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egypt armed morsi supporters seized army soldiers cairo

Obama & Hillary Clinton - The Muslim Brotherhood members.

According to the sources of the Egyptian army, several supporters of the ousted Islamist President Mohamed Morsi and, thus, probably members of the Muslim Brotherhood, have seized two soldiers of the Egyptian military in the capital, Cairo.

The Egyptian state news agency MENA published the information by the official from the Egyptian army and according to these statements and the report by the Egyptian state news agency MENA, some supporters of the ousted President Morsi have kidnapped two soldiers of the national army in Cairo.

The Egyptian army official explained that a group of armed supporters of Morsi (as said, it is to expect that they are members / supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood) have kidnapped two Egyptian soldiers in a public street in the capital. The armed gang put the soldiers of the army in a car and forced them to do some pro-Morsi statements and statements against the Egyptian army on a loudspeaker, which was probably on the roof of the car.

The two Egyptian soldiers are identified as Azzam Hazem Ali and Samir Abdallah Ali. So far, there is no report about what happened afterwards and the official of the Egyptian army gave no further information about the two poor soldiers of the Egyptian military.

Not to mention that this act by the armed supporters of the ousted President and Islamist Mohamed Morsi was and is probably very childish, but shows the state of mind of many of these Muslim Brotherhood-supporters.

Other news from today about the situation in Egypt and especially about Cairo say that dozens of supporters of the ousted Islamist Pharaoh Morsi were already killed and hundreds more injured in an attack today.

The attack was carried out against a sit-in of the supporters of Morsi outside the Republican Guard headquarters in the capital, Cairo. According to the Muslim Brotherhood, over fifty people were killed in this attack, among them were alleged five children.

Obama & Hillary Clinton - The Muslim Brotherhood members.
Obama & Paterson – The secret Muslim Brotherhood members.(Source)

But beside the fact that such an attack is only to condemn on every level, it is also to mention that information and certainly false information is the most useful tool in such events as they are happening in Egypt or Syria. And one should never trust statements made by the Muslim Brotherhood. Although, both sides will lie in these events. Just the normal case, sadly.

In addition, the judicial authorities of Egypt have meanwhile ordered the closure of Muslim Brotherhood headquarters in the capital Cairo after security forces have found some weapons inside the centre of the Muslim Brotherhood. Although there is no confirmation about this claim by the Egyptian army / security forces, it is to expect that weapons were in the headquarters of the Muslim Brotherhood in Cairo.

This would be no real surprise and quite normal for an Arab / North African country and such suspicious and partly radical “organisations” like the Muslim Brotherhood.

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