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Jordan Sentence 5 Convicts to Death 16 to Prison

image-Jordan Sentences 5 Convicts to Death

Seems like Jordan, Syria’s southern neighbor, doesn’t like terrorists after all.. Wait, only when those terrorists carry out their ‘Moderate’ acts on its territories, but when these terrorists are going to Syria to carry out their ‘Moderate’ terror, Jordan was and is very welcoming and supportive to them offering them 5 stars hospitality.

21 arrested and 5 of them sentenced to death for terror acts if they carried it in Syria, Jordan would be among the first to cry for them.

One of the terrorists is at large while the other 20 of them were tried in presence. Nobody likes to have terrorists carrying their acts in their countries, no one even like criminals carrying out their crimes in their countries, but it’s now proven the West and their regional stooges cheer for and support to the maximum extent all types of terror groups when they’re attacking the Syrian people and Syrian infrastructure within Syria.

On 18th of this month December 2016, a group of terrorists attacked security posts in the city of Kerak, south of Jordan, took tourist hostages, killed 10 security forces and a number of civilians including a Canadian tourist. The terrorists entrenched in the ancient citadel in the city before they were eliminated.

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