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Landmines Kill another Twelve Syrians…& other Atrocities


Landmines killed another twelve Syrians, and injured 15, some critically, on 5 March. Deaths and dismemberment occurred in two areas of Aleppo countryside: Tabbarah Madi and Khanasser. Five killed in Tabbareh Madi were members of the same family. Landmines in Syria are the demonic gifts that keep killing, left behind by NATO-backed and MSM-beloved moderate criminal psychopaths when the Syrian Arab Army liberates more areas from the pathogens.

Most of these deadly and maiming weapons are courtesy of NATO taxpayers, and nothing quite says O brave new world that has such people in it! as more than 100 countries dumping their criminally insane into Syria, arming them, feeding them Captagon (meth with bronchodilator) and having most of international media cheering them on as they receive awards.


Such wicked, cruel sadism was witnessed post liberation and reunification of Aleppo, in December 2016 (over which the western rabid dogs of war continue to bray). By the end of December, Russian sappers had de-mined 966 hectares in the eastern neighborhoods of Syria’s “second capital.”

While most western scum media ignored the cleansing of IEDs & landmines, one source was so outraged that not enough legs were being blown off, that it wrote an entire lying piece condemning “graffiti,” though this was a Russian sapper marking the area free from takfiri surprise weapons.

Skilled Russian sappers were later joined by Chechen de-miners. The ANNA Exclusive report contains some sublime interviews with Syrians who were shocked to know there existed Chechens wanting to help, not slaughter, them.

The abhorrent landmines problem continues, as the Syrian Arab Army ‘liberates every inch’ of the country from foreign-owned savages.

In November, a 13 year old girl had her leg blown off in Homs, when she stepped on one of the mines. In January, three civilians were murdered by these buried landmines, in Hama countryside. In February 20 workers were slaughtered when the van they were in drove over one or more landmines. Also in February, the two occupants of an oil tanker were critically injured when the tanker hit a mine in Hasaka countryside. Syria’s “linemen,” also called “The Syrian Electricity Army” have also lost limbs and lives working to re-electrify the country.

Recently, 83 Armenian de-miners, physicians, and security personnel have arrived in Syria to help.

Armenian sappers unpack their equipment to help track and disable landmines.

Armenian sapper at work in Syria

It remains a fantastic enigma that though most of the world’s human garbage to illegally enter Syria have done so through the 915km/568.5mi border with Turkey, not one seems to have stepped on any of the almost 200,000 landmines that Turkey was supposed to have cleared several years ago.

There have been other — not landmines related — atrocities against Syria which western media have not reported.

A mass grave of 300 corpses have been found near Rubkan Camp. This is where approximately 40,000 Syrian IDPs are being held hostage by illicit US troops “stationed” in al Tanf. The US had threatened to keep these civilians captive, on 30 January, via address to the UN by Jonathan Cook.

A young girl was murdered and 6 other civilians were injured by a barrage of rocket fire against Jourin village in Hama countryside, 6 March.

Among good news on 4-5 March, were the announcements that the Syrian Arab Army had launched successful, “intensive bombardments” against Saudi-allied al Ezza “Battalions,” and Qatari-allied Nusra takfiri.

Both gangs are outgrowths of the original al Qaeda in Syria, the FSA. Dens and weapons of the former were destroyed in Latmin, the latter in the outskirts of al Tah and Khan Sheikhoun.


Both armed terrorist factions continue to breach the so-called Idlib de-escalation zone agreement, which was supposed to have cleansed the region of terrorists by 15 October 2018. That Turkey’s Erdogan continues to extend the timeline shows that he is as honest a ‘broker,’ here, as he has been in clearing those 200,000 landmines from the Turkish side of the border.

As of this writing, UC Berkeley’s “Human Rites Investigations Lab” has uttered no lamentations regarding the bombardment of al Ezza. Its ”open source” report [on chemical lies] published January 2018, included a ridiculous photo of an Ezza hospital sign.

It is to be expected that the criminal western media that brags of illicit arming of savages in Syria would remain mute over the hideous deaths and maiming of Syrian children and other civilians from landmines.

A Syrian child tests a smart prosthetic.

Do not, however, hold your breath awaiting the International Campaign to Ban Landmines to utter any condemnation. This 1997 Co-Laureate is too busy self-aggrandizing. Use of its search engine leads to an anti-Syria propaganda report on the site of the Cluster Munition Coalition.

The unprincipled censorship of reporting on the monstrous death and dismemberment courtesy of landmines will continue until every inch of Syria is freed from western imperialism.

Syria’s President, Dr. Bashar al Assad,

Miri Wood

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