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NATO’s Crisis Group Pimp to Humanize World’s Top al Qaeda Terrorist

Crisis Group independent NGO think tank whose policy-making is strangely aligned with NATO’s published a new anti-Syria propaganda piece — because there are not enough — on 20 February. In remarkable chutzpah — even by arrogant western standards — it called the agitprop post A Conversation with Abu Muhammed al Jolani, as though enjoying afternoon tea and appeltaart with a retired, senior statesman.

Jolani is the number one al Qaeda terrorist in the world, but Crisis Group nonetheless has attempted to give him thorough bleaching.

Crisis Group promoting Al-Qaeda's Jolani terrorist
Does an afternoon delight with a savage constitute abetting?

Crisis Group (along with the Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue in Geneva) spoke with Jolani in Idlib for four hours in late January, touching upon the group’s ideology and evolution, its relations with other jihadist groups, and its objectives in the struggle against the regime in Damascus. — from the Crisis Group report.

Imagine a similar report from westerners, about the world’s number one terrorist, from an al Qaeda haven in London, Paris, or New York City.

Nowhere mentioned in the article is that Jolani is considered a terrorist by the UN, by the US, and by most countries of Europe. Nowhere is mentioned that this al Qaeda [HTS] leader in the Levant has been on the US Treasury’s Specially Designated Nationals (SDN) list since 2013, nor that the US State Department put a ten million (10,000,000) dollar bounty on his head in 2017.

Nowhere, either, is mentioned that the UN, and the Pentagon have admitted that Idlib is the biggest al Qaeda safe haven since 9/11 and that since 2011, ten thousand (10,000) mostly foreign terrorists have occupied the governate of Idlib, which is in Syria.

The unsigned report claimed a January four hour interview with the al Qaeda terrorist Jolani, a joint venture of Crisis Group and Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue, a private enterprise headquartered in Geneva. How they located the mass murderer, and how they were able to maintain quality telecommunications in a country under economic terrorism and al Qaeda moderates frequent bombings of power grid infrastructure remains an untold story.

Crisis Group also avoided the close relationship between the $10 million terrorist Jolani & NATO’s Erdogan.

The self-described independent, Non-Governmental Organization has the same nasty, NATO background as do all of these groups who independently hate the sovereignty of the Syrian Arab Republic. Crisis Group was founded by former NATO “statesmen,” and is headquartered in a NATO country. It also has that ugly 501(c) ‘charity’ status.

The reputed intention for tax exemption was to encourage individuals to assist in charitable fundraising. Since the terrorist NATO Spring was inflicted on Syria, there has been an explosion of anti-Syria think tanks and fraudulent charities receiving 501(c) status. This means that the tax payer foots the bill for armaments sent to terrorists, foots the payroll bill for warmongering politicians, and also foots the bill for propagandists whose criminal lies are then regurgitated by NATO media and by NATO politicians.

Around 10 January of this year, mainstream media were in a giddy swoon over Facebook’s Big Brother targeting for censorship social media profiles that condemned Trump’s criminal assassination of General Soleimani. The dutiful NATO stenographers did not question Facebook’s ridiculous claim of legal compliance to Treasury’s designated list, a list does not claim the right to crush free speech rights.

Crisis Group's post promoting al-Qaeda's commander on social media not censored
Might this not be considered “abetting”? If they were able to reach Jolani & speak with him for four hours, surely the US could have put a tracer on him.

Trump has not tweeted condemnation of Crisis Group’s pimping of terrorist Jolani. There has been similar silence from the loudmouths Mike ‘Lied, Cheated, Stole’ Pompeo and StateDeptSpox. Facebook has not vaporized the NATO think tank’s social media page as part of its ‘legal compliance.’

Does the Crisis Group arrogant pimp cleansing of Jolani, the top al Qaeda terrorist in the world, constitute abetting?

Miri Wood

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  1. Arabi Souri

    A collection of NGOs and propaganda outlets to orchestrate any invasion and justify any crime against humanity, as simple and as blatant as that, yet most people are blind or cowards.


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