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H.E. Jaafari Addresses NATO Clique Occupying the UN

Syrian Ambassador to UNSC Dr. Bashar Jaafari

His Excellency Bashar al Jaafari addressed the UN Security Council at the monthly meeting of the NATO clique and their House Servants, on Thursday, 24 October 2019. Officially named The situation in the Middle East (Syria) — Security Council, 8645th meeting, the assemblage was, of course, dominated by the NATO coterie engaged in shedding crocodile tears, defiling the noble Charter of the UN, and honing its fine skills in language legerdemain.

United Nations Meeting Coverage headline belied the actual support for Turkey's new war crimes against Syria, by various members
United Nations Meeting Coverage headline belied the actual support for Turkey’s new war crimes against Syria, by various members.

Ursula Mueller is the Assistant Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs & Deputy Emergency Relief Coordinator. She bleated about the SG having bleated about civilians and infrastructure needs to be protected. She voiced her very serious concern over concerning reports about casualties and infrastructure damage. Then she legitimized the war crimes of the Erdogan regime by daintily calling them military operations and normalized terrorists in Syria as “allied non-State armed groups” (try to imagine a UN diplomat having called the November 2015 Paris terror attacks having been committed by “non-State armed groups.” The UN called them “despicable,” and the world mourned with France.).

Mueller continued ignoring Turkey’s breach of international law, noting that the criminal aggressors had assured the UN that Turkey was actually caring for civilians and infrastructure and would never, ever, refuse to let civilians flee the area — despite exuding a small bit of gas about ”concerning” reports on casualties from OHCHR — thus also legitimizing forced displacement, generally considered a bad thing at the UN.

The Ass/SG stated that the Alouk Water & Power plant had been repaired by electrician units, with the help of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent, SARC (Please note that this is the only Red Crescent in Syria, no matter what the separatist Kurds may otherwise claim). Shamelessly, Mueller said the Alouk plant, which serves the needs of two million persons, had been “put out of order by hostilities” — suggesting that “hostilities” are some new form of bad magic.

She ignored the facts, that on day one of its war criminal bombing campaign against Syria, Turkey bombed part of the essential power plant, that it was immediately repaired by the government, forcing poor Turkey to defend itself by re-bombing Alouk on day number two, of magical ”hostilities.”

This UN Assistant Secretary-General bleated about the need to raise $15 million for the northeastern part of Syria (cryptic code for funding Turkey’s annexation?), sounded distressed over the needs of the criminally deranged in al Hol camp, who were not receiving decent care, and who were not deserving of statelessness (she neglected to blame the various NATO countries for dumping their human garbage into the SAR, and refusing to take back those monsters), and she shed invisible crocodile tears over the conditions of the IDPs in Rukban camp (though, not surprising, she neglected to mention that the Trump regime’s illegal guards were still prohibiting thousands from leaving).

Rukban Concentration Camp, where US-led SS is holding 40,000 Syrians hostage & starving them. Photo via SANA. [Archive]

Mueller’s condemnation of mass, forced, displacement was reserved for Idlib’s al Qaeda terrorists, perhaps a bit more than her usual concern, given President Assad’s visit to the troops in al Hobait, two days earlier. Her lower lip nearly quivered when she stated that Syrian children are deprived of education in Idlib — though possibly she suffered some form of temporary amnesia, oblivious to the fact that those “non-state armed groups” had closed schools, commandeered school buildings, or totally destroyed them, since the advent of the 2011 NATO Spring — in all its joy. Somehow, she also did not even know that Syria has restored more than 1,500 schools in the country, schools that were demolished by the mostly foreign ‘freedom fighters.’

Mueller also repeatedly supported the need for the scaling up of “cross border” activity, a recurring mantra among the various NATO occupiers of the UN who spoke on Thursday.

Agnes Marcaillou is the Director of the UN Mine Action Service (UNMAS). She appears to keep meticulous stats on death and dismemberment from landmine explosions.

Marcaillou's census was so impressive, she probably could have written the Book of Numbers.
Marcaillou’s census was so impressive, she probably could have written the Book of Numbers.

