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Only in America


Miri Wood, RNc

By now, much of the world has heard of the most recent school massacre, of 1 October, in the Umpqua Community College of Roseburg, Oregon.   Nine persons were slaughtered (the gunman is also dead), and 9 others injured, many seriously.

Only in America, can live coverage of the atrocious slaughter  — weeping its tedious crocodile tears — focus intense reporting on the wounded “US combat veteran who served in Iraq” — who threw himself onto the killer, and survived 7 bullet wounds — showing photos of him, in his hospital bed, and announcing how much money had been raised for him in a ‘gofundme’ account.

Only in America, can the media condemn gun culture violence while simultaneously hyping militarism, and supporting US tax dollar funding of guns and other weaponry, to slaughter people in other countries.

Only in America, do our well-trained seals choose borderline sides, oblivious to any and all complexities regarding gun violence in our country:   Each side fuses into its team, and delights in such imprisonment.  The “right” screams “the second amendment!” and the “left” enjoys bathing in the intellectual sweat of itself and its peers, fixated on one specific crumb, and demand for Utopia!

As another round of rumors of President Obama planning to use executive powers to magically eradicate “the right to bear arms,” we can anticipate another major spike in gun sales, throughout the country.   This is such a “given” that it should not be considered worthy of even banal news.

Before engaging in the futile act of flashing lasers into caves of each team, the msm, and various neolib blogs, to address their blinding omissions regarding our horrific problem, it is important to take a quick look at President Obama’s first press conference, after this most recent school slaughter (and after his UN speech, in which he announced “I lead the strongest military that the world has ever known and I will never hesitate to protect my country or our allies, unilaterally, and by force…” — which preceded the recent reports that he used this “strongest military” to bomb a hospital, in Afghanistan, reportedly run by Medecins Sans Frontieres.), which appears to have the intention of waving the proverbial red flag in front of the “2nd amendment” bulls, in the short, unedited, video clip, below.

Though the national ABC news called Obama “grim faced”  during his address, his countenance is quite reminiscent of W. Bush, choking back chunks of sadistic glee, which is stunningly obvious, by turning off the audio [click on arrow or title.]

Shamelessly, as the teams engage in their metaphoric shoot-offs, there is no mention of even a possibility of causation/correlation between fanatical media deification of militarism, and malignant sociopaths — all males, but, shhh!  don’t tell! — engaging in school massacres.  Only in America, can a book that should have been called American Mercenary, become a best seller, and go on to become a block buster movie.

There is perhaps no bigger or more important issue in America at present than youth violence.  Columbine, Sandy Hook, Aurora:  We know them all too well, and for all the wrong reasons:  kids, some as young as eleven years old, taking up arms and, with deadly, frightening accuracy, murdering anyone in their paths.  What is going on?  According to the authors of  Stop Teaching our Kids to Killthere is blame to be laid right at the feet of the makers of violent video games (called “murder trainers” by one expert), the TV networks, and the Hollywood movie studios — the people responsible for the fact that children witness literally thousands of violent images a day.


Fullscreen capture 1072015 84847 AM.bmp

Only in America, are professional criminal liars — by omission and commission — given the kafkaesque courtesy of being called msm, and objective reporters, no matter how severe their collective senile dementia.  Ergo, we are compelled to act as universal temporal lobes, not as mere ‘referees,’ but as bare-knuckled pugilists:  Do you really not remember?

Republican McCain and Democrat Stevens, organizing alQaeda coup which turned Libya into a land mass.

CNN, Fox, and various blogs have no idea that young minds had access to watching America’s former Secretary of State — and current Democratic presidential candidate — perversely, psychotically. cackling, on national tv, over the brutal rape and murder of Muammar Gaddafi, while renowned CBS journalist, Leslie Stahl shamelessly cackled with her?  “We came, we saw, he died!”

Let us now leave the silly, polite amenities to the diplomats, and scream reality, for all to hear.  If you pander to your infantilism, choosing a “team,” based on the most primitive of thought processes, this quote belongs to you, as the every msm of “choice,” is a liar.


It is nearing the end of 2015; by now, everyone knows, or should know, that Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11, and we — and our murderous allies — destroyed that country for no legitimate reason.   Yet, the media cheered our invasion, some news programs going as far as to have military fashion shows.   And though this particular war crime (“war crime” per the international Geneva Conventions of 1949) was committed under a US Republican administration, it was done with the support of 57% of the Democratic senate, including Vice President Joe “Get a Shotgun” Biden, and Diane Feinstein, whose hubby made lots of money via his weapons contracts).  It has been under a Democratic administration that Libya has been destroyed, with the first humanitarian bomb used to obliterate the former country’s water supply.  And while we are passing out the condemnationsevery P5 UN member has the blood of Libya on its murderous hands — every one of them, as “abstention” is the cowardly Pontius Pilate version of agreement.

The hideous Roseburg massacre has been used as fertilizer for American msm to terrorize universities and colleges, across the country.   On 9 October, the Northern Arizona University was the site of another shooting, albeit a personal one, involving a “fraternity house.”  One person was killed, three others wounded, and though the suspect is in custody, it has not yet been reported if the killer’s gun had been legally purchased, or was courtesy of Iran/Contra-Fast & Furious.

For two days, the city of Philadelphia was tracking down rumblings of a tentative massacre, in one of its schools of higher learning,  but the scariest Philly got was the lockdown of Community College, and a nearby high school, after reports of someone wielding a gun, but after hours of the city being terrified, no gun was found, nor were any charges filed against the student that another student had accused of brandishing a firearm (a bit of a SCREAMING CAPS postscript to the City of Brotherly Love, being made into a mini-police state for the Papal visit, a police state which included the lock down of several of Philly’s hospitals — none of which were in the neighborhood of Francis’ travels — under guard of armed US military).

Only in America, does the msm report that the US president’s visit of condolences to the people of Roseburg, is being met with “hundreds” of ‘crazed gun activists,’ while showing photos of three hillbilly-ish looking men, as evidence.

Only in America does the media report the terrorist bombings of one of humanity’s oldest cities, Damascus, as ‘rebel shelling.’

Only in America do our slime-mold media bray about school massacres, while having reported terrorist attacks in Latakia, as “rebels” ‘attempting to gain control of Assad’s stronghold’ — particularly smarmy, when one considers these terror attacks occurred while Americans were enjoying their own, end-of-summer, beach days.

Only in America does the fraud of left-right continue to be perpetrated by all the media:  As these Vichy urinalists of ‘both teams’ continue to incite arguments over a single Amendment to the US Constitution, they manage to also “discuss” the possibility of the US halting funding, arming, training of takfiri mercs, against Syria, while continuing to call these malignant, mass-murdering, sociopaths, “moderate rebels.”

And they do so, without choking on their viperous tongues.

As this author realizes that she has gone far beyond the American requirement of limiting cognition to 140 character bytes, an apology is in order, and is provided, below, via photos of various open carry gun nuts, in Israel, funded in large part by American tax dollars (of which “both” American teams continue to demonstrate their ostentatious ignorance).






This final photograph, of “open carry,” miraculously was supported by both media ‘teams.’  It is in Aleppo, Syria, and shows Japanese mercenary-cum-orangette, Haruna Yakawa, proudly holding a semi-automatic.  It is unknown how many Syrians he murdered, while illegally in the country.

in aleppo
No complaints about US-funded takfiri “open carry” in Aleppo.

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