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Syria Egypt Flags

by Miri Wood, R.N.,c.

Last week, a very weak attempt at satire was made, reporting that Facebook geopolitical analysts would decide whether a revolution or a coup were occurring in Egypt. No mention, of course, was made of the similarities between al Qaeda in Egypt, and al Qaeda in Syria, tossing Egyptians and Syrians from rooftops.

Besides the obvious “smoking gun” videos and photos of who caused the bodies to become crushed, the simplest way to figure out who are the “good guys” and who are the “bad guys” in Egypt, is to simply look at what the vichy-urinalists of the NATO countries, and their friends, are saying, and let that deja Syria, inverted, flow over you.

Kids thrown from rooftops in Alexandria then had their heads smashed by Morsi supporters
Kids thrown from rooftops in Alexandria then had their heads smashed by Morsi supporters

And nobody does it half as good as Anderson Cooper, who has spent the last 27 plus months attacking the Syrian Arab Republic, lying about the foreign mercenary-sociopaths destroying it, braying incessantly over “democracy.” His philosophical inversion could not possibly be more blatant than when he starts giving civics lessons to Egyptian activist Ahmed El Hawary.

When El Hawary explained that Morsi’s Muslim Brotherhood was ‘killing people in their homes,’ and selling bin Laden tee shirts on the streets, Cooper shows himself to be a complete malignancy in the world of reporting unfacts: “…actually democracy is when you vote somebody out of, out of office [with the exception being President Bashar al Assad, of course, because it’s “revolution” in Syria and “coup” in Egypt]…coup ‘clear and simple.’ How is this not a coup?” “Isn’t democracy done at the ballot box, not by putting bodies on the streets and getting the military involved?” [1]

No matter that Cooper and colleagues do not explain that the Egyptian Republican Guard was founded by President Gamal Abdel Nasser, after the Egyptian Revolution of 1952 — which abolished the British controlled aristocracy of Egypt and Sudan — to protect the Capital of the Egyptian Republic and the Presidency. [2] Is it also of any importance, according to these media creatures, that Adli Mansour, the acting president, was Egypt’s Supreme Constitutional Court Justice?

Other excellent media clues into the “bad guys” column (besides the disapproval of the NYT), is the strained, Bush-ian use of the passive tense, and some erudite orwellian word improvements, e.g., a “building” or “headquarters” becomes a sinister “compound.”

Utterances from politicians are also very important indicators. Illegal alien, U.S. Senator John “I Love Cannibals and Kidnappers” McCain wants to stop all aid to Egypt, while President Barack “Kill List/Beheaders ‘R’ Us” Obama is “deeply concerned by the decision of the Egyptian armed forces to remove President Morsi and suspend Morsi’s constitution,” though the U.S. Constitution has pretty much been trampled upon.

Vichy media keeps quiet about the charges leading to Morsi’s arrest, ‘incitement to kill protesters’ charges (which might make the Republican Guard doing its job seem like a good thing), in the same way they kept quiet about the murder of Syrian Sheikh Muhammad al Bouti, yet they are quick to objectively bleat that dozens of pious were killed by the Egyptian military after “dawn prayers.

Also missing from our media is the video of the terrorist shooting at Egyptian security forces, next to a man who is unarmed, except for a rock, which is great for the “military firing upon helpless citizens” propaganda:

which was already done in Homs, July 2011:

President Hafez al Assad exposed the MB in 1982:

It is doubtful that Cooper will be showing this video on “360.”

NB: This falls under the “Is this the best you can do?” category. At 1519 EDT, AP ran a story that includes an “action!” event, occurring at a — are you ready? — “field hospital” for Morsi supporters.

The person interviewed? “Marwan Mosaad.”

Who says geopolitical sociopaths don’t have a sense of humor?


[2] The Republican Guard is only stationed in Cairo.

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  1. Arklight

    John McCain (whom I truly detest) is a lawful US citizen; he was born in the Panama Canal Zone, at the time a United States territory, his father being a serving officer with CZ as his duty station, and his mother a US citizen. There was no conflict as there is with Obama, who was born in Kenya, thus a British subject since his mother was a minor at the time, and his Hawaiian ‘birth certificate’ has been proven a forgery, fabricated through us of White Out and Photoshop based upon the actual birth certificates of a pair of twins.

    I don’t know if Egypt can be restored or not, since agriculture and industry were gutted by Morsi and his government, and tourism may never recover. Fortunately, Morsi had no, as yet, disbanded the military, probably in order that it be intact for the prosecution of war against Israel, once Syria had fallen and Israel was effectively surrounded. I have no doubt whatever that if Egypt and Syria’s armies attacked simultaneously that Obama would immediately go on extended vacation and leave Israel in the lurch.

    This move against Israel has been years in the making; recall, if you will, that subsequent to the fall of Saddam Hussein the Israelis destroyed the regional seed bank (located in Syria), depriving Iraqis of traditional seed, leaving the field clear for Monsanto’s toxic crops (by mandate, one of the ’80 points). North Africa (usually understood to mean Algeria, Tunisia and Libya) was neutralized, with Libya becoming a staging area for the destruction of Egypt, which was intended to be a pawn in the game of ‘Wipe out Israel’; Syria became next, and is still intended to become the anvil for the Egyptian hammer in order to pulverize Israel. None of this would have been possible without the active participation of the US, NATO and Saudi Arabia, and now Turkey and Jordan. Israel has, stupidly, played an active part in the designs against itself. The destruction of the seed bank back then, more recently followed by the destruction of a Syrian chicken farm (supposedly sheltering Syrian rockets, but I doubt that), and finally actively supplying weapons to the CIA proxy al Qaeda. I can’t imagine what the Israelis are inhaling, ingesting or injecting, but whatever it is seems to be lethal to all brain cells required for strategic thought. Israel really, really needs to, in diplomatic terms, kiss Syria’s butt and ask forgiveness, cut off all al Qaeda access to weapons, information or transit routes, then pray (a lot!) that Egypt and Syria can be restored to stability, status quo ante Arab Rampage. I think that any 5 year old kid, regardless of religious affiliation, should be able to figure out that the only ‘winners’ in all of this have to be the Merchants of Death – – those who manufacture and sell weapons and toxic food crops – – and who risk NOTHING.

    Having expressed my opinion, I shall depart my soap box now, leaving y’all with something to think about.

  2. miri

    Arklight, when I called McCain an “illegal alien,” I was not speaking of him being born in the Panama Canal Zone.

    I was speaking of him being an illegal, making an illegal entry into Syria, to meet with the various kidnappers, cannibals, and other assorted savages. Of course he did this with the full knowledge of the White House.


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