Like all members of the inner elite, the mobster/NATO clique running the United Nations, Marcaillou’s statement leaves inference that the landmines arrived of their own free will, akin to those mystical “hostilities” that bombed Alouk, not once, but twice. This director bordered on fixation of awareness, giving this writer the impression UNMAS — which had traveled to Damascus in July 2018 to sign an MoU — plans to hand out wrist bracelets.

Does AWARENESS clear landmines?
Does AWARENESS clear landmines?

The Director of UNMAS made no comments about terrorists planting landmines in farms, near schools, every place they can, before leaving. She did not remind the Security Council that Russian sappers cleared 966 hectares of explosives in liberated Aleppo, 2016. She did not mention the Russian sappers cleared areas of liberated Deir Ezzor of landmines. She made no remarks about Russian sappers, Syrian sappers, nor of Armenian sappers who are clearing the land of these gruesome explosives (upon which — quite magically — no illegal politician, nor illegal journalist has ever tread).

Perhaps most callously, Marcaillou did not recommend the UN force the various NATO countries that have imposed draconian and illicit ‘sanctions’ on the Syrian Arab Republic to halt them, to make it easier for Syrian children whose arms and legs have been blown off by weapons provided by these same countries to be fitted for prosthetics, including the “smart” ones, which cost $15,000 each.

A Syrian child tests a smart prosthetic. [Archiv]

The echolalia and groveling of the House Servants was a bit more degrading than their normal self-flagellation. Those with a proclivity toward projectile vomiting can watch them on UN Web TV.

The P3 capi di tutti capi of the UN clique all had fill-ins on Thursday, though they continued to read from the same Boys from Brazil script. They all brayed about essential support for al Qaeda occupiers of Idlib. None condemned the Turkish aggression against Syria. All demanded the immediate implementation of the fascist 2254 — especially imperial coming from the UK diplomat, Jonathan Guy Allen, given that England does not have a constitution of its own, yet declares its inherent right to impose one on another country.

All engaged in the early marketing campaign for the renewal of the UNSCR 2449 (2018) which does not expire until 10 January 2020.

For those who may have forgotten, 2449 was the extension of 2393 (2017) which was the extension of the original 2165 (2014, 10 July, to be exact) . These resolutions were breaches in Syria’s national sovereignty, permitting foreign entities to open new corridors under the auspices of delivering “humanitarian aid.” The immediate result of the breach was the Turkish delivery of poisoned measles vaccines, which murdered upwards of 50 Syrian children, in Idlib governate.

In mid-September, upwards of 50 Syrian children were murdered, when given poisoined measles vaccines, in Jirjanaz and Maaret al Nouman, in ”clinics” run by the takfiri. Ambassador al Jaafari called the deaths a ”war crime,” and demanded the UN investigate.

In lieu of an investigation, the UN offered the absurd cover story, illogical and devoid of any shred of common sense: Human error of an unnamed NGO that ‘accidentally’ reconstituted the measles vaccine, using skeletal muscle relaxant, atracurium, as a diluent, instead of water. Despite the measles vaccine requiring refrigeration, and reconstitution immediately prior to injection, this same ”accident” occurred dozens of times, at different locations.

vaccine turkey - syria children
Vaccine Turkey was able to fatally poison 50 children because of Resolution 2165.

American journalist, Serena Shim, had reported on NGO trucks being used [through these illicit corridors] to transport weapons to terror cells in Syria. She was killed in a strange vehicular accident, one day after this report.

UN ambassador Kelly Crafty was busy doing her version of the white man’s burden in South Sudan and was replaced with someone so un-notable, that not only were his statements not mentioned on the Twitter accounts, but not even the UN concerned itself with his first name.

Mr. Barkin — despite the embarrassing neglect — sallied forth in bragging that the US had removed its illegal sanctions from Turkey & is now fine with Erdogan’s aggressions, in demanding “unhindered [by breaching national sovereign rights of land] humanitarian access,” and by engaging in the tried and true white savior arrogance shown by demanding the foreign-imposed Constitutional Committee, so that the “people of Syria might find peace” (no matter that the people of Syria had peace prior to the UN criminal countries arming foreign terrorists). Barkin was meticulous in using the YPG initials, when discussing the separatist Kurds, as part of the recent distancing of the US from its own creation of the SDF as a foreign mercenary militia against Syria.

