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Istanbul Receives New Year with a Horrific Terror Attack Leaving 39 Killed

image-Istanbul Terror Attack New Year Eve

Party goers in an upscale night club in Istanbul were the target of a well-planned terror attack, as it seems, leaving dozens killed and wounded.

The assailant disguised as Santa Clause delivered their gifts to the people in the forms of what appears to be as one of the bloodiest direct terror attacks in the Turkish largest city.

39 killed including 16 foreigners, over 69 injured in the attack, as per latest data, many jumped into the Bosporus sea waters to flee for their lives.

The Reina night club attack at 1:45 am 1st of January 2017 started by the assailant with killing a police officer at the entrance then shooting randomly on the crowds inside who stampeded over dead bodies and wounded. Identity of the attacker not yet known.

Hundreds of terror groups are suspected to be behind such attacks, all of which see in the publicly announced Turkish U-Turn post on their involvement in the Syrian crisis and the opposite to the role the Turkish regime during the past 6 years, seeing this as a betrayal by Erdogan and his clique after so long fostering and sponsoring all types of terrorists from all sides of the world. Terror groups are not trustworthy when it comes to political settlements.

As Syrians who have suffered the most from the Turkish role against the Syrian people using the world’s filthiest filth the anti-Islamic Wahhabi Sex Jihadists, imported to Turkey, trained in Turkey, armed by Turkey, financed through Turkey and smuggled by Turkey into Syria to carry out their most heinous crimes ever reported in mankind history, we should gloat whenever the terrorists bite the hand that fed them, but that’s not our nature, we Syrians suffer for whoever suffers from the innocent civilians; however, no one can change the ever-proven fact: you never raise a monster and expect to keep control over it.

In the latest update the Interior Minister in the Erdogan regime stated the attacker is still at large, adding more anxiety and horror to the city. This will have a massive impact on the Turkish economy especially the tourism industry.

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  1. miri

    A Lebanese survivor of this attack has said that the gunman spoke Turkish.

    A Moroccan survivor of this attack has said that Turkish police remained outside for 90 minutes, after the attack.


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