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Saudi Arabia Thrusts America Towards War on Syria

Prince Bandar and George W. Bush have met one day after 9/11.

Saudi Arabia and Israel with joint efforts to let the US-led war on Syria happen.

According to new emerged information and the statements by a correspondent of the Wall Street Journal, the evidence for the involvement of the totalitarian regime in Saudi Arabia and the machinations of the Saudi intelligence chief, Prince Bandar bin Sultan bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud, has increased.

The Saudi intelligence chief, Prince Bandar Bin Sultan, is actively pushing the United States toward a US-led war on Syria and the new emerged information as well as the statements by the correspondent of the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) come as no surprise. The Saudi Prince Bandar Bin Sultan is responsible for a lot of crimes and has his dirty hands full of Syrian blood.

Not only the report by Mint Press News (1 / 2) about the machinations of the Saudi intelligence chief and the statements by Syrian residents and terrorists from the area of al-Ghouta that the Saudi Prince Bandar Bin Sultan has supplied chemical weapons to the ground forces of the external “Syrian opposition”, and thus, to the armed terrorists and al-Qaeda-affiliated jihadists in order to carry out chemical attacks already show the dirty character of this Saudi Prince, but also confirm the machinations by the Saudi regime in regards of the Syrian conflict and the pushing for a US-led war against Damascus in order to remove the secular government in the capital and to kill the President, Bashar al-Assad.

He who has the gold, makes the rules – that is probably what US Secretary of State John Kerry thought when he explained that specific Arab countries have already offered to pay the entire US-led military invasion in Syria. Of course, these Arab countries will pay with petrodollars and are certainly the regimes in Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

So, while John Kerry stated that the both best friends of the United States in the Gulf, the totalitarian dictatorships of Saudi Arabia and Qatar, will pay for the US-led invasion of Syria and that US soldiers will fight shoulder to shoulder with al-Qaeda-linked jihadists and thugs in order to cause the downfall of the secular Syrian government and President al-Assad, it is also already confirmed that US Secretary of State John Kerry lied to congressmen in terms of the “absence of Al-Qaeda in the Syrian conflict.”

In a better world, such things would trigger an impeachment against such politicians in leading positions. Lies, deception, and fabricated evidence in order to justify a war against a secular and sovereign country, which is then also a support of the terrorist organization Al-Qaeda and the conducting of the slave labour for the Israeli regime in Tel Aviv and Saudi Arabia.

At least, the US troops would then be the paid mercenaries and fight alongside al-Qaeda jihadists in order to remove a secular government and to implement… what? An Al-Qaeda-led proxy regime? A Saudi-American Zionist regime?

Well, the newly emerged information indicates that the Saudi intelligence chief (since 2012), Prince Bandar Bin Sultan, is playing a key role in convincing the US administration of President Barack Obama to launch the war on Syria.

And we didn’t think that up ourselves! Adam Entous, a correspondent of the Wall Street Journal (WSJ), has in principle stated these things about the evil machinations of the Saudi Prince in regards of the Syrian conflict, the increased possibility of a US-led war on Syria and his pressure on the American leadership in Washington to finally launch the war and destroy the Syrian nation, which is then completely paid by petrodollars from Qatar and Saudi Arabia – according to John Kerry. However, the United States is broke, and thus, this seems understandable.

The Wall Street Journal correspondent, Adam Entous, said in his interview with Democracy Now on Friday that the “Saudis…were brought, by members of the Free Syrian Army – which is the Western-backed rebel group – a Syrian who had been exposed to an agent, a chemical agent. The Saudis arranged for that Syrian to be flown to Britain for treatment and to be tested.” Adam Entous said further that was in principle the first case which has “offered credible evidence that chemical weapons had been used.”

The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) correspondent Adam Entous also underlined the following information in his new interview with Democracy Now:

“And what you saw in the months that followed was, first, Saudi intelligence, Bandar’s intelligence agency, concluded that chemical weapons were being used on a small scale by the regime. Followed by that, the Brits and the French were convinced of the same conclusion. It took US intelligence agencies really until June to reach that conclusion. And that’s what led the Obama administration… At least publicly it was cited by the Obama administration as the trigger for Obama’s decision to instruct the CIA and authorize the CIA to start arming the rebels at this Jordan base.”

Bandar bin Sultan. Photo:
Bandar bin Sultan. Photo:

According to the statements by the journalist and correspondent of the Wall Street Journal (WSJ), the Saudi intelligence chief Prince Bandar Bin Sultan is already leading a secret campaign together with the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in order to provide support for the armed terrorist groups that are fighting in Syria against the secular government of President Bashar al-Assad.

The correspondent Adam Entous added to his remarks that the Saudi Prince Bandar Bin Sultan frequently travelled Moscow and Paris in the last weeks in order to increase the success of his plans to undermine and remove the Syrian government and President Assad by a US-led war when the supported terrorist groups and Al-Qaeda-affiliated jihadists seem to lost the chance to be successful in their battles against the units of the Syrian Army.

The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) has recently gained the upper hand in the battles against these foreign-backed terrorist groups and thus, the increased rhetoric of war by Saudi Arabia and the Obama administration against Syria comes as no surprise. It is all linked.

The Wall Street Journal correspondent also added the following statements to his well-founded remarks in his interview with Democracy Now:

“Really what he’s doing is he’s reprising a role that he played in the 1980s, when he worked with the [former US President Ronald] Reagan administration to arrange money and arms for Mujahedeen fighters in Afghanistan and also worked with the CIA in Nicaragua to support the Contras.”

“So in many ways, this is a very familiar position for Prince Bandar, and it’s amazing to see the extent to which veterans of the CIA were excited to see him come back because, in the words of a diplomat who knows Bandar, he brings the Arabic term wasta, which means under-the-table clout. You know his checks are not going to bounce and that he’ll be able to deliver the money from the Saudis.”


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  1. patton

    once again our troops are going to fight another war for a despotic totalatarianwahhabist travesty that is saudi arabia why dont they fight or is the army only good for killing unarmed civilians who are tired of tyranny

  2. Bobby

    The war is coming on certainly! the sad thing is Assad has unknowingly invited the devil home! the UN inspectors. the mistakes of Iraq is repeating. Too late!


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