Diplomat Craft doing a white man’s burden photo op, in South Sudan.

France’s Nicolas de Riviere had both sides of his mouth running at the same time, condemning Turkey while being engaged in ‘meaningful dialogue.’ He voiced sincere concern for the well-being of al Qaeda occupiers of Idlib, demanded the imposition of 2254, release by the government of unnamed “abductees” (empire does not recognize countries it wishes to destroy, as having laws, and law enforcement). He also threatened to not contribute to Syria’s reconstruction, despite President Assad having stated, on multiple occasions, that those countries involved in destroying Syria will have no part in its rebuilding.

Since France’s war crimes against Syria are too numerous to show with a single hyperlink, the author recommends that our readers use the search engine for “Sarkozy,” “Fabius,” “Macron,” “Paris Match,” etc.

Germany’s Christoph Heusgen — either oblivious to the fact that Germany can never be made into the P3 mafioso clique, or aspiring to be top dog among those UN House Servants — attempted a rudeness twofer, attempting to besmirch Russia, and China, simultaneously. Ridiculously declaring his country to be a “defender of human rights” — just a very small sampling of his perfect country’s war crimes against the SAR are found, here — he wailed invisible buckets of invisible liters of crocodile tears because the magic words of “international humanitarian law” were not uttered by H.E. Zhang Jun in his statement.

Does the German House Servant suggest that as long as noble words are ejaculated, actual war criminal atrocities are cleansed into sacraments?

The mask of the UN has fallen; under the NATO tripartite dictatorship, it is a “a place to demolish peace and security, to destabilize societies,” and it does so with impunity. This arrogant, war criminal gang flouts the very proof: Its own estimates claim that 10,000 members of the various arms of al Qaeda — all of which are on UN and most GA countries terror lists — hold 3 million Syrian civilians hostage. Nonetheless, the NATO criminals demand that Syria not be permitted to fight these terrorist savages, within the defined boundaries of its borders.

While still the Special Presidential Envoy to the alleged anti-Daesh Global Coalition, Brett McGurk emphatically stated that Idlib province is the largest al Qaeda safe haven since 9/11.

His Excellency, Bashar al Jaafari, was the final — and most articulate ambassador to address this Security Council meeting. Immaculate in maintaining diplomatic protocol rarely seen among the gaggle of rabid hyenas, the good ambassador did not waste precious pearls by throwing them before swine, and began: On October 9th, the Turkish regime started a new chapter of aggression on my country, in flagrant violation of international law, the principles of the [UN] Charter, the resolutions of this Council…

Even the UN cameraman is trained to be contemptuous of Syria. Cameras only ‘pan’ when someone is being rude. Here, the Caliphate diplomat displays arrogant rudeness.

This latest aggression against Syria’s national integrity has led to the deaths and injuries of hundreds of civilians, including many women, children and public workers — which OHCHR regarded as a “passing mirage.” The criminal aggressions do not merit the euphemism of “Turkish military operation in the northeast of Syria.”

His Excellency, Bashar al Jaafari, addressing the UN Security Council meeting, 24 October.

Dr. Jaafari reminded the assemblage that Syria is a founding member of the United Nations, and informed the group that the use of “Peace Spring” and “Safe Zone” to justify Turkey’s military crimes against his country, to normalize the Erdogan regime’s breaches in international law and UN Charter, proves “schizophrenia” among many member states.

The schizophrenics continue to illegitimately view 51 of the Charter as a “magical” article that justifies criminal aggression, e.g., Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya, and Syria, since 2011.

Syria’s diplomat recommended legal clarification to “debunk the myths and misconceptions surrounding this article, to make the difference between legitimate self-defense on the one hand, and war, invasion, and aggression, on the other hand, that are condemned by the Charter.”

Mr. President, my government condemns in the strongest terms, the Turkish aggression, and vehemently rejects attempts by the Turkish regime to justify its actions under the pretext of self-defense, or countering terrorism.

