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Jolani: PBS Criminally Enters Syria, Meets Designated Terrorist of al Qaeda

Jolani, notorious head-chopper, leader of a terrorist criminal gang feared by most of the world, leader of countless, heinous massacres, monster who massacred his own savage cohorts who did not accept his superiority, the magician who always evades drone attacks and direct shelling as if he were carried by the caring wings of the CIA, is getting a what looks like a remarketing makeover, courtesy of FRONTLINE PBS stenography journalist, Martin Smith.

Flaunting his American supremacy — and possibly that white privilege the uber pious are trying to eradicate — and flouting international law as though he were a NATO P3 klansman of the UNSC, in January of 2020, Smith et entourage criminally entered the Syrian Arab Republic. As is the miraculous habit of all the criminals — including most of the 350,000 terrorists who have invaded — who illegally go into Syria, he did not step on any of the almost 200,000 land mines still not cleaned, despite Turkey joining the Mine Action Treaty way back in 2003, despite making the criminal cross four times.

al Qaeda's Jolani dressed in matching suits.
The boys must have hit it off immediately once they saw how similarly they were dressed.

Putting al Qaeda savages into a bleach soaking is not something new. Last year, the tax-exempt/charity Brussels-based [NATO] think tank Crisis Group held a four-hour interview with al Jolani, focusing on the terrorist’s humanitarianism. In 2016, CNN ran a prominent PR campaign over the name change by Jahbat al Nusra (after a reputed very friendly divorce from al Qaeda), called the “most feared rebel fighters in Syria” [emphasis added] by Clarissa Ward, in her breathless report.

Even the much revered Robert Fisk attempted to pull the same propaganda stunt in 1993, when he lauded Osama bin Laden as some Newspeak peace warrior. In 2015, FP pulled the same stunt, suggesting the terrorist gang could become a peacemaker.

That the US is the number one funder of NATO means that such monies are forked over by the American taxpayer. As the Crisis Group is another 501(c), so is PBS, in addition to being “fully funded by the federal government” (and NATO weapons do not fall into al Jolani’s arms, like manna from the heavens). This means that the taxpayers cough up some of monies that pay the cost of an American reporter to illegally enter someone else’s country, and meet with an infamous terrorist — which is basically picking up the tab for future brainwashing.

Lest anyone forget, the US created al Qaeda. The US let also let al Baghdadi out of an Iraqi jail, gave him $10,000,000 and sent him to Jordan to train ISIS terrorists. Prior to the attempted NATO Spring against the Levantine republic — which recently lamented the 10th anniversary of its failure — there was never al Qaeda in this country.

The Bard wrote that a rose by any other word would smell as sweet. The inverse is also true: Whether the al Qaeda savages — mostly human garbage dumped into Syria from all but two countries in the world — call themselves al Qaeda, FSA, Jabhat al Nusra, HTS, ISIS or any other of the dozens of derivatives, they are all malignant, violent, sociopaths who should have been placed in facilities for the criminally insane. Instead, they were given money and weapons, and interviewed by utterly corrupt, contemptible, and contemptuous degenerates with fantastic expense accounts and that arrogant western privilege about which the newly fake pious bark, on a regular basis.

The lone significant difference of the names of these monsters is that the US uses ISIS as the cover [see “Cue the Illegal Orangettes,” here] for its war criminal bombings, war criminal invasion, war criminal occupation, and its war criminal looting of Syria’s wheat, barley, and oil.

Lipstick on a pig does not come near the unfathomable horrors that al Jolani’s al Qaeda — in all of its names — has perpetrated among the citizens of Syria.

Before dissecting the upcoming FRONTLINE fraudumentary meant to sell the criminally insane Abu Mohamed al Jolani as a new and improved humanitarian, we shall take a very small look at some of his great, kindly, godly, works; however, we shall first make note that the fraudulent documentary is a relatively new pathogenic artform. Previously, we were forced to be sado-masochistically entertained by mere news, news that gave us the criminal daughter of the Kuwaiti ambassador to the US, who lied about her age, lied about her spending a teen summer in a Kuwaiti neonatal intensive care unit; scary news, as when Secretary of State Colin Powell wave a scary tube at the UN in 2003; horrifying news — lies — of Libyan soldiers and Viagra for on-call rape.

