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17 Years on Adana Accord and Turkey Breaches Each of Its Articles

Syrian President Dr. Bashar Assad (right) sincerely welcoming Caliph wannabe Erdoğan (left with obvious fake feelings)

17 years ago on October 20, 1998, Syria and Turkey signed the Adana Accord for ‘cooperation against terrorism’. Today, only Syria is still committed to its part while Turkey breached the accord 5 years ago, if not earlier.

Adana Accord was reached after Turkish craziness against Syria for hosting Mr. Abdullah Ocalan, the political leader of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (Partiya Karkeren Kurdistane aka PKK). A party calling for the basic cultural and political rights for the Kurdish population in Turkey, counting almost 20 million of the total 70 million population of Turkey, living as 2nd degree citizens, until date.

Turkey stabs Syria in the back as a coward would do
Turkey stabs Syria in the back as a coward would do

The Turkish craziness against Syria reached a dangerous point, backed by NATO, and threatened to invade Syria for something another NATO member state the UK prides itself for doing, that is hosting the political opposition of another country, with the difference: Syria hosts political leaders of parties seeking better rights for their people while the UK hosts any opposition of any other country in the world to use them as extortion tools against targeted countries.

Syria managed brilliantly, as usual, to defuse the whole crisis and pull the map from under the hot-head Turks.

Article 1 of the Adana agreement states that ‘Syria, on the basis of the PRINCIPLE OF REPROCITY will not permit any activity that emanates from its territory aimed at jeopardizing the security and stability of Turkey.’

Seems that the Turks didn’t understand the principal of repreocity.

Article 1 continues, saying, ‘Syria will not allow the supply of weapons, logistical material and financial support to and the propaganda activities of the PKK on its territory.’

The Turks on their part did all they could to jeopardize the security and stability of Syria, allowed the continuous supplies of weapons, logistical, material and financial support to and the propaganda activities for all terrorist groups on its territories including an internationally designated terror group Al-Qaeda and all its derivatives: ISIS (ISIL), Nusra Front (aka Al-Qaeda Levant), Fatah (Conquest) Army and and a host of other groups with number of fighters in tens of thousands.

Now moving to the third article of the agreement it states that ‘Syria will not allow the PKK to establish camps and other facilities for training and shelter, or undertake commercial activities in its territories’. The fourth article continues, ‘Syria will not allow PKK members to use Syria for transit to third countries.’

The last article of the agreement states, ‘Syria will take all necessary measures to prevent the head of the PKK terrorist organization from entering Syrian territory and will instruct its authorities at border points to that effect.’

If I was not mentally stable I would be pulling my hair out in a panic attack now reading this and thinking of all the mounted evidences of the involvement of Turkey against Syria throughout the Syrian Crisis 4.5 years and counting, the least is not the latest official statement by Caliph wannabe Erdogan’s head of MIT ‘intelligence’ Hakan Fidan praising ISIS and calling for embracing it.

Just read the quotes of the articles above and based on the PRINCIPLE OF REPROCITY replace ‘Syria’ with ‘Turkey’, the two signatories of the Accord, and replace ‘PKK’ with ‘ISIS’ or ‘Al-Qaeda’ with all the differences between them.

Syrian President Dr. Bashar Assad (right) sincerely welcoming Caliph wannabe Erdoğan (left with obvious fake feelings)
Syrian President Dr. Bashar Assad (right) sincerely welcoming dreamer Caliph wannabe Erdogan (left with obvious fake feelings)

Turkey which was totally isolated by its own allies and by its foes was embraced south through the Syrian gate and ‘thanks’ (not sure if thanks or no thanks) only to the Syrians, after the EU blocked its ambitions northwest and its lifetime enmity with Armenia, Russia and other countries north and northeast. Syria opened the doors for Turkish economy and political emergence on the account of the Syrian economy itself, hoping the Turks will play a constructive role especially being a dangerous hurt cat after being slammed by EU And abandoned by the West.

Turkey’s Muslim Brotherhood response was by selling their already sold souls again to the evil Empire in the West and working as a destabilizing power in the region causing all the mischief we are witnessing today in the MENA region and beyond.

The 1998 almost war was avoided when Mr. Abdullah Ocalan left Syria to an assumed to be ‘unknown’ destiny but was tracked by Turkey’s long time close ally ‘Israel’ (you remember that Kurds?) and he was kidnapped illegally and smuggled to Turkey where he remains in prison in an island since 1998 until today. Yes, a political leader of a group, representing 20 million citizens, that seeks better living conditions for its people is designated a terrorist group leader and is imprisoned since 17 years while someone like Erdogan is not only loose but continues to threat peace and security in the whole world.

Must read: Erdogan hidden manpower and sleeper cells.

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