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Syrian Arab Army Killed 5,000 Chechen Terrorists and Gifted Russia 4,200 More

image-Chechen Terrorists in Syria

We have reported 3 years ago in February 2014 that 14,000 Chechen terrorists sneaked into Syria via Turkey and other countries on their way. Today we have clearer figures after this long time.

In our report ‘Where are The Syrian Rebels, If There Were Any?‘ we mentioned that the Syrian Arab Army killed 3,671 of them and 1,397 have vanished, somehow. The latest figure stands at approximately 5,000 Chechen terrorists killed throughout the past 6 years and 4,200 others were handed over to the Russian authorities recently.

The arrested and later transferred 4,200 Chechen filths were airlifted to Russia by Russian war cargo planes put to sleep on the planes floors and leaked info that Russian officers accompanying the terrorists on their ‘dreaming journey’ were handed guns with instructions to shoot terrorists who might cause any risk with bullets that won’t affect the planes.

Interrogations with these arrested groups led the investigators to change their estimates and put the total number of Chechen terrorists who came to Syria at 19,000 from the previous 14,000 number mentioned above.

It is crystal clear that Turkey has played a very damaging role, not only in Syria, but in each country it imported anti-Islamic Wahhabi Sex Jihad terrorist from, that’s from China in the East to Tunisia in the West and also from a number of European countries. Whole families and relatives of the terrorists imported by Turkey are torn apart, and now these terrorists do not have a place to stay at, while USA’s Trump is dreaming of keeping them inside Syria in ‘safe zones’ he protects.

Our report yesterday ‘Who Needs an Army of 350,000 Wahhabi Terrorists?‘ did speak of the large numbers of Chechens but now we must include 5,000 more, and deduct the 4,200 terrorists in the hospitality of Russian security forces in Russia.

The latest infighting among the groups of the FSA in northwest Syria between Idlib and Aleppo western countrysides will get rid of more of these terrorists and make the survivors ready for their last battle.

Chechen president Ramzan Kadyrov felt compelled to send a battalion of Military Police to help demining thousands of mines his countrymen planted in Eastern Aleppo and to change the image of his country left by these terrorists in the minds of Syrians. The following is a report by ANNA news with English subtitles about this Chechen-led Military Police battalion in Eastern Aleppo:

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