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SAA Declares Truce all Over Syria, Excluding Terrorists

image-SAA Syrian Arab Army and Syrian Armed Forces Embelm

A statement by the General Command of the SAA, the Syrian Arab Army issued today declared a truce on all fronts starting midnight today and excludes combating terrorists from ISIS and Nusra Front.

The statement declared that ‘after the victories and achievements by the (Syrian) Armed Forces on more than one front, the General Command of the Army and the Armed Forces a comprehensive cessation of hostilities on all the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic with effect from zero hour (midnight) on 30/12/2016, with the exception of ISIS and Nusra Front terrorist groups and their proxies.’

The statement added ‘this step is aimed at creating favorable conditions to support the political course of the crisis in Syria’.

The Syrian government and Syrian Armed Forces have always tried to push for a political solution for the Syrian Crisis since the very first days, however, there was no real political opposition on the ground fighting the government, all was there were merciless anti-Islamic Wahhabi Sex Jihadist terrorists from all sides of the world with the goal of destruction, carnage and inflicting misery upon the Syrian people. There’s not a single responsible government in the whole world that would accept such groups on its land.

There’s not a single government that would accept any non-governmental armed groups on its ground let alone these mercenaries.

Our fear is this is yet another Russian-brokered truce that would only allow the ‘Moderate Rebels’ among the terrorists to regroup and re-arm and commit further massacres and get ready for further rounds. Long experiences with such Russian-sponsored or brokered truces doesn’t give us much hope for stopping these ‘moderate rebels’.

The massacres discovered recently in liberated East Aleppo tells tons of how not to trust these groups and whatever is linked to the Muslim Brotherhood junta in Erdoganstan (formerly Turkey).

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