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Syria: Humanitarian Workers Threatened by Armed Groups

Syrian soldiers are executed by US-backed terrorists in Syria.

UN: Humanitarian workers are threatened by armed groups in Syria.

After the New York Times (NYT) has published a photo on its front-page and even a video, although the commentary to the video is filled with the usual propaganda, some more Americans raise the question whether their administration in Washington really stands on the right side of the Syrian conflict because the shocking photo and gruesome video shows how the US-supported “Syrian rebels” execute seven soldiers of the Syrian army by headshots after they have tortured them. Afterwards, it can be seen how the foreign-backed terrorists throw the dead bodies of the Syrian soldiers into a hole on the ground.

It is not the only video that shows the cruel acts of the US-backed “Syrian rebels” in their war against the secular government of Syria’s President al-Assad in Damascus. There are many videos that show the gruesome crimes of these allegedly democratically-minded “Syrian rebels” against civilians, government employees and soldiers in Syria. In addition, they have also already killed several workers of the UN.

The often very biased UN humanitarian chief, Valerie Amos, said in a recent interview that 11 workers of the United Nations (UN) have already been killed in Syria and that armed groups openly threaten the humanitarian workers in the Arab country.

This comes as no surprise, however, in the process of the implementation of the Israeli-American agenda for the Middle East and currently in and for Syria, these are just collateral damage. It does not matter whether the supported terrorist and jihadist groups kill Syrian civilians or UN workers – as long as the U.S. administration in Washington and the Israeli regime in Tel Aviv, beside others such as the totalitarian regimes in Saudi Arabia and Qatar but also France and Britain, are able to maintain the implementation of their violent agenda in Syria and in the entire Middle Eastern region.

At least, although the UN humanitarian Chief Valerie Amos, who has made very biased and one-sided comments on the Syrian conflict in the past, said in a new interview, that armed groups in Syria openly threaten the humanitarian workers and she confirmed that at least 11 workers of the UN (United Nations) were already killed in the Arab country.

Afterwards, Valerie Amos also said that there were also several cases of abductions of humanitarian workers by armed groups in Syria. One should be aware that the term armed groups means the same groups that others designate as foreign-backed terrorists and jihadists of Al-Qaeda.

The UN humanitarian Chief Valerie Amos also stated in her new interview that the level of violence is increasing in Syria and that the same applies for the humanitarian abuses in the Arab country.

However, this is no news, just the logical result. Not to mention hat the UN (United Nations) could have been able to prevent the increase of the humanitarian abuses and the suffering of the Syrian people, but they just watched as the war supporters and backers of the conflict in Syria increased their support with weapons, logistics and money for the armed terrorist groups. The UN even failed (wilfully?) to condemn several gruesome massacres by the “armed groups” against Syrian civilians. Russia has already condemned this policy of double-standards in several occasions.

UN humanitarian Chief Valerie Amos also stated in this new interview that over the past few weeks and months, the workers and employees of the UN in Syria have also faced threats by various armed groups in Syria, and thus, by the US-backed terrorists and Islamists (e.g. Al Qaeda). Amos added to her remarks about the threats against the workers of the United Nations (UN) by the armed groups in Syria that also a number of the volunteers from Syria’s Red Crescent Movement have been killed. Besides the killing of about 11 people from the UN teams in Syria. She further mentioned several cases of abductions of humanitarian workers by the armed groups in Syria.

Valerie Amos then pointed out that the UN takes all threats by the armed groups seriously and that the UN will continue its humanitarian mission in Syria, despite the “very difficult and dangerous conditions.” According to the UN humanitarian chief, there are currently about 4,500 workers of the United Nations (UN) in Syria.

Massacre in Khan al-Assal (Source: SANA)
Massacre in Khan al-Assal (Source: SANA)

These UN employees and workers are working with non-governmental and community organizations in the areas that are controlled by the Syrian government but also in the regions, which are controlled by the “opposition.” However, since the recent article and photo on the front-page of the New York Times (NYT), some more Americans might know that “opposition” is simply another term for terrorists and Al-Qaeda-linked jihadists in regards of the Syrian conflict and has nothing to do with democratically-minded “rebels” or “revolutions” in their general sense.

Valerie Amos further underlined the fact that the UN has already drawn up emergency plans for the case if the U.S. administration in Washington really launches the war on Syria. The UN contingency planning for the moment when the war on Syria begins gets continuously updated, because it seems that the Israeli-American war on Syria is even imminent and the United Nations (UN) has great concern for its staff on Syrian soil, of course.

The UN humanitarian chief also stated that the protection of Syrian civilians “is paramount” and that the increase of the “level of sectarian and sexual violence and ongoing human rights abuses are a major concern” of the United Nations (UN).

Valeria Amos finally confirmed that her recent meetings with Syrian officials from the government of President Bashar al-Assad in Damascus were positive. She said that she had “positive meetings” with officials from the government of Syria’s President al-Assad in Damascus on Thursday about the “challenges we have faced in getting approval for field operations, convoys and visas for humanitarian aid workers.”

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