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Syria: Former US Representative Ron Paul – Chemical Attack Was a False Flag

Syria: ANNA-news in Jobar

Lies about Saddam Hussein (Iraq) now followed by propaganda against Syria.

The Former US Representative Ron Paul said in new remarks in terms of the US-led accusations against the Syrian government in Damascus that it has used chemical weapons (poison gas) against Syrian civilians near the capital some days ago, that this reported chemical weapons attack from Syria was a false flag act and probably carried out by the foreign-backed, and even US-supported, terrorist groups in the Arab country.

The Former US Representative, Ron Paul, added in his recent statements about the chemical weapons attack near Damascus (e.g. Jobar) against many civilians that the reported chemical weapons attack was certainly a “false flag” and likely carried out by the terrorist groups in the Arab nation, which are supported by several foreign governments, including Washington.

Former US congressman Ron Paul also said in his comments about the US accusations against Syria, while the Russian President Vladimir Putin has called the claims by Washington against the Syrian government in Damascus an “utter nonsense“, that the reported chemical attack was certainly not carried out by the troops of the Syrian Army.

While the US military prepares for a military strike (e.g. airstrikes from warships near the Syrian coast and attacks of targets in Syria by a wave of cruise missiles) against the Syrian government although the U.S. administration under Barack Obama has not yet provided convincing evidence for their claims, the US politician Ron Paul said that they “are not really positive who set off the gas.”

Ron Paul, who was a long-time Republican representative from Texas, also said in this recent interview with the (often very biased) US channel Fox News, that the only side, which mainly benefits from the chemical attack near Damascus (e.g. in Jobar) is Al Qaeda.

Paul said that “the group that is most likely to benefit from that is al-Qaeda,” and referred to the typical scenario of an act under false flag in order to create a pretext for a military actions against e.g. a government / country.

Former US congressman Ron Paul further said in his remarks in terms of the US accusations against Syria, which were so far not underlined by Washington with convincing evidence:

“They ignite some gas, some people die and blame it on Assad.” (Ron Paul)

The former US representative, Ron Paul, also noted in his remarks in regards of the possible military attack by US-led forces against Syria that the case for a military intervention in Syria seems to resemble the scenario of 2003 when the U.S. administration in Washington has accused the regime of Saddam Hussein in Iraq of having an active “weapons of mass destruction” (WMD) program. However, the evidence and stated allegations by Washington against the Iraqi regime that justified the war against Iraq was later discredited and turned out to be fabricated and faked.

Ron Paul said in terms of the similarity between the current situation in regards of a possible war against Syria and the baseless invasion of Iraq, justified by many lies and fabricated evidence, that one just has to look at “how many lies were told us about Saddam Hussein prior to that build-up,” and that propaganda is happening all the time.

He further pointed out in his interview with the often biased channel of FoxNews that he is certain about the situation that this chemical attack near the Syrian capital Damascus “is a false flag.”

Syria: ANNA-news in Jobar
Syria: ANNA-news in Jobar

The U.S. administration released a so-called intelligence report on Friday that should underline their accusations against the Syria government. However, there are not many who believe the scrappy information within this alleged intelligence report.

This report is reminiscent of the alleged evidence, presented by the United States and Britain, about the weapons of mass destructions in Iraq before the war on Iraq ten years ago. Afterwards, it turned out that the evidence was fabricated and faked in order to justify the killing of Saddam Hussein and many Iraqis.

The Syrian government in Damascus has strongly rejected the allegation, of course. Further, as stated, the Russian President Putin still thinks that the claims by Washington and France against the Syrian government are “utter nonsense” and said recently that the United States should provide evidence for these claims against Syria in terms of the alleged use of chemical weapons (poison gas) by the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) against Syrian civilians in suburbs (e.g. Jobar) of the capital, Damascus.

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  1. Arklight

    Well, we have admissions that US and UK special forces, CIA and MI6 are all working in the Damascus area, so I don’t have any difficulty at all with the notion that US, UK military/intel services in some hideous collusion with the jihadi rats have been hosing down neighborhoods with CW. Now, apparently, SAA is getting the Roaches of the West hemmed in and are about to drop the hammer on ’em. I despise evil creatures who murder citizens for any reason, and if they wrap themselves in flags, then they become walking obscenities, with no place upon the planet, with decent human beings or men and women of good will.


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