Abu Mohamed al Jolani, né Ahmed Hussein al Shar’a, has been on the US Treasury SDN and OFAC terror list since 2013. He has been on the UN terrorist Sanction list (properly approved by UN Security Council resolutions) since 2013, which was updated in 2018. The FBI put a $10 million bounty on his head, in 2017 — yet no one can find him, except for NATO charities and NATO stenographers.

The fraudulent documentary has been refined as specifically anti-Syria form of war propaganda — which is a war crime, under Nuremberg Principle VI — by manipulating the genuine empathy that exists in most, decent, people — has had such perversely good entertainment value that it has saved some organizations from financial difficulties, brought in the Hollywood 5th column and the derivative Sundance to give awards to various western supremacist thugs and their emotional war porn work, which in turn gets cited by the stenography journalists which in turn is cited by warmongering politicians, and the NATO junta occupying the UN, et voilà!

Prior to the short examination of the Smith et al. repackaging of the criminally insane, serial killer al Jolani, promised above, we offer a gallery of a snapshot of the atrocities of the kinder, gentler, degenerate, as a type of ipecac antidote to the poisonous language used in the FRONTLINE introduction to the fraudumentary overseen by the American supremacist who swaggered into the Syrian Arab Republic (if this author is not engaged in intractable, projectile vomiting by the end of this report, she will link the background articles to these heinous atrocities executed by the various branches of al Qaeda in the SAR). Syria News reminds our readers that this is not the first attempt by NATO media to deify violent psychopaths in the Levantine republic; that though this is the first time an MSM-approved American exceptionalist swaggered — safely — into what Brett McGurk called the largest al Qaeda haven since 9/11, to meet in person, a degenerate mass murderer, after the cannibal videoed himself ripping the heart, lung, and liver from a murdered SAA soldier, NATO media fought to interview him, and those who could not, shared their perverse psycho-sexual fantasies in writing odes to him.

As with the humorous aspersion of calling indolent or corrupt journalists, stenographers, the origin of the phony documentary appears to have been born in a witty pre-code, Ladies Crave Excitement. The claim that anything can be sold to a gullible public if properly marketed, is humorously explored in the comedy, It Pays to Advertise.

We have not been told how long the illicit interview will be, nor when it will be released; a marketing campaign for it, first must be slowly unveiled, increasing in a crescendo of news reporting on news, until the gullible are primed for it, like those Pavlovian dogs, when that second bell rings.

FRONTLINE’s Boghani secreted the first enticement, adroitly demonstrating her marketing and advertising skills in NATO stenography, quite obviously working hard “to ensure the journalism [sic] is reaching its intended readers and viewers, with the use of compelling language and imagery.”

We are obliged to note that the first rule of screenwriting is the suspension of disbelief. The second is every bit as important: The audience must be drawn into complete collusion with the designated protagonist, whether he is a decent human being, or a petty con artist, a mass murderer, a rapist of children, a killer of women who then kidnaps their children — even to the point of carving near-term fetuses from their wombs, butchering them both.

Let us be mindful: When a US born and reared man, a wife-beater on the downlow, known as a mean drunk in a gay club from which he was ejected on many occasions for violence, later slaughtered 49, and wounded 53 in his shooting rampage, 12 June 2016, he was suddenly transformed into a terrorist and transatlantic NATO media diligently tried to tie him to Syria, thousands of miles away.

In 2015, after a French national oversaw the Paris terror attacks, war criminal Hollande bombed Syria in fraudulent ‘retaliation[ — instead of bombing France. After the Frenchman magically escaped to Belgium, despite being surrounded by hundreds of police and military operatives, including Interpol cops, the little urchin Hollande again bombed Syria, instead of war criminally bombing Belgium.

Now, according to the illicit interview and the ramblings of admitted liar, Jeffrey (see below), we are supposed to believe that al Jolani’s depravity will be limited to Syria (what kind of civilized human being would be ok with that?).

FRONTLINE-PBS’ Boghani begins her in-service report immediately with a whitewashed, headline, describing the terrorist as a “militant,” and calling him former al Qaeda leader and has a nice close-up showing the mass-murderers’ pretty hazel eyes. She sweetly describes the al Qaeda haven in Idlib as “one of the last pockets of resistance to [the legitimate government of the Syrian people].” Not surprisingly, she did not mention that in this utopian region of ”resistance,” women are not permitted in public, except to be executed, where children are kidnapped for emotional war pornography, and little girls are painted, seemingly for the purpose of being placed on the dark web market for degenerate sexual predators of children.