Ambassador Jaafari continued in surreal explanation, that sponsoring secessionist militias, creating a garbage heap in Idlib, dumping tens of thousands of armed killers through the Turkish border, are all violations of “international humanitarian law” (in his statement of 19 September, Syria’s diplomat requested the more than 100 member states to take your monsters home.”).

Alluding to the perverse concern for the dignity of the caged, criminally insane terrorists, Syria’s diplomat remarked, no no no! We shouldn’t send them back to their countries, we need to provide them with the most delicious of meals, shelter, 10 Star hotels, that is how we combat terrorism.

Dr. Jaafari denounced the hypocrisy and double standards of the demand for cross border access as part of the UN criminals’ expansionist agenda to entertain the “illusion” of establishing an Erdogan Ottoman Caliphate in the Syrian Arab Republic, despite Erdogan’s attempt to blackmail all of Europe, even if he needs to drown hundreds of them in the boats of death.

Islamist Caliph wannabe Erdoğan
Caliph wannabe Erdoğan.

His Excellency explored the “benefits” of the cross border — illicit — access: Tens of thousands of weaponized terrorists have been smuggled into Syria. Turkey has stolen Syrian artifacts, Syrian oil, Syrian wheat, Syrian factories.

Did you not know all of this? But you did. The hostility by some countries against my country prompted a deal with the devil.

Diplomat Jaafari told the NATO tripartite, their House Servants and assorted underlings, and all of the Security Council that an Official Letter had been presented to the Secretariat, on the necessity of the full respect of the sovereignty of the Syrian Arab Republic, which requires the full withdrawal of all foreign, illegitimate forces that violate this sovereignty, that sponsor terrorism, that obstruct Syria’s efforts to rid itself of the world’s human refuse.

As it is unlikely that the NATO clique occupying the UN will have an epiphany, will engage in necessary tshuvah to reaffirm the noble tenets of its Charter, we suggest that our readers look to President Assad’s statement to the Syrian Arab Army troops in al Hobait, Idlib, last week.

We also remind humanity of the President’s promise to liberate every inch of the Syrian Arab Republic.

syria every inch Assad
Syria President Dr. Bashar al-Assad: “Every inch of Syria will be liberated”

Addendum: There is a proverb that dates back to Shakespeare’s time, that to be forewarned is to be forearmed.

Please make note of the word, Leishmaniasis. It is a disease caused by protozoan Leishmania parasites, transmitted to humans via bites by infected female sandflies. Cutaneous leishmaniasis is the most common form; it is frequently silent, and frequently self-healing. Definitive diagnosis requires a lab and a specimen. Upon diagnosis, the cutaneous type is readily cured by topical medication, and rarely requires follow-up treatment. Most cases of leishmaniasis from infected sandflies in Syria, are of the relatively benign cutaneous variety.

Leishmaniasis is now an important word, because it may be used as an hysterical cover story for legitimizing another extension of the criminal ”cross border” UN resolution.

Last month, the stethoscope-less, fraud responder White Helmets — who don’t know CPR, spinal precautions, or even how to bag — tweeted the outrageous claims that: [1] A ridiculous 40,000 (forty thousand) Syrians in Idlib were diagnosed with leishmaniasis, and, more ridiculously, that [2] the Helmets were treating them all.

Faux evidence of the claim was provided by way of a goofy photograph.

A Helmet logo, a child in a ridiculous paper mask, a fraud responder with one gloved hand…

This might have been whisked away, except that two days after the UN Security meeting, Annie Sparrow — who is not Syrian — just happened to tweet about Leishmaniasis, albeit without immediate context.

26 October.

Last year, Sparrow — who, in addition to not being Syrian, is also not a member of the UN — tweeted a note to have the cross border resolution extended, by hook or by crook[edness].

Miri Wood

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    “I said that he was a thief & from 1st days he started stealing everything related to Syria. I wasnt calling him names; I was describing him. What do you call somebody who steals factories, crops and finally land? He is a thief, there is no other name.”
    President Assad on Erdogan

  2. Miri

    al Hasaka Electricity Company reports that the Alouk power plant that Mueller claimed was bombed by those magical ”hostilities” has been repaired.

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