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Syrian Muallem and Mamlouk in Tehran for Talks

image-Syrian Minister of Foreign Affairs Walid Muallem and Chief of National Security Ali Mamlouk

Syrian Minister of Foreign affairs Walid Muallem and the Syrian chief of National Security Ali Mamlouk held a number of important meetings in Tehran upon arrival to the Iranian capital today Saturday 31 December 2016.

Mr. Muallem, the master of diplomacy as Syrian analysts like to call him, along with the top security chief Mr. Mamlouk have very serious issues to talk about with their Iranian counterparts and other officials mainly to discuss the current truce and the upcoming peace conference to be held in Astana, Kazakhstan January 2017.

The Syrian officials have a very tough task which is not handling the terrorists and their supporters on the ground, a task the Syrian Arab Army and their combatant allies are taking care of, rather they have to sustain the pressure from own political allies who plays the ‘pragmatic’ card to the maximum extent or maybe to the extent of selling their principles for near-sighted benefits. Worth noting that both Syria’s main allies increased their trades with the traitor Turkish regime of Erdogan multiple times during the Syrian Crisis. To sway a jumpy person like Erdogan to their side is the public declared strategy, but they went too far too fast and the Turks proved multiple times they cannot be trusted, just like their masters in the West.

Side note: You cannot stop the bloodshed imposed on a country or community by outlawed thugs by rewarding the thugs or who sent them any of their goals, especially when they, in fact, lost their war and are on the defeat. God be with Syria.

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