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Ambassador Jaafari Spoon-Feeds Logic to MSNBC Viewers

Dr. Bashar Jaafari spoon-feeding logic to the viewers of MSNBC

Tirelessly and for over 4.5 years, just like most of the Syrian people, all of the Syrian officials, the Syrian armed forces and many humans who stand against evil, Dr. Bashar Jaafari, Syrian ambassador to the United Nations, defended his country which on its part is defending the whole world from the globalist bloodthirsty New World ‘Orderalists’, who want to achieve their goal despite whatever comes out resorting to all evil in their quest.

In his recent interview on MSNBC, Dr. Jaafari seems as always confident, smart, logical, to the point, ready with sharp answers and addresses the whole Syrian crisis in brief, of course to those who understand logic, not to the bigots, the brainwashed and the retards.

We’ve touched up on the interview video to highlight some points. Watch:

Watch video on BitChute ( since YouTube deleted our channel for the second time with no valid reason after re-instating it the first time without elaborating.

From the highlights of the interview:

The Russian said they will bomb ISIS/ ISIL and all terrorist groups, not limited to ISIS/ ISIL, and that’s what they’re doing.

The Russians have never professed to seek a political transition ‘from’ the Syrian president, rather they said they support any political solution to the Syrian crisis, it was the US and its own created ‘Syrian opposition that wanted a ‘Regime Change’ by power from the beginning and never a political solution.

The Syrian government in Damascus is already a widely based one and with the help of the Syrian Arab Army is preserving the structure of the Syrian establishments from the US and its allies (mainly Turkey, Saudi and Qatar)-backed terrorist groups.

Once the USAians (citizens of the USA!) understand the following, the whole world be more beautiful:

  1. It’s not your business what happens outside your borders, you do not interfere militarily to change what you don’t like or think you don’t like.
  2. People in other countries have rights in their countries just like how you have rights in your own country about your own country, unless you want them to interfere in deciding your rights for you.
  3. Don’t be a hypocrite, it’s an old game and it’s exposed.
  4. There is no World Police, and your New World Order is already on the reverse tracks thanks to the Syrian people, their army and their sacrifices.
  5. What you accept in your country that’s your business, don’t impose it on others, ie: Not everybody like to be ruled by bloodthirsty Zionists, or by a Federal Reserve private bank, or by a military industry lobby, or by only 2 parties following the same route..

In other words: Live and let people live, again, unless you want those people to decide how you will live for you.

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