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West Bank Israeli Settlers Attacked Palestinian Farmers

Israeli regime forces

Several Israeli settlers have carried out an attack on Palestinian farmers in the occupied West Bank. The attack on Palestinian farmers by these Israeli settlers happened in the town of Huawara which is located in the occupied area of the West Bank.

After a group of over 50 Israeli settlers entered the lands of the Palestinian farmers, they had nothing better to do than to attack and beat the farmers in the town of Huawara, located in the Nablus Governorate of the northern area of the West Bank.

The reports about the attack on Palestinian farmers by this group of Israeli settlers say that these settlers not only beat the farmers in the town of Huawara but also stole about 300 sheep from the Palestinian farmers and wanted to take them home to their illegal settlements. Also, the correspondent of Press TV reports about this attempt by the Israeli settlers to steal the sheep of the Palestinian farmers.

Of course, some hours after the attack by the Israeli settlers on the Palestinian farmers, Israeli forces prevented several farmers in the town of Huawara from working on their fields and they ordered them to fetch the typical “Israeli permits” before they could then re-enter their land again. It is the typical joke as usual but sadly, it is no joke at all anymore.

Several Palestinian farmers from the Nablus Governorate of the northern area of the West Bank said that they have permits to harvest their olive gardens but these Israeli permits only allow them to enter their olive gardens and to work on them for two days in a week during the important olive harvesting season that is also their main source the annual income of these farmers, of course.

Same story, again and again. When will the “international community” open their blind eyes on Israel? Probably never.

Israeli regime forces
Israeli regime forces

It was not the first attack on Palestinian farmers in the West Bank that was carried out by Israeli settlers coming from their illegal settlements. In the last years, these Israeli settlers in the West Bank have very often beaten and assaulted the Palestinian people in the area and also vandalized and stole their property.

The regime in Tel Aviv rarely detains the assailants but I guess that is known, even by the United Nations and the so-called “international community”, they do not want to see it and any debates are not working due to the American influence everywhere and that the United States backs the Israeli regime and their violent acts is no secret anymore.

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