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US Evidence against Syria are a Bad Joke

Collin Powell showed evidence that were completely invented.

Chemical Weapons Attack: Evidence of Washington against Syria are not credible.

The U.S. regime has now published a short text document that should serve as a justification for the U.S. war of aggression against Syria for the world public. There is no sign of concrete evidence in this document that the Syrian government is responsible for the poison gas attacks under false flag near Damascus, which were apparently orchestrated by Saudi Arabia and Israel.

There are only non-specific allegations in the document, which are mainly based, similar to relevant British “paper”, on the thesis that the Syrian government should have done this because the opposition forces have no chemical weapons.

It is referred to the allegedly intercepted telephone/radio conversation with an alleged admission of guilt, which comes from Israel and looks like an apparently intentionally falsified evidence to trigger the war, as it would be real, but the evidence is not presented – and nobody says from where it comes from, who is to hear and when, and so on.

It is also mentioned in the paper that there are more than 100 “opposition video” about victims and there are too much videos than all the clips could be faked, and that some videos from YouTube could be verified and these are really be from the relevant areas.

There is a separate intelligence report for the US Congress, which includes a bit more than the report for the world public, which includes nothing in terms of real evidence. But what is the exact content of the intelligence report is, however, secret. Presumably, there is nothing else mentioned in it than in the public report.

The evidence, presented by the U.S. government as a proof for their allegations, are not even specific enough to be able to review them independently. No witness is mentioned, alleged locations of the exposure of poison gas are only roughly indicated by districts, hospitals that have treated injured are just as little mentioned as mortuaries of the victims, and so on and so forth.

And again, they raise the obviously false claim that the “opposition forces” have never used chemical weapons in Syria that intentionally conceals the well-documented case of the use of chemical weapons by terrorists in Khan al-Assal (near Aleppo), because thus, the basis of the proof of guilt against the Syrian government would fall away, namely, that the terrorists are not in possess of chemical weapons in Syria and therefore, only the Syrian government is responsible for any use of poison gas (chemical weapons) in the Arab country.

Collin Powell showed evidence that were completely invented.
Collin Powell showed evidence that were completely invented.

Compared to the nothingness, what the U.S. regime presents the world public as an “evidence” for the war against Syria, the faked and staged “evidence” by Colin Powell for the war against Iraq were almost convincing.


While Barack Obama currently tries to explain to the world public that he just wants to ensure that the international standards, such as the prohibition of the use of chemical weapons, are adhered in future by the heaviest norm violation of the international law, namely, the crime of unleashing an internationally wrongful war of aggression, the reporter Dale Gavlak from Mint Press, otherwise working for AP, NPR and BBC, reports that Syrians from Ghouta (al-Ghouta) say that the rebels, equipped by the Saudi Prince Bandar, were responsible for the chemical weapons attack.

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