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Russian Sappers Clear 966 Hectares from Explosives in East Aleppo

image-Russian Sappers in East Aleppo

The Russian sappers team have managed to clear a large area in the recently liberated districts of East Aleppo from mines and explosives planted by anti-Islamic Wahhabi Sex Jihadists.

In details: 966 hectares (9.66 square kilometers) were cleared from explosives planted in almost every inch in the districts the terrorists have infested. 350 kilometers of roads, and 2149 houses, 44 schools, 38 mosques, 10 hospitals and clinics, 2 kindergartens, a water treatment plant and 2 electricity converter stations.

During their sweeping, the Russian experts also discovered munition, light weapons, and missiles for Grad multi-missiles launchers and projectiles made in Germany, USA and Bulgaria.

Watch this report:

The US support for terrorists was never covert, maybe for their own Sheeple (sheep people) in the USA itself, but they could never fool the people of Syria or any observer with eyes that can see beyond the fake news parrotted by their mainstream media propagandists. The US has used hundreds of millions of its hard-earned tax payers money to finance the terror acts of these subhumans to inflict the maximum carnage in a country that never posed any threat against the United States of America or any of its citizens in their country.

The US officials along with their allies in the UK, France, Germany and their regional stooges have made sure their terrorists would not lack any support or supply, opposite what the humanity criers were crying constantly in international forums and in all media about the starvation of the civilians in the areas the ‘Moderate Rebels‘ terrorists controlled. The massive warehouses storing huge caches of weapons, food and medical aid found after the terrorists were evicted deface the liars, whom by the way are the same ones that lied before to invade Iraq, Libya and elsewhere.

They fool you, they keep fooling you and they enjoy fooling you, not because they’re smart, it’s because you’re foolable. -Arabi Souri

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