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Israeli Zionist Settlers on Killing Spree in Occupied Palestine

Affoula Palestinian Lady Killed in Cold Blood by Zionists

Each citizen of a country that supports the occupation of Palestine should be ashamed of themselves. The illegal entity of foreign imported radical Zionist settlers are on a killing spree against Palestinians on the Palestinian own land, why? Because they can. The killing of the unarmed lady in Affoula is just one proof out of tens of thousands of other similar examples.

Affoula Palestinian Lady Killed in Cold Blood by Zionists
Affoula Palestinian Lady Killed in Cold Blood by Zionists

The following are two video clips showing the execution in cold blood of an unarmed Palestinian lady in Affoula town north of the West Bank, inside what’s illegally called state of Israel. There’s no justification for the execution let alone the occupation from the beginning. These video prove with no doubt the lies of the Zionist story she was armed with a knife or whatever.

The following two video clips shows the whole world what is meant to be living under occupation that practices the worst types of apartheid ‘the religious apartheid’:

From another angle:

The citizens of the United States of America alone contribute in this killing with annual aid of over $3.1 billion, that’s around $8.5 million each single day. For what? To preserve a religious state for the imported foreign settlers? The identical twin of ‘Israel’ can be no other than ISIS, or what the US regime likes to call: ‘Moderate Rebels’ mutinied. It’s also composed of foreign radical settlers imported to fight the people of a country in a holy war with religious basis.

The above figure is just the official direct financial aid that is paid in cash. There’s a few billions received by the Zionist entity each year in shape of military aid, discounts on weapons purchase and buying the produce of settlers at higher prices then subsidizing it. That’s from all Western countries and not only the United States of Sheeple.

Now the citizens of each country that contribute in the support of ‘Israel’ is in front of a moral responsibility, if you can’t change with your hands, at least support the BDS movement and share these crimes so hopefully one braver generation can put an end to these daily crimes against humanity.

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