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Syria: SAA Advances in Old Aleppo Bazaars

Aleppo Bazaars

Aleppo used to be the destination for tourists and visitors from all around the world, having very historic value, and existing over centuries as the main source of income for thousands of families of some of the world’s most famous merchants and handicraftsmen.

Now, Aleppo is left in rubble thanks to the consortium of criminal countries calling themselves the ‘international community‘ and acting as the criers for the atrocities only they caused when they decided to topple the Syrian state and replace it with a puppet regime, Aleppo’s Old Bazaars which survived all natural and human inflicted dangers couldn’t stand in the face of the anti-Islamic non-civilized Wahhabi radical Sex Cannibal Jihadists seeking their 72 virgins in return for their crimes on earth.

Aleppo City, north of Syria

The following is a report by Al Manar TV visiting a unit of the Syrian Arab Army in Jdeideh & Sahat Hatab Bazaars in the Old Aleppo quarters of Aleppo, one of the world’s oldest continuous metropolises.

Estimated damages to Aleppo alone are in the tens of billions, its factories were stolen by the Muslim Brotherhood cohort in crime, the Turkish government of Erdogan and the Qatari former Emirs Hamad and Hamad. Its bazaars were systematically destroyed along with its ancient worshipping mosques, churches, monasteries and even entire residential neighborhoods.

Turkish Erdogan has his last card to play before following his buddy in the international organization of the Muslim Brotherhood to become the Ottoman Sultan of the era as he dreams, which is to control Aleppo. If he fails to do so by the end of the holy month of Ramadan before the Geneva 2 meeting commences, and he will fail, he will be facing the same fate as his Egyptian colleague Morsi faced.

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