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Afghanistan, Syria: The Logic of the Illogic of U.S. War Policy

Saudi terrorists

US-led strike on Syria: The logic of the US war policy is illogically.

The U.S. regime shows us already for a long time now that rational arguments, logic, and the justice do not count for them anymore. America’s actions cannot be explained by normal standards and they are completely contradictory. All started at the latest with the wars against Afghanistan and Iraq.

How many normal people, I thought at that time in 2002, what has 9/11 to do with Afghanistan and Iraq? Why does America conduct a war against these countries, when 16 of the 19 alleged terrorists are from Saudi Arabia and Osama bin Laden, the accused head of the operation, also was a Saudi?

Not a single one of the terrorists came from Afghanistan or Iraq. Would it therefore not have been logical to attack Saudi Arabia, and to punish it therewith?

Saudi terrorists
Saudi terrorists

The gallery of Saudi terrorists, up to the one in the middle, who are behind all terrorist attacks alongside the Mossad and the CIA till today, and they fund Al-Qaeda and the war against Syria.

Oh well, the justification for the war in Afghanistan has been and still is that the Taliban have “housed” Osama Bin Laden. The Taliban themselves had nothing to do with 9/11 and have not attacked America.

But already the “lodging” of the al-Qaeda leader was enough for the Bush administration to launch the bombing campaign and the invasion of the country. Hold it! The leader of the hijackers shall have been Mohammed Atta, who lived and studied in Hamburg (Germany) from 1992 to 2001, therefore nearly for ten years till 9/11. Why wasn’t Hamburg bombed by the Americans, when this city had “housed” this terrorist?  I mean, where is there the consequence of their twisted logic?

The responsible Secretary in the White House for the counter-terrorism at that time of 9/11, Richard Clark, said after his retirement from office, that the decision by Bush to launch a war against Afghanistan as a response to the attack by the Saudi terrorists on America, would be so as if Washington would have declared the war on Mexico after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour.

He was himself really surprised how the Bush administration came to the decision to carry out a war against Afghanistan. But especially because the Taliban were ready to hand over Osama Bin Laden, when the U.S. authorities would have submitted evidence for his guilt. They have not done it, instead they have immediately dropped bombs.

But the illogic is continued. Although a complete flying ban was implemented after 9/11 and it all was about Saudi terrorists, according to the U.S. government, all high-ranking Saudi nationals, who stayed in the United States, had the permission to leave the country.

A plane collected the people at various airports and brought them to the Middle East. No one else was allowed to fly. A few days later, even the members of the Bin Laden family were allowed to the leave the country, without being controlled or interviewed, with private jets – organized and paid for by… no prizes for guessing… Osama Bin Laden.

The Bush administration has exactly let the persons escape out the country who they have accused for the conduction of the attack against America.

America is waging a war against the people of Afghanistan for 12 years, it has bombed the entire country back into the Stone Age and killed hundreds of thousands, because Saudi citizens have reportedly attacked America on 11 September 2001. Where is the logic? How can one do such a thing? Why does the world allow such things? Why is George W. Bush still not in jail, and why wasn’t he indicted as a war criminal and mass murderer?

Let´s fast-forward and look at the backgrounds of how the Obama administration justifies the impending war against Syria.

In their eyes, it is allegedly a “civil war” in Syria and not an invasion of terrorists in order to overthrow the Syrian government on behalf of the Saudis. If one sums it up, then the argument of the White House the following justification:

Because the “evil” Syrians (Assad) have killed the “good” Syrians (rebels), the Americans have no to kill the innocent Syrians (civilians) with bombs and missiles en masse, so that the “good” Syrians are afterwards able to kill the “evil” Syrians. Sounds perfectly logical, right?

Obama wants to bring the terrorists of Al-Qaeda in Syria to power, while they pretend to fight them elsewhere. They tell it to us, however, since years, that the whole war on terror is about the destruction of Al-Qaeda.

Hence, Obama sends killer drones to everywhere to kill the terrorists from the air. But here, he wants to attack Assad and the Syrian Army, which are exactly doing this – they force back and defeat the terrorists of Al-Qaeda.

Then we are told by the U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, that Barack Obama would not need to ask the US Senate and Congress for the permission of a war against Syria. Because this would not be an act of war, but only a limited air attack on military targets of the Syrian army, without the use of ground troops.

Aha, that`s the way it is. I have previously mentioned Pearl Harbour. What has happened there? Have the Japanese not exactly done the same as the Americans plan and intend now? The attack on Pearl Harbour was also just a limited air strike (by aircraft carriers) on military targets (American Pacific Fleet) without the use of ground troops.

Why have the United States then declared a war against Japan, and therefore also against Germany, when it was no act of war by the Japanese after today’s logic of the Obama administration?

Pearl Harbour
Pearl Harbour

Do we have to rewrite the entire history of World War II (WWII) now? Was the Empire Japan actually no aggressor, just as America sees itself as no aggressor towards Syria? If Washington conducts a war of aggression, then it’s none.

It is just a police action or diplomacy with tougher means, or even better, a humanitarian peace mission to protect the population. Yes, it is said then, completely trivialized by the apologists. Warning, it’s raining “peace bombs” / “bombs of peace” that do not kill!

Because the UN Security Council (UNSC) does not approve the military strike against Syria because Russia and China will veto, Obama intends to attack Syria without UN mandate. The U.S. government says that the system of the United Nations (UN) would have failed in the Syria issue.

In the past two and a half years, Moscow and Beijing have repeatedly prevented resolutions, which were directed against the regime in Damascus. However, this logic is completely twisted when it comes to Israel.

How many vetoes have been lodged by the United States at the UN Security Council (UNSC), when resolutions were directed against the regime in Israel? You are even no more able to count them all. Have Russia and China then also said that the system of the United Nations (UN) would have failed in the Israel issue and that it is now the time to act (and to attack them)?

As we see, the criminal regime in Washington does what it wants, adheres to no rules, twists any logic, acts completely irrational, and behaves like a psychopath. The only one, who still acts reasonable, calmly, and logically in this matter, is President Putin.

He has so far virtually alone prevented a war against Syria, which can very easily escalate into a world war. What does he get as a thanks by Western politicians and media for his peace efforts? Only insults, and he is pelted with dirt.

In contrast, the warmonger Obama is praised and all that what he is lying is uncritically accepted. Thereby, the United States tries to enforce its Pax America all over the world as well as its imperialist hegemony and its arbitrary exercise of power.

Obama wants to conduct a war of aggression against the international law, in support of Al-Qaeda. He wants to bomb Syria and strengthens therewith the extremists who massacre the civilians like rabid dogs. This is the logic of the illogic of U.S. war policy.

Why is the international community accepting this so unquestioningly?

Source: allesschallundrauch

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  1. Robert

    I want to speak on behalf of myself and the American citizens. 89 percent of us are against invading your country. We our fighting to put a stop to our American Government going into Syria and playing Big Brother. We the citizens are sick and tired of our Government invading other countries and always starting wars. We try hard to stop these evil people in power in America; but they have decided that our word means nothing and they act like they are Gods. We are very upset about this and most of us American’s don’t trust our Government. I and others here in America feel your pain and we do care about all of you. We would hope all our efforts will stop our Government from attacking your country. I and most American citizens are crying out for a better Government here in America that doesn’t start wars in other countries and mind to our own business. If you do get attacked, please understand us the American citizens are against it and will be mad at our Government if they do attack you. I’m am so sick and tired of my Government acting like they own the world.


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