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13 Years Old Syrian Girl Lost Her Leg by a Landmine in Homs


A young girl and her younger brother were severely wounded when a landmine planted by the US-sponsored ‘Freedom Fighters’ blew up with them in Homs northern countryside.

The young girl of 13 years old lost her right leg in the explosion and her brother is severely wounded when the landmine exploded, they were in their farm in Tal Omari village, northern Homs countryside, central Syria.

Last month a resident of Maksar Hosan village was killed by a similar landmine planted by US-sponsored ISIS terrorists in his village, in Homs eastern countryside.

Thousands of landmines and IEDs were planted by all terrorist groups wherever they were present all over Syria to cause harm to civilians even after they were evicted.

The US regime, creator and sponsor of these terrorist groups, never handed over the maps of these explosives and doesn’t help in removing them. On the contrary, the US regime imposes sanctions on whoever helps the Syrian state recover from terror.

SAA’s engineering corps have combed thousands of acres and residential neighborhoods for IEDs (Improvised Explosive Devices) and landmines upon cleaning those areas from terrorists.

Dozens of the Engineering Unit personnel were killed by similar landmines and IEDs planted by the terrorists which were detonated remotely since the very beginning of the Syrian crisis. 3 of them were killed when FSA terrorists remotely blew up an IED explosive hidden near an elementary school while the personnel were removing another device.

One of my own relatives, a volunteer in the SAA engineering unit, after his unit dismantled a number of IEDs next to a school in Homs city was killed when a group of the FSA terrorists ambushed their vehicle. He was 19 years old and single son to his parents.

Russian forces have lent a much-needed hand to the SAA in ridding the liberated areas from these tools of death planted by enemies of humanity, the US-sponsored FSA ‘Freedom Fighters’, ‘Moderate Rebels’ and non-‘Moderate Rebels’.

Worth noting that NATO member state Turkey, and northern neighbor of Syria, has facilitated the smuggling of tens of thousands of terrorists into Syria through grounds filled with 600,000 landmines planted by the Turkish regime, which none of those mines blew up in any terrorist, but have claimed the lives of dozens of Syrian civilians, maimed hundreds more.

A UN report issued last September warned that 8 million Syrians face death from landmines and IEDs planted all over the country by terrorists.

Syria and the UN Mine Action Service signed an MOU last July 2018 to help the Syrian state clear mines planted by terrorists in order to save the lives of the Syrian people.

On daily bases, the SAA engineering unit blows up mines, IEDs, and other weapons, left by the US-sponsored terrorists in all cleaned areas, especially in Eastern Ghouta, Damascus countryside, and near Aleppo.

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