, and emotional travails of specifically Syrian external refugees, can be found here, under the section beginning, “Italy Launders Money to al Qaeda…”).

The refugee is a person who leaves his home behind due to the fear of being exposed to violence, wounding, mutilation and death….moving in search of safety, of something to feed his children and protect them from disease. S/he is the the product of oppression, violence and total rejection who is forced to move away from his culture and soil to be on the run in order to attempt to either reach some sort of safety with a great deal of degradation and insult where he becomes nobody… a number a faceless creature… a monster , or be lost on the way and consumed by the Mediterranean sea in endless numbers of his likes.  — words of an external Syrian refugee

Might it not be considered also an act of neocolonialism to further diminish the refugee by the wrongful — and possibly sanctimonious — use of the word, “migrant,” when “refugee” is warranted?   Is the graceless white-washing of the word “refugee” meant to further whitewash war crimes, and to give legitimacy to the media manipulation of the myth of “the Syrian [external] refugee,” while ignoring the horrific reality of Syria’s 8 million internal refugees (IDPs)?  Does this unprincipled sleight meant to expiate our collective sin of ignoring the fact that Syria is being intentionally and strategically depopulated, that much of the indigenous Syrian population of Idlib has been slaughtered, and “settled” by foreign Uyghur, Chechen, and Turkmen terrorists, that 3,000 indigenous Syrians of a village near Aleppo, have been massacred, and their homes now squatted in, by Turkistan-Chinese “settlers”?


Mariel Boatlift was the name given to the “exodus” of 125,000 Cuban refugees who were brought to the US, between April and October 1980.   Many of these “refugees” were freed from Cuban jails, and from Cuban mental institutions.

With each wave of Soviet Jewish emigration to Israel, beginning in the early 80s, the USSR also managed to empty portions of its jails.  Israel worked almost as hard at keeping the news of receiving Russian criminals as their own, quiet, as it did in scrubbing swastikas from synagogues, during those times.  As recently as 2001, the Russian mobsters were still causing problems, and warring factions used the opportunity of violent civil unrest, to wipe out competition (e.g., a bombing at a mall in Netanya was originally believed terrorist, but turned out to ‘only’ be gang warfare).

Should not north African countries be permitted to take advantage of the fact that democratic Germany severed its diplomatic ties with Syria, in May 2012, and then threw open its borders to “Syrian refugees,” shortly before its military “assistance” to the fascist coalition, and vacate some of their prisoner populations, also?  Why should they not repeat the successful scams of Cuba and the USSR?

Saudi occupied Arabia used a different mechanism, to empty its jails…into Syria.

On 17 April 2012, the Saudiscumstan fiefdom gave legal immunity to 1,239 of its death-row inmates, and provided stipends for their families, dispatching them to slaughter Syrians (not omitting children from the savagery), committing heinous acts of Wahhabi sex ”jihadism,” and destroying Syrian infrastructure.

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While the fraud left and right bark at each other, over the mass sexual assaults of women in Cologne, on New Year’s Eve, 2015, let us take a moment to condemn the ugly silence among both, which has greeted the women of Syria.

In April 2013, Syria’s UN Envoy Dr. Bashar al Ja’afari yet again reported that his “country’s delegation has sent several official letters to Special Representative Ms. Zainab Bangura,” denouncing the UN’s ignoring of reports of member states being involved in sexual violence against women and girls of his country.  His statement was again ignored.

[For those who may not know, Dr. al Ja’afari had been touring the US, engaging in a series of Town Hall Meetings, which were so successful that the US State Department was forced to censor him, by restricting his movement to within 25mi/40km from the UN, in early 2014, around the time that the US democratically shut down the Syrian embassy, in Washington, DC.]

In August 2013, 150 women and children were kidnapped from their villages in Latakia governate.  The captive Syrian women are forced to thank their abductors.

[The city of Latakia was struck with a series of “moderate” missiles, in August 2015, and November 2015, with multiple casualties.]

Sexual violence against Syrian women is not limited to those living within their country, by foreign terrorists that the West and assorted underlings call “moderate Syrian opposition.”

Syrian women and girls unfortunate enough to have sought “refuge” in tent dumps erected by Jordan and Turkey, have been made victims of sex tourism, “rented” or “sold” for $100-$200.

Between August 2012 – September 2015, 400 hundred Syrian women in camps in Turkey, reported having been raped, with more than half the attacks resulting in pregnancies.  Some of the rapists bring “clerics,” to legitimize the savagery by calling it “sex jihad,” an anti-Islam Wahhabi perversion ( جهاد النكاح ).  A google search of this heinous act results in the claim that these victims are “volunteers,” giving a faux religious tint to the old claim that a victim of sexual assault was “asking for it.”

They said that there were numerous pregnancies from these rapes and abuse. These women were very upset. In Syria the law is such that rapes are reported, there is not a history of honour killings here, women have rights, and they have complained in the past and people do go to jail for rape.

Because of this history, I can understand why women in the refugee camp would not accept being raped, as par for the course. Syrian women are strong and argumentative, they will not suffer abuse if they can avoid it.

But I do recall, that in 2011-12 period, there were ladies and kids desperate to come home to Syria. They were just sick of camping out in a concentration camp, and they begged the Turkish officials to let them come home.

They were told NO… from Syria:  The Refugee Pawn Industry

In her most recent Syria up-to-date report, journalist Afraa Dagher notes that sexual assaults in her country were unknown, until the arrival of the western-backed “so called revolution.” [Ms. Dagher’s YouTube channel was censored.]

Let the day come — soon — that those choosing teams can first remove the blindfolds.

*Let us consider the story of Jordanian war criminal pilot, Muath al Kasabeh, best known via the Hollywood FX orangette production.  al Kasabeh’s plane was hit by the “friendly fire” of war criminal pilot, Major Mariam al Mansouri, the UAE’s only female combat pilot. She is only remembered for the “boobs on the ground” “joke,” but never considered for her war criminal actions against the Syrian country, and its people.  Kasabeh and Mansouri’s jets also contained “air-to-air” missiles, for the purpose of shooting down Syrian Arab Air Force bomber jets, which were on a mission over al Raqqa, that day.  Jordan and UAE were there to protect the terrorists from Syria’s military.   al Raqqa is a city of 800,000 Syrians, being held hostage by 3,000 takfiri.  When the fascist coalition is not obliterating Syrian infrastructure, it is bombing al Raqqa with fetid impunity.

**Roughly 500 years later, the Caniba cousins of the Ay-Ays, built their  boats, also came up the Amazon, and so liked the islands that they ate or enslaved the Ay-Ay population.  The eventual European conquerors named the region after these cannibals.

NB :  This report has been edited for correction.  German law against sexual harassment is covered under Criminal Code [1871]: Sexual assaults; sexual coercion, rape. 

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    Again Miri. A very powerful piece of journalism. Covering a lot of informative facts. Nice to hear from Syrian side a change from the usual Western propaganda. Hope for PEACE in Syria Soon. Brian


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