The FRONTLINE prelude to a fraudumentary writer, compellingly brought in bipartisan dog of war, James Jeffrey, to sing the praises of violent sociopath, fake ex-head of al Qaeda, Jolani, despite the warmonger having sucked at the teat of the American taxpayer, since 2018 (as some neo unenvoy to/for/about/over/under a country where there is no US embassy, and also a Special Envoy to the [war criminal] International Military Intervention against ISIL a.k.a. Global Coalition to Counter the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant), who is also on record as having lied to Trump about the numbers of war criminal US troops in Syria.

Rabid dog of war James Jeffrey likes Jolani
Leader of al Qaeda is considered an “asset” by US unindicted war criminal and admitted liar, James Jeffrey.

The FRONTLINE report included a few minutes tease — or is it a trailer? — which began with movie star Ryan Reynolds simultaneously advertising his mobile company and PBS, then moves into a small piece of the criminal interview, meant to entice. The camera comes close to Jolani’s eyes, captures a perfect, emotional blink (the author wonders how many takes it required, to get the exact feeling of ‘hurt’ in his eyelids; screengrab does not show its perfect acting.). That perfectly wounded blink came when American illegal Smith offered phony balance by mentioning that the terrorist remains on official terror lists around the world.

Only once, for a split second, is there a glimpse of the type of evil needed to perpetrate the atrocities shown in the above gallery album.

The criminal illegal in Syria then flaunted his colonial-racist disdain for a sovereign Arab country, by normalizing kidnappings and renaming them arrests, by referring to criminal holding areas for abductees, as jails. Every country has a legitimate legal justice system. Pray tell, Mr. Smith, in which NATO country would you claim terrorists kidnapping citizens as being “arrested” and “jailed”?

Illegal Smith continued to legitimize the crimes, specifically mentioning the not an arrest of British terrorist Tauqir Sharif, and the two had a contrived discussion about it, ending with al Qaeda leader Jolani inviting other Syria-hating gangs such as HRW, to inspect the accommodations where terrorists incarcerate other terrorists, and Syrian civilians accused of being patriots. Smith’s flagrant colonial attitude toward the Syrian Arab Republic apparently blinded him to the obscene absurdity of designated terrorist Jolani inviting others to illegally enter the SAR, and to also provide them with ”security.”

Smith did not question the designated terrorist Jolani on his previous call for the slaughter of the Alawite minority in the Syrian Arab Republic, just months after al Jazeera Arabic tv held a calm discussion on the need exterminate Alawites, including their children, and the importance of torturing them first.

November 2015, al Jolani called for the slaughter of Alawites.
This must have slipped the mind of the American illegal tasked with rebranding al Qaeda head al Jolani.

The compelling language and imagery writer ended her report on the illicit interview of one of the world’s leading terrorists, by an arrogant, entitled, American supremacist who flouts Syria’s visa laws, that the kidnapped American illegal Bilal Abdul Kareem — the former NY stand-up comic cum-reporter who normalized the kidnapping and beheading of a 12 year old child — had been de-abducted two weeks after the criminal meeting between American illegal in Syria, Smith, and designated terrorist al Jolani.

The United States defines terrorism in Title 22 Chapter 38 U.S. Code § 2656f as “premeditated, politically motivated violence perpetrated against noncombatant targets by subnational groups or clandestine agents.”

The Code on Providing material support or resources to designated foreign terrorist organizations is especially interesting.

In NATO Spain, 2005, a journalist was convicted on terrorism charges after interviewing al Qaeda’s then-leader, Osama bin Laden. Twice in February 2021, an American whose salary is partly funded by the US government — American taxpayers — criminally entered the Syrian Arab Republic to interview a terrorist on the US’s terror list, on the UN’s terror list, on the EU’s terror list.

While awaiting the mainstream and independent media to build a crescendo meant to herd a Pavlovian audience into watching the complete interview of designated terrorist al Jolani, we have been given a trailer, one that normalizes abductions as ”arrests,” and the places into which abductees are in lockdown, one that gives a human, earnest in appearance, face to a criminally violent sociopath, a leader of other criminally violent psychotics and sociopaths.

Does FRONTLINE PBS’s Martin Smith’s interview of al Jolani surpass the crime of illegal entry into Syria, and enter the realm of abetting this mass murderer, designated terrorist?

Miri Wood


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