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Rand Paul praised Syria’s President Assad for protecting Christians

Syria / Maloula / Maaloula

Iran criticizes Arab League for its latest dangerous stance on Syria.

While a convoy, which carried the Turkish consul general in Iraq, has been hit by a roadside bomb in a northern city of Iraq, the Islamic Republic of Iran has published the statement that the latest stance on the Syrian conflict and the possible US-led military intervention by the Arab League (AL) in terms of the meeting of the Arab Foreign Ministers in the Egyptian capital, Cairo, would increase the current turmoil in and around Syria.

Diplomatic sources have stated that a convoy in the northern city of Mosul in Iraq has been hit by a bomb at the roadside and the dicey information is that the convoy in Iraq was carrying the consul general of Turkey in the moment when the roadside bomb exploded and hit the convoy near the Iraqi city of Mosul. However, there is no more information about the results of the explosion of this roadside bomb in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul until now.

The same, however, also applies for the recent statement by Iran. Iran stated, according to reports, that the latest stance of the Arab Foreign Ministers within the Arab League (AL) would deepen the Syrian conflict and the current turmoil in terms of a possible US-led military strike on the Arab country.

Of course, Tehran cannot be happy about the recent meeting of the Arab Foreign Ministers in Egypt’s capital, Cairo. For example, the Saudi Foreign Minister, a part of the totalitarian dictatorship in this country, has urged Washington to begin the war on Syria at the meeting of the Arab League in Cairo.

Rand Paul praised Syrian President Bashar al-Assad for protecting Christians

In the meantime, not only the former US representative from Texas, Mr Ron Paul, spoke recently about the alleged use of chemical weapons by the Syrian government near the capital against Syrian civilians and the accusations by Washington against Damascus, but also US Senator Rand Paul has now spoken about Syria and the Syrian President, Bashar al-Assad.

Ron Paul said in a recent statement that the chemical weapons attack (poison gas / e.g. Sarin nerve agent) near the Syrian capital Damascus was certainly an act under false flag in order to blame the use of chemical substances against the Syrian people on the government in Damascus and to create a pretext for the war against the Arab country. The former US representative Ron Paul seemed very certain in his remarks about the false flag act near Damascus in order to deliver a pretext for the US administration in Washington to launch their war on Syria – probably with the help of French and British forces.

Ron Paul also referred to the lies and fabricated facts before the war on Iraq in 2003 and compared the old lies and fabricated evidence by Washington against Saddam Hussein ten years ago with the current situation in regards of the alleged chemical weapons use by the Syrian government against their own Syrian people. In the opinion of Rand Paul, this chemical weapons attack in a suburb of Damascus was certainly a false flag act and nothing else.

Meanwhile, US Senator Rand Paul has praised Bashar al-Assad, the Syrian President, for the protection of the Christians against the foreign-backed terrorists and jihadists in Syria. Rand Paul said yesterday that the Syrian government in Damascus has “protected the Christians for a number of decades” while the US-backed Islamists and terrorists in Syria “have been attacking” them and the statement by US Senator Rand Paul is valid and correct.

The events in Syria and the gruesome deeds by the foreign-backed militants against Christians in the country confirm and underline the words of Rand Paul. For example, eleven people, among them mainly Syrian Christians, were gunned down by foreign-backed terrorists in central Syria. And this is just one of many sad and horrible examples.


The Syrian Christians fear the foreign-backed jihadists and terrorists since the beginning of the conflict in the Arab country. While some 10 percent of Christians make up the population of Syria, it is certain that many Christians in Syria have already left the country, while other Christians were already killed by the US-supported religious radicals in the last two years. Not to mention all the kidnappings of Syrian Christians and the attacks by these foreign-backed terrorists on Christian installations such as monasteries and churches in Syria.

It is no surprise that the Christians in Syria fear the moment when Bashar al-Assad would be overthrown and their fear is sadly understandable. It is good that US Senator Rand Paul has talked about this topic at NBC yesterday. The US Senator Rand Paul also warned against a possible military intervention, let’s say war, in Syria because such a military strike against Syria would not only worsen the situation of the Syrian people but also would have dire consequences for the entire Middle East.

Further, Rand Paul also said that such a military intervention in Syria would damage the regional allies of Washington, the Israeli regime and the proxy in Jordan.

Rand Paul finally said at a show at NBC that he would like to ask the U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, “Do you think if it’s more likely or less likely that we’ll have less refugees in Jordan or if Israel will suffer an attack” if the US really has decided to attack military targets in Syria.


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