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Syria: CNN, Terrorists’ Most Trusted Name in News

image-syrian president dr. bashar al assad

by Miri Wood, RNc

On 28 August 2011, CNN’s Anderson Cooper interviewed H.E. Bashar al Ja’afari, Syrian Permanent Representative to the UN.   Dr. Ja’afari forcefully stated that foreign terrorists had invaded his country, and were slaughtering Syrian citizens.  CNN’s ten million dollar war propagandist demanded they be named, and when Ambassador Ja’afari said they were the armed terrorists created by the UK/US destruction of Iraq, Cooper ‘politely’ called the diplomat a liar. [1]

Yesterday, 1 August 2016, CNN launched its campaign to cleanse these foreign takfiri, by interviewing Australian terrorist Mostafa Mahamed — who invaded the Syrian Arab Republic five years ago — so that he could explain that terrorist serial killers of Jabhat al Nusra had changed their name to demonstrate having severed itself from terrorist al Qaeda, and promised to limit their terrorism to within the Syrian borders (an expanded, written report extended the purification to al Qaeda, too, an included an interview with a Syria-hating war mongerer speaking from Doha, Qatar, who claimed that al Qaeda is not what it used to be**).

Please note the subtle, orwellianly malignant lie, in CNN’s headline.  “Nusra” is not Syria’s.  There never was a “Nusra” in Syria, before the foreign-imposed crisis.  Note that CNN interviews the Australian leader of “Nusra.”

cnn cleansing of foreign terrorists
Australian killer of Syrians, Mostafa Mahamed
Australian killer of Syrians, Mostafa Mahamed

CNN apparently induced him to clean the lice from his beard for the report, and deferentially referred to the 32 year old savage as “cleric.”

Aussie Mostafa Mahamed (2)
Cleaner foreign terrorist Mahamed. It is interesting to note that despite the draconian sanctions imposed against Syria, the foreign terrorists manage to be overweight.

This demon promised that there would be no “attacks in the west or anywhere outside of Syria.”

CNN’s reporter did not ask why this Australian was in Syria, attacking Syrians.

How could she, though?

Clarissa Ward* is also illegally in the SAR; Ward has stated she has illegally entered Syria “about a dozen times” since the beginning of the foreign funded and armed crisis began, in 2011.  She once entered under false pretense, claiming to be a tourist.  This is called lying.  It should therefore be no surprise that Ward has won multiple awards for criminally lying about the SAR and the Syrian people.  Ward embeds herself with foreign terrorists, in Idlib and Aleppo, and delights in interviewing Americans and Dutch, also illegally in the country, murdering Syrian people and destroying their country’s infrastructure.

While interviewing foreign takfiri occupying Syria, Ward dresses like a woman is forced to dress in Saudistan (except for keeping her face visible for the camera).

liar clarissa ward
Ward, dressed in Saudi ‘color,’ assumes submissive position while standing next to one of her terrorist male friends, in Syria.
liar clarissa ward (2)

As Ward’s lying reports may give her audience the impression that Syrian women dress like wahhabism forces women in Saudistan to dress, let us correct this implied lie.

Here are Syrian women, celebrating in the streets when the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) liberated Bani Zaid and al Liramoun:


This is Dr. Najah al Attar, the Vice President of the Syrian Arab Republic:

Syrian Vice President, Najah al Attar
Syrian Vice President, Najah al Attar

This is Dr. Bouthania Shaaban, Senior Advisor to President al Assad:

Dr. Bouthaina Shaaban
Dr. Bouthaina Shaaban

This is Dr. Hadiyeh Khalaf al Abbas, who was recently elected Syria’s first woman Speaker of Parliament:

Dr. Hadiyeh Khalaf al Abbas
Dr. Hadiyeh Khalaf al Abbas

This is Syrian student, Mireille Zreika, martyred 10 November 2015, by Ward’s foreign terrorist friends who promise not to become serial slaughterers of American students, nor French ones:

Obama’s Moderates Launch New Round of Terror against Latakia

This was Syrian journalist, Yara Abbas, who was murdered by terrorist snipers, in 2013:  [2]


This was Lena Mirza, soldier in the Syrian Arab Army.  She and her brother were murdered while defending their country from the foreign terrorists that CNN interviews.

Brother, sister martyrs

Idlib, Syria, where Ward spends much time interviewing foreign savages, was the first governate to almost immediately be invaded and occupied by the world’s human garbage.

foreign takfiri
foreign terrorist

Aleppo, one of Syria’s oldest cities, was once a thriving industrial center.  During the summer of 2012, moderate terrorists threw mailmen from the rooftop of a government building, in this city.

In November 2012, the foreign terrorists to whom CNN is giving a make-over, dismantled over 1,000 of its factories, and shipped them to Turkey.  Qatar defrayed the costs.

Over the recent period, an entire village of more than 3,500 Syrian citizens, was exterminated, in Aleppo governate, and their homes and businesses colonized by foreign Uighar and Turkemen barbarians.

Syria has spent more than five years defending itself from the most heinous international conspiracy against one country, in the history of humanity; international msm condemns Syria defending itself, and supporting the killers as ‘freedom fighters.’

To paraphrase the words of another CNN criminal liar, how do these Vichy urinalists sleep at night?

* Ward’s employment with CNN is relatively recent.  She previously engaged in criminal war propaganda against the SAR, for CBS.  She began her career at Fox News.

** al Qaeda was created by the US.

** Back in 2013, Qatar bragged that it had spent over 3 billion USD in its part for the attempted final solution against Syria.  Qatar funded the fraudulent “Caesar” propaganda exhibition.  In May 2015, its absolute monarchy-owned al Khanzeera Arabic called for the torture and extermination of a Syrian minority population. [3]




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