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Egypt Impose Travel Restrictions on Syrians

Syrian nationals need visas for Egypt.

The Egyptian authorities have started today to impose travel restrictions on Syrians and this means that Syrian nationals need to fetch valid visas before they arrive in Egypt.

This move by the Egyptian authorities comes a bit unexpected after the military coup against the Egyptian President and member of the Muslim Brotherhood, Mohamed Morsi. It seems there is so far no detailed information about the new travel restrictions for Syrian nationals in Egypt available but it is to expect that the official websites and offices will update the information about the new visa obligation for Syrians in Egypt soon – hopefully.

According to the short information by some news agencies, Syrian nationals have now to care about visas before they fly to the North African country because if they do not own valid visas, the Syrian nationals are no more allowed to enter Egypt. This is to assume after the confirmed information about the new travel restrictions on Syrian nationals by the Egyptian authorities.

It is questionable why the Egyptian authorities / Egyptian military started today to implement such travel restrictions on Syrian nationals. Of course, under some aspects, this is no real surprise.

This means, some of the Syrian nationals in Egypt are probably former fighters in the ranks of the jihadist and terrorist brigades in Syria and due to the situation that the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) has more and more success in the battles against the foreign-backed terrorists and Takfiri militants, some of them eventually plan to flee to another country like Egypt.

That these militants and religious fanatics certainly would choose Egypt as their destination is not far-fetched. Although Mohamed Morsi is no more the President and Pharaoh of this North African country, the Muslim Brotherhood is still very powerful and dangerous in Egypt.

Some Syrian nationals are not really different to the thugs of the Muslim Brotherhood that you can see nowadays protesting and throwing people from the roofs of houses in Cairo. Not to mention that they kidnap Egyptian soldiers to carry out childish and dumb stuff.

Syrian nationals need visas for Egypt.
Syrian nationals need visas for Egypt.

The other, secular and normal Syrian nationals have a hard stand now due to the implemented travel restrictions by the Egyptian authorities. Of course, there will be more information available later this evening. But it seems that the information about the visa obligation for Syrian nationals who want to go to Egypt is absolutely valid and true.

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