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Trump Bans Citizens from 7 Muslim Countries Entry to USA, What You Don’t Know

image-Trump Signing Executive Order Banning Muslims from 7 Countries Entry to USA

“I’m establishing new vetting measures to keep radical Islamic terrorists out of the United States of America, Don’t want them here.” Trump’s most hypocritical statement ever and said upon signing the Executive (read Dictatorship) Order banning citizens from 7 countries entry to the USA.

It’s the right of the US regime to implement whatever they want on their land, no sane person cares, his citizens elected him to do so, after all, out of 320 million ‘citizens’, the USAians had to choose the better of two evils.

What’s hypocritical about Trump’s statement is first he’s not a native USAian, he’s descending from immigrant grandparents, they immigrated from Germany, the ‘Trumpf’ family immigrated to New York City in 1885, and earlier they were known as ‘Drumpf’.. Breeding in NYC they produced Trumpf’s father who dropped the ‘F’ from their last name and worked on public contracts making some ‘questionable’ money as some sources claim.

So a descendant of immigrants from a country blamed for the World’s Worst War is banning citizens of countries entry to the same country who belonged to another people oppressed, massacred and cornered into small ‘reservations’ (read ghettos), which on a side note might explain his utter promised support to ‘Israel’.

Let’s not to mention his wife is an immigrant herself, well, yes the First Lady in the USA is an immigrant, but that’s irrelevant, who didn’t ban Saudi citizens among the list of 7 cares the least about women and about terrorism.

What’s more and essential in hypocrisy in (Drumpf’s) statement is that the 7 singled out countries in his ban are in fact the most victimized countries by the US and allies ‘invasionist’ and interventionist foreign policies and instead of banning them entry to the US, Mr. ‘Drumpf’ should have thought of how to compensate the citizens of the countries his predecessor predators in the ‘White’ House victimized.

I personally can think of compensations similar to what the Jews supposed to received and still receiving from Germany but is all diverted to Israel instead, and should be more than that due to the controversies among many Jews decedents upset with the aid Germany pays the last apartheid entity on the planet as compensations for a sense of guilt, like the prominent Professor Dr. Norman Finkelstein, for instance.

Iraq, Syria, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen, all 7 are victims of US regime policies while the culprits and real terror manufacturers and exporters of bad are not included.

Saudi Exports
Saudi Exports

Cheering and excited for the ban standing behind his boss, Vice President Pence once tweeted “Calls to ban Muslims from entering the U.S. are offensive and unconstitutional.” Say that again?

The other fellow standing behind his boss the Secretary of Defense just 180 days ago said: ‘Mere suggestion of a ban on Muslims caused “great damage” to world order’!!

Is it just Trump or his entire regime is based on hypocrisy as have been the ‘norms’ in the regimes holding office in the ‘White’ House since ‘someone’ killed JFK?

The Trump said in a recent interview he’d like to bring only Christians from Syria echoing a doomed Sarkozy in the same rhetoric and pushing for what ISIS et al exactly wants, coincidence? Let’s say it’s better described as Hypocrisy.

image-Trump Excited He Signed an Executive Order
Trump Excited He Signed an Executive Order

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  1. Ali

    Many people from those countries don’t want to go to the US anyhow. And if he wants to ban extremist. He should note down the people with different citizens arhat have entered Syria and ban those nationalities.
    I know that Australians who have been brainwashed have entered Syria. If he doesn’t ban all Australians, how is he certain that he will stop these extremist?

  2. miri

    I’ve been stymied about the map of the 7 Muslim-majority map that appeared a nanosecond after the signing of Trump’s Executive Order (also intrigued by the coincidence that these are the 7 Muslim-majority countries bombed under Obama).

    After almost two-days of searching, I have found that these 7 countries were already banned by a law signed into effect by Obama, in 2015.

    As for Trump’s grandparents, they immigrated during a time when all that was needed was a clean bill of health from physicians at Ellis Island, and a willingness to let a racist judge anglicize a surname.

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