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Envoy Jaafari Returns to UN Stake Out

Envoy Jaafari Returns to UN Stake Out

Update:  The author has just found the beginning of Ambassador al Ja’afari’s statement, which has been included at the end of this article.

Miri Wood, RNc

After a much too long absence, Syria’s Permanent Representative to the UN, Dr. Bashar al Ja’afari, addressed a stake out of reporters, on 11 January.  For readers who may  not be aware, Ambassador al Ja’afari had launched a successful series of Town Hall meetings, across the US, beginning in mid- 2013.  His meetings were so fruitful, that the demo[n]cratic State Department democratically censored them, in early 2014, by restricting his mobility.  The 25mi/40km constraints against him were placed around the same time that the US democratically shut down Syria’s Embassy, in Washington, DC.

Though the beginning of this crucial video is missing, the immediate thrust of His Excellency’s words were of denunciation of the abrupt and heinous anti-Syria propaganda campaign, regarding ‘Syria starving Syria,’ in Madaya, in yet another round of pre-Geneva talks attempt at sabotage.

A small handful of independent journalists has been tirelessly at work, promoting the truth, but the Vichy urinalists of the mainstream media remain obstinately and woefully deaf, dumb, and blind, when confronted by such truth, as their paychecks depend upon their being the rabid dogs of war, against the Syrian people.

Patrick Henningsen meticulously exposed the West’s engineering of another humanitarian media hoax, against Madaya, on 11 January.

Independent journalist, Vanessa Beeley, renowned for her exhaustive investigative work, exposing an NGO as the mercenary force it is, on 12 January reported on the “Times of London” adding cats to the Madaya media hoax of demonizing the Syrian government (Beeley’s Madaya:  Questions the Mainstream Media Should Have Asked, but Didn’t, does seem a tad on the extravagant side, considering that these Vichy urinalists long ago jammed the five fundamental questions of journalism — Who? What? Where? When? Why? — into the orwellian memory shredder).

Syrian Girl Partisan, on 11 January, uploaded the following video, to YouTube.  It includes a statement from the very healthy Lebanese child, whose photo was stolen by the media dogs, who then shamelessly gave her the name, “The Syrian Mona Lisa”:

Photos of Syrian citizens of Madaya are now surfacing, making their way to checkpoints, to be rescued by their Syrian Arab Army.





al Jazeera , the fetid free press of the Gulfie absolute monarchy, Qatar (“pronounced ‘gutter”’) — being sued by a former employee, now incarcerated in Egypt, Mohamed Fahmy — has again offered a glimpse of its tenebrae, in its effronterous claim that these photos of Syrians fleeing their town are “photoshopped.”  Were the result of al Jazeera‘s criminal lies not death, they would be laughable.  This monstrous rag was renamed al Khanzeera (“the pigsty”), by Libyan patriots, because of its war criminal lies against the former country, now a land mass housing terrorists.  It was al Khanzeera‘s also poisonous offspring, aj+, that defiled the drowned baby’s body, repositioning for maximum emoticon affect, in creating the myth of the exterior Syrian refugee.

…all our problems started after we said “NO!” to the US-British invasion of Iraq. — Ambassador al Ja’afari

Were it not enough of an abomination for Syria’s UN envoy to be forced into explaining the hoax cum sabotage of Madaya, he was also forced to report on one of the many horrors besieging his country, of course, unreported in US media:  A village near Aleppo was invaded by 3,000 Turkestan-Chinese, who slaughtered the Syrian citizens there, slaughtered entire families, stole their homes, stole their land, and have created a psychotic colonialist settlers Caliphate.

How is it, that those who enjoy the squishy warmth of their superficial caring of external refugees, never manage to consider the 8 million Syrians who are internally displaced, refugees within their own country?

NB:  Syrian journalist, Afraa Dagher was the first to discuss the “emptying” of her country, in a PressTV interview, September 2015:

Dagher expanded on her interview, in her report on the more than 3500 Chechens, Uyghars, and Turkemen who invaded Idlib governate, slaughtered indigenous Syrians , forced many to flee, and are now occupying the region.   Six weeks later, Julian Assange blamed the “strategic depopulation” of Syria, as the cause of the European “refugee crisis.”

Ambassador al Ja’afari — yet again — decried to his mostly deaf audience, the austere economic conditions inflicted upon the people of his country (those Syrian citizens of Syria, who struggle daily not to become external refugees).  Syria has massive unemployment, related to the thefts of Syria’s factories, by Turkey and Qatar (via the moderate terrorists of the original moderates, the FSA), via the illegal unilateral economic coercive actions by the US and the EU, via the forced internal displacement of Syrian citizens, escaping foreign terrorist invaders, and via the theft of Syrian oil, sold to Israel and Turkey (one braying donkey pretending to be a reporter, demanded “evidence” that Israel was purchasing purloined Syrian petroleum.  FYI, to the ass:  Israeli medium, Globes, reported on 30 November 2015, that Israel is the number one purchaser of stolen oil.)

Video of the moderate demons of the FSA, transporting 1,000 dismantled factories from Aleppo, into Turkey, November 2012:

Dr. al Ja’afari did not specifically mention the certain deleterious effects of [fascist] coalition bombing of Syria, on its economy.  Also not specifically mentioned, is the status of the former industrial city of Adra, former hub of 600 manufacturing plants and grain silos, which had gained some small measure of notoriety, in mid-December 2013, when the takfiri death squads — still all one “moderate FSA” — baked 200 Syrians, in bread ovens.

Fullscreen capture 1122016 64148 PM.bmp
Adra, September 2014


Again, a question must be considered:  What did the Syrian people do, to incur the hatred of virtually the entire world?

Another question, worthy of moral musings:  Are not the Syrians who are internally displaced, worthy of the same empathy that some offer to those forced into the diaspora?

UPDATE.  This author has just found this missing beginning of Ambassador  al Ja’afari’s statement:

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