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Washington to Launch War on Syria?

John Kerry

Washington begins the military strike against Syria on Sunday?

The U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry Kohn has held his announced speech on Friday and he repeated und underlined the claim that the Syrian government would had used chemical weapons against its own people on August 21.

However, he has not presented a single evidence for the accusation, but only showed a paper as intelligence report, which is full of insinuations, assumptions and false claims.

The whole thing is based on a supposedly recorded radio conversation between high-ranking Syrian officials that has been (allegedly) recorded by the Israeli secret service Mossad. (See here)

How credible are these “proofs” then? Not at all, because as the former Mossad agent, Victor Ostrovsky, brought to the public in his book “The Other Side of Deception”, Israel has already often fabricated faked radio messages.

For example, to hoodwink (to screw) U.S. President Ronald Reagan and to convince him of the necessity of the bombing of Libya. On 15 April 1986, eighteen F-111F bombers started from England and fifteen A-6, A-7 and F/A-18 from the aircraft carriers USS Saratoga, USS America and USS Coral Sea and dropped their bombs on the Libyan capital Tripoli, with the aim to assassinate Gaddafi. Thereby, 60 people were killed, including Hana, the adopted daughter of Gaddafi.

It is therefore not even the first time that the U.S. government receives faked information by the Israeli secret services and represents this as a fact in order to attack a country and to eliminate the government, as now in terms of Syria.

The situation that the U.S. government has no real evidence for their claims against Damascus is already obvious by the statements of John Kerry. That the U.S. government has no real evidence comes forth from what Kerry says. For example, that the results of the investigation by the UN inspectors would be irrelevant. It does not matter what the mission of the UN (United Nations) has found or not found in Syria. “We know that Assad has done it.” And he also said, “The question now is not what we know, but what we will do.”

According to the intercepted communications between Syrian departments there is no doubt about the responsibility of the Syrian regime for the mass murder. “We know where the missiles came from, we know where they landed,” Kerry said. It would be the “firm conviction” that the Syrian government had carried out the attack.

Really? And I am convinced that John Kerry is a liar. What’s been a conviction? In front of a court, a conviction is worth nothing and one would be laughed at.

John Kerry
John Kerry

Prosecutor: “Your Honour, we have evidence, but I cannot show them. However, I’m convinced that the accused is guilty…”

Judge: “Well, if you are not able to provide any evidence and you are only convinced, then that is enough for me and I convict the defendant to 10 years in prison.”

Is this the situation of what is happening in a court of law in a constitutional state? Maybe in the police state of America, but here in Europe, not yet. One has to prove the guilt beyond doubt in order to convict someone, and not just know it.

It is even like this, purely in terms of the international law, that even if the Syrian Army would have used chemical weapons against the terrorists, there is no legal basis to wage a war against Syria.

Especially not when there is no mandate from the UN Security Council (UNSC), the only body which may allow an armed intervention. What is going on here is a purely internal affair of Syria, especially when it is about a civil war, instigated and supported by foreign powers. A government is allowed to fight against terrorists, who attack the state, and the people and want to destroy them. That’s also what the United States is constantly doing with its “war on terror”.

But back to the world policeman, who thinks that he has to meddle everywhere. Why has the government of the United States not underlined the “knowledge” about who carried out the attack with facts and presented it to the world public?

John Kerry says in this regards, that he could not present it for safety reasons and because of the protection of the source. So, they have allegedly evidence, which we are not allowed to see.

We have heard this excuse already many times. This means, that the world has simply to believe the claims of the U.S. government and that’s that! Because the White House has never lied to us in terms of reasons for a war. No, certainly not.

Oh well, yes, only on 5 February 2003 as the predecessor of John Kerry, Colin Powell, has presented the “evidence” for the claim that Saddam Hussein had mobile poison gas installations and that Saddam is in possession of weapons of mass destruction in front of the UN General Assembly. It was an impressive presentation with charts, satellite photos, sound recordings and reports from informants.

Colin Powell even waved a glass filled with a yellow substance in front of the UN officials and said that would be deadly anthrax and the Iraq is able to produce biological warfare agents.

Collin Powell showed evidence that were completely invented.
Collin Powell showed evidence that were completely invented.

Senator Joseph R. Biden called the evidence “overwhelming and irrefutable.” Yes, the same Joe Biden who is the current Vice President of the United States – who then supported the Iraq war and now demands an attack on Syria!

After they have covered Iraq with a war of aggression, invaded into the country and occupied it… it turned out that Saddam Hussein had no poison gas, no chemical weapons, and no biological warfare agents. The U.S. government had deliberately lied into the face the world and the same is now happening again in terms of Syria.

There is no “overwhelming and irrefutable” evidence that the Syrian army has used chemical weapons 10 days ago. These are only re-invented allegations and false accusations.

The chemical weapons experts of the United Nations (UN) have completed their investigations in Syria. It is scheduled that they leave the country on Saturday and then report about their investigation at the UN.

A UN spokesman said that it would be unclear how long it will take to analyse the collected samples from Syria. But he asked to await the outcome before any further decisions are taken, therefore, to not start an attack. It is only that this request by the UN spokesman does not interest the warmongers in Washington and they have no intention to wait.

The way things are going, Barack Obama has already made the decision to attack Syria. It could be that a wave of cruise missiles will be launched from the four U.S. destroyers, which meanwhile have arrived in front of the Mediterranean coast, and fired on Syria – beginning on Sunday.

Washington intends to carry out a “limited” three-day bombardment of military targets in Syria. After the bombs have crashed into Syria, Obama has the intention to fly to the G20 summit in Moscow on Wednesday. He intends to appear as a national leader there, who does not show any signs of weakness and who consistently punishes the overrun of his “red line”.

The important question is now, however, how will Syria respond to the attack and how are the reactions of the allies and friends of Syria about the U.S. attack on Damascus? What will Hezbollah, Iran, Russia and China do?

Will there be a retaliatory strike? Is Syria able to defend itself or to even attack in response? Either nothing happens, the Syrian government remains passive, and thus, shows who the real criminal aggressor is; or the Middle East explodes and turns into a real conflagration.

However, it could also happen that Washington, despite of all the threats, will puss out, especially in the case that the former British war comrade disappeared since Friday and is not allowed to join.

The majority of the British Parliament in London is convinced that the “evidence” is just not enough for a war against Syria. Moreover, they are still fully aware of the lies of war by George W. Bush and Tony Blair, and they know how “indisputable evidence” by intelligence services can turn out to just be a fabricated shoddy effort.

Source: allesschallundrauch

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  1. Canthama

    Check this video out with Biden saying “the President must be imppeached if he attacks a country that is not attacking the US or does not intend to” from 2007…well the situation with Syria perfectly fits an impeachment with Biden as the prove of it himself….pathetic isn’t it ? And these guys really thought of leading the world to a better place, maybe better place means hell or modern slavery.

    • Arklight

      They’re politicians; they’ll say anything that sounds good at the moment, but their thoughts? ‘As a man thinketh, in his heart, so is he.’


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