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Saudi Arabia Mastered Manufacturing and Exporting Bad

Zionist Wahhabi Free Syrian Army

While countries worldwide compete in industry and trade of all sorts of goods, one country stands out among all in a special type of trade, instead of manufacturing and exporting goods, Saudi Arabia has mastered manufacturing and exporting bads.

The country that has 3 million families of its 25 million population do not own houses, Saudi Arabia, which exports 10 million barrels of oil each single day, has mastered production and trade, not goods, rather ‘bads’.

Saudi Exports
Saudi Exports

Manufacturing and exporting terrorists to all countries worldwide and especially to the Arab countries not for any gains but for all losses, in souls, in infrastructure and in heritage. Saudis, those coming from the desert called Najd, middle of the Arabian Peninsula, have a special type of hatred against civilized countries and against moderate Islam.

A verse in the holy Quran says a lot: ‘The Bedouins are stronger in disbelief and hypocrisy and more likely not to know the limits of what [laws] Allah has revealed to His Messenger. And Allah is Knowing and Wise.’ At-Tawbah 97. During the days of the prophet PBuH, those referred to in this verse were those coming from the desert to Makkah & Madina, especially from Najd.

Prophet Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him said: ‘From Najd, the ‘Qarn’ of Satan will emerge’. ‘Qarn’ in Arabic has a number of meanings, one is a horn, which is more widely used, and one meaning is century, 100 years, which could be the beginning of the century of Satan, or the time of Satan, whom might be as well the Anti-Christ. This Hadith, saying, by the prophet PBuH was when one of the prophet’s companions was asking the prophet if Najd is blessed while the prophet was asking God to bless Cham, the Levant, and Yemen, and the prophet repeated thrice his prayers to God to bless Cham and Yemen and at the last one he added the above quote.

Saudis know this well, especially those from Najd where Al Saud, the founding and owners of the kingdom come from. That’s one of the reasons that fuel the hatred of Al Saud and their followers from Najd against the Levant, geographical Syria which comprise nowadays political Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and Palestine, and against Yemen.

Another reason for hatred is the ancient history of the people of the Levant which dates back several millenniums in civilized written history, unlike the case of the people of Najd whom had to conquer by sword the tribes in Makkah & Madina and those in the east of Arabia to form their state less than 100 years ago with the help of the Brits. This could be the reason we see Saudi terrorists destroy all types of ruins and monuments that tells the history of the civilizations they infest.

Aside from that, the country that was built on an ideology called Wahhabism to distort the image of Islam from within and show it as a radical and non-civilized religion opposite to the facts that Islam was based on knowledge, wisdom, hygiene, love and peace, and prospered when the Omayyad state was founded in Damascus, in Cham, the Levant. The empire that stretched from China in the east to nowadays Spain in the west, and from Albania in the north to central Africa in the south. The Islam followed by this state was known as the Chami Islam, or in other words the Syrian Islam. The real spirit of the religion as it was introduced by the prophet PBuH as moderate, peace spreading and civilized religion. Wahhabism to Islam is like Zionism to Judaism and like the radical thinking of KKK to Christianity.

Instead of learning from other civilizations, the Saudis from Najd insist on destroying other civilizations and spreading their version of living, the cavemen and Bedouins against the regions they are able to infest, which we are seeing quite clearly in Syria now. Whether out of hatred, or out of the executing of the will of their protectors, it really doesn’t matter, the harm they are causing is enormous on all levels.

Saudi Arabi produces and exports about 10 million barrels of crude oil a day, sold at around $100 a barrel, they receive an income of about $1000,000,000.00 each day. The revenues are definitely not used for the welfare and comfort of their people whom the majority of them do not own their own houses as mentioned above, and their major cities despite the civilized look from outside lacks the basics of any city starting with a sewer system and we saw the second city in the ‘kingdom’ Jeddah flooded twice in 2 consecutive years killing hundreds of residents and destroying tens of millions worth of properties and belongings in each rain season. The revenues are used in two main lines: producing more princes and princesses of Al Saud who live in extremely lavish and opulence lifestyle, and to finance terror elsewhere. One of the crown princes who died last year left his heirs a fortune of $272 Billion..! One of his heirs was used to be called Bandar Bush, now is more known as Chemical Bandar.

Libya, Egypt, Iraq, Yemen, Lebanon, Algeria, Tunisia, Sudan, Somalia and Syria among the Arab countries, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Indonesia and others among Islamic countries, and terror worldwide, except in Israel, all types of crimes against humanity imaginable and never imaginable, you can trace the funding, the arms or the ideology or altogether to one source, guess where?

The following report uploaded to YouTube on January 1, 2013, highly important:

There was a fail attempt by the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist organization to compete in this regards, but their bad luck though they enjoy the support of NATO and its different ‘intelligence’ agencies, they do not have finance backing as their competitors in the field. Turkish Muslim Brotherhood prime minister Erdogan is still trying to remain as a major player in that regards, but only being used as a tool and not as a real player.

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