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Syria: NATO Sends New GRADS to Foreign Terrorists in Idlib

by Miri Wood

Within scant days of the heroic Syrian Arab Army launching its campaign to liberate al Handarat, Aleppo, more horrific evidence arrived to show that the plot to destroy Syria is the most heinous international conspiracy to destroy one country, in the history of humanity.   On 27  September, the moderate cannibal savages of the FSA uploaded a video showing a brand new GRAD being fired on al Handarat.

moderate fsa terrorists videoed and uploaded grad attack

Syrian media, al Mayadeen, and RT Arabic have all reported that the human garbage of the FSA has threatened to use the new GRAD to target additional areas of Syria.

They are going to launch it against our people on the coast, in Aleppo, in Hama.

map (2)

The GRAD is a multi-missile launcher surface to surface (SSM) weapon, capable of piercing, of destroying, armored vehicles. Though it was first introduced by the USSR, in 1963, for domestic use, and for exportation to 30 other countries, many upgrades have been made to it, by other weapons manufacturers.

It is clear that those GRADs in Idlib are brand new, directly from the factory.  No old Warsaw stockpiles stuff anymore.

This pristine gift, this gift to slaughter Syrian soldiers defending their homeland within its borders, this gift to further destroy Syrian infrastructure, this gift to massacre more Syrians, comes from Bulgaria, specifically from Vazovski Masbinostroitelni Zavodi (VMZ), “the biggest enterprise of the military and industrial complex in Bulgaria.”

NATO grad missiles

Bulgaria grads to idlib takfiri

Opening gifts of mass murder, from NATO Bulgaria. This is a war crime.
Opening gifts of mass murder, from NATO Bulgaria. This is a war crime.

the grunts

These weapons of genocide are in pristine condition.

pristine (2)


[That these upgraded GRADs have been delivered to Idlib, is no surprise.  Though no official statistics have been made public, it is well known that much of this governate was colonized by foreign takfiri, since the inception of the crisis.  Native Syrians have been slaughtered, and their homes, farms, and businesses have been “settled” by various ethnic gangs, some including extended families, grandmothers, aunts, uncles.  These savages are the human garbage Chechens, Uighars, Turkemen, Uzbekian, whose native countries have been relieved to see them leave.  Here, we must explain that the Syrian government has always been judicious in its bombings of terrorists.  al Raqqa is an important example, as it is a city of 800,000 Syrian civilians, held hostage by 3,000 terrorists.  This is why the SAAF has not leveled it.  Should Syria be forced to defend itself by launching an extensive bombing campaign against the mercenaries and assorted Captagon-fueled sociopaths, occupying Idlib, let there be no crocodile tears by the same world leaders crying over the crushing of the takfiri occupying eastern Aleppo, and their faux activist followers, those of lilliputian intellect, or of willful collaboration — all of whom have flunked the Aleppo quiz.]

Bulgaria is a former member of the Warsaw Pact countries, which joined the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), on 29 March 2004.  As part of the geopolitical psy-op of perpetual war only using its acronym, let it be known — or remembered — that NATO was founded 4 April 1949, as a geopolitical counter-pole to the Soviet COMINTERN, and should have been dissolved upon the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Instead, it has expanded into areas not located in the “North Atlantic.”

The new GRAD/s from Bulgaria can only have entered the Syrian Arab Republic via the terrorist Turkey, and most likely under cover of the deadly “UN humanitarian convoys.”

Bulgaria’s VMZ takes immense pride in the “intellectual potential of its engineering staff and high qualification of its executive personnel…”.


It does take great intellectual skill to map out the trajectories of multiple rocket missiles, to ensure they slaughter the greatest numbers of soldiers, and civilians.

The mercenary shown in the FSA video, meticulously plots these murders, also takes great pride in his appearance, from his neatly trimmed beard, to his short, clean, fingernails, to his wedding ring showing his loving commitment to family.

This foreign mercenary takes such wonderful pride in his clean hands.

clean terrorist foreign merc

engineering skillCompare his fastidious countenance to that of the primitive look of the lower-level of the world’s human garbage:

moderate terrorists

GB in mini-urinal

Inbred moderate terroristThe blood of the Syrian people are on the hands of every terrorist, including those in expensive suits, and those with nice manicures.

Nidal Jannoud, before succumbing to the joys of NATO's 'Arab Spring.'
Nidal Jannoud, before succumbing to the joys of NATO’s ‘Arab Spring.’  April 2011


*The war crimes of sending weapons to terrorists engaged in violent destruction of Syria, has been ongoing, since the beginning of the crisis.  Between November 2012 and February 2013, Jordan and Turkey transported 3,000 tons of Croatian military equipment to the moderate mass murderers.  While still Secretary of State, Clinton — and White House press liaison James Carney — bragged about US taxpayers giving the terrorists upwards of one billion USD in aid claimed to be “non-lethal.”  Non-lethal lists included remote detonators, such as the one used to blow off the legs of a Syrian scientist professor in 2013,  and the one used to kill children near the Imad Ali primary school in Latakia, in 2015.  In early 2014, prior to the US moving from covert support of terrorism to the overt, the war-whore Washington Post gloated about the delivery of US TOWs into the hands of the barbarians.

wapo gloats about tows


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  1. James Padgett

    Dear Father in Heaven (who loves Muslims as much as Christians), You said You would avenge wrongdoers – for people to leave room for Your WRATH – that You would REPAY. Please do so now, Father, on the lives of every political figure of every nation that has and continues to take innocent Syrian lives. Do it before the West directly attacks Syria. In Jesus’ name, Amen.


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