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john kerry arab countries pay invasion syria

US President Obama serves the filthy rich sheiks - who financially support Al-Qaeda in the meantime.

Qatar and Saudi Arabia pay for the downfall of Bashar al-Assad.

The cat is out of the bag and now we know what is really going on in terms of Syria.

As the Washington Post reports, U.S. Secretary Kerry testified at a Senate hearing on Wednesday, that the Arab countries have agreed to pay for the entire overthrow of Syria’s President Assad and even for an invasion into Syria if the United States take the lead. Therewith, surely Saudi Arabia and Qatar are mainly meant as donors.

John Kerry said:

“With respect to Arab countries offering to bear costs and to assess, the answer is profoundly yes.”

“They have. That offer is on the table.”

On the question by Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, Republican Congressman, how much these Arab countries would contribute, John Kerry responded, that they have offered to pay a full invasion (into Syria).

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said further at this Senate hearing on Wednesday:

“In fact, some of them have said that if the United States is prepared to go do the whole thing the way we’ve done it previously in other places, they’ll carry that cost.”

“That’s how dedicated they are at this. That’s not in the cards, and nobody’s talking about it, but they’re talking in serious ways about getting this done.”

This is a sensational revelation about what the real intentions with and in Syria are and who is behind it.

U.S. Secretary Kerry at a Senate hearing.
U.S. Secretary Kerry at a Senate hearing.

John Kerry and Barack Obama have repeatedly stressed a “limited operation”, because it is not about the overthrow of Syria’s President al-Assad, but about a punishment for the alleged use of chemical weapons. Now we see, that the downfall of Bashar al-Assad is actually planned.

The filthy rich oil states, Saudi Arabia and Qatar, are the driving forces behind the planned regime change in Syria and are even willing to pay a whole invasion as long as the United States lead the military intervention in Syria. Money plays no role.

An invasion of Syria means that American soldiers march into Syria, with all the trimmings, such as in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Thus, the U.S. troops and soldiers are the paid mercenaries of the Saudi and Qatari sheikhs. This also answers the question of how the United States will be able to afford another war in the Middle East when they are virtually broke? The money comes from criminal Arab regimes (e.g. Saudi Arabia and Qatar).

When John Kerry and Barack Obama talk about the situation that only a (limited) air attack on Syria is planned, it is just another lie by them. They want to penetrate into Syria, and the petrodollars pay the criminal acts by them.

Saudi Arabia and Qatar (both totalitarian regimes) do not only finance and arm the terrorists of Al-Qaeda who are raging in Syria, but they also want to pay for a full invasion by the US military in Syria. It is just unbelievable!

US President Obama serves the filthy rich sheiks - who financially support Al-Qaeda in the meantime.
US President Obama serves the filthy rich sheiks – who financially support Al-Qaeda in the meantime.

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