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Recent Reports on Deadly Poisoned Vaccines, 2014

Recent Reports on Deadly Poisoned Vaccines, 2014

Miri Wood, RNc

On 30 January 2016, YourNewsWire website ran the following headline:  “Syria Say [sic] UN Vaccine Program Has Deliberately Killed Syrian Kids.”  It was hyperlinked to a Natural News story, “36 children die in war-torn Syria from UN measles vaccines; government claims vaccines were intentionally sabotaged.”  Natural News reported the story as recent, though simultaneously stating the atrocities occurred in September, while implying the year was 2015.  Natural News hyperlinked to a report from Australian medium WAtoday — dated 17 September 2014 — which cited the UK’s Telegraph.

The two “new” stories littered their reports of the poisonings, with the standard poisonous geopolitical propaganda which calls terrorists, “rebels,” and terrorist occupied areas of Syria as “rebel-controlled.”  The article from 2014, was more blatant, in its Newspeak against the SAR.

Carelessly overlooked by the authors of the two new reports was the the fundamental cause of the deaths of upwards of 50 Syrian children, by the poisoned measles vaccines:  The unanimous passage of UNSC 2165 (2014) which authorized the breach in the national sovereignty of the Syrian Arab Republic, reputedly for purposes of opening of “humanitarian corridors.”

The heinous murders of these Syrian children (exact number of deaths unknown, as they occurred in takfiri-infested areas in Idlib governate) was the result of the neo-colonialist breach against Syria.

The blood of these children are on the hands of each P5 member of the United Nations.

Dr. Bashar al Ja’afari, Syria’s Permanent Representative to the UN, called these murders war crimes, and immediately demanded an investigation.

Immediately, instead, came the most ridiculous cover-up:

In lieu of an investigation, the UN offered an absurd cover story, illogical and devoid of any shred of common sense: Human error of an unnamed NGO that accidentally reconstituted the measles vaccine, using the skeletal muscle relaxant, atracurium, as a diluent, instead of water.  Despite the measles vaccine requiring refrigeration, and reconstitution immediately prior to injection, this same “accident” occurred dozens of times, and at different locations.

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