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Syria: Nobel Peace Laureate Obama Wants the War

Obama & AIPAC

Israel deceives Washington and wants US soldiers to die for them in Syria.

The alleged evidence in the hands of the Obama administration in Washington as well as the conclusions and assumptions by French, British and German officials and their intelligence services, which should justify the US-led war on Syria and also underline the evilness of the recalcitrant Syrian government and President Bashar al-Assad, are worth nothing. Neither have assumptions a weight in front of a court nor is the presented evidence in any way convincing.

The main evidence for the accusations by the Obama administration and the assumptions of the intelligence services in France, Germany and Britain against the Syrian government in Damascus that the regime in Syria has used chemical weapons in attacks on Syrian civilians in suburbs of the capital on August 21 is the alleged recorded radio conversation between Syrian army personnel (officers) who have allegedly debated the preparations for a chemical attack.

However, the evidence is again from Israel, again delivered by the Israeli intelligence service – Mossad. How practical for the regime in Tel Aviv and for the Obama administration to have such an evidence in their hands. However, this sounds as a new sequel of the lies and fabricated documents, which were used by Britain, Israel and the United States to justify the illegal war and US invasion into Iraq. And such sequels with exactly the same storyline are simply boring.

Even the UK parliament has certainly thought that it really gets boring what is being played by the Israeli regime and Washington. And thus, the British parliament voted against the participation in a US-led military intervention (actually, rather a full-scale war) in Syria. However, the members of the British parliament had virtually better reasons to reject a participation in the next war crimes by Israel and the United States.

On the one hand, the most Britons still remember the horrible outcome of the war on Iraq and all the fabricated documents, lies and fakes. On the other hand, some of the British MPs, who voted against the participation in a US-led strike on Damascus, are certainly convinced that such a military action is again based on the same old plot – or even know more about the backgrounds than we do. Probably.

Not to mention that there is an increasing number of British people who reject any participation in a US-led war against another country which is again justified by fabricated evidence from Israel. Some did not forget the recent history and the outcomes of the Iraq war (Libya, Afghanistan and so on). One simply cannot liberate people by bombarding their homes.

Any kind of such wars to “liberate a population” by bombing a country into hell neither makes sense nor helps the population of this country. Such wars are conducted for the war profiteers, worldly interests (some say political intentions) and finally, it is all about money.

While some others “play war” due of alleged religious reasons, what is also to condemn, we “make war” for dollars and interests. Finally, it is the same – senseless and madcap. However, some leaders of certain countries think different. The reasons are probably also different behind the plans, intentions and opinions of these leaders of states.

At least, there is currently some hope that the Nobel Peace Prize Laureate from Washington will fail in his intentions to launch a war on Syria, although Barack Obama is certainly under huge pressure by the war profiteers, Banksters, the Israel Lobby as well as by the regime in Tel Aviv to do everything possible to finally launch the liberation of the Syrian people by the bombardment of the damned Syria. Irony is something nice, isn’t it?

Not only the New York Times (NYT) has currently published a revealing picture on its front page, showing the US-backed “Syrian rebels” how they execute seven Syrian soldiers by headshots, but also the House of Representatives in the United States might vote against the plans of Barack Obama and John Kerry.

While US Secretary of State John Kerry has recently lied into the face of US congressmen and it is even confirmed to be a lie and nothing else, the Nobel Peace Prize winner and American president wants to imitate the Bush family and has obviously so much time to plan another war, while the United States are broke and there is an increasing amount of homeless and jobless people in America. No more American dream. The daddy has taken the jeep away (misheard lyrics) – too much wars, too much freedom for banksters and others to ruin the American society, and thus, the American people. The last US administrations, including the Obama administration, have even allowed it.

Based on the current increased rejection of a possible war by the United States against Syria within the American society and even in the US Congress, although there are still some certain war profiteers, Zionists and the usual backers of such actions, it seems that the plans by the “American” Nobel peace laureate in regards of a military strike, which will never come out as a limited military attack for “just some days”, will fail.

There is now even the talk about US ground forces and a full-scale invasion. John Kerry, US Secretary of State, has meanwhile not only lied, as mentioned, but also confirmed that the regimes in Saudi Arabia and Qatar will pay with petrodollars for a US-led invasion of Syria and the downfall (better killing) of Syria’s President al-Assad. To let these regimes in Saudi Arabia and Qatar pay with petrodollars for the war on Syria is useful for the US administration due to the situation that America is broke. However, such a process is questionable and should already show everybody the true colours behind it all.

This simply means that US troops will become the paid mercenaries of Arab regimes to fight shoulder to shoulder with Al-Qaeda in Syria to remove a secular government, while other Al-Qaeda brothers kill US soldiers in other nearby Arab countries. After Hillary Clinton has confirmed that the US administration has established and supported Al-Qaeda, Obama just follows and maintains this path? Who knows…

However, if I would be a father of two sons, I would not allow my son to fight besides Al-Qaeda in Syria while his brother might be killed by Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan. Would you?

Syrian soldiers are executed by US-backed terrorists in Syria.
Syrian soldiers are executed by US-backed terrorists in Syria.

Obama and his plan of a war on Syria, supported by the Israel Lobby and the occupation regime in Tel Aviv, seems to receive a defeat in the House of Representatives. The intense lobbying by Barack Obama for a war against a secular and sovereign country in the Middle East is not really the way a Nobel Peace Prize Laureate justifies his award, is it? Of course, Obama is under pressure. No question about it.

But as an American president you either have balls or you better simply fuck off. The sad truth is, however, there were only a few Presidents of the United States who had balls and at least one of them was killed by a home-grown Intel plot. And sorry, my English is just lame. I am a tech guy, no specialist in writing about war, plots and massacres. That`s in general not my area. However, I do hope some understand what I want to say with it all.

In terms of the war plans by the Obama administration, which has already received a defeat in Britain, despite the pressure by the US administration on David Cameron, it seems that the broad public opposition in America will cause the upcoming vote to become the next defeat of Obama. And then, the chance is increased that some other powers in the White House as well as in the US Congress will be able to act against this president.

And in the case that Obama “wins” (although its then a defeat for all people on this world) and the US will launch the Israeli war on Syria, there is still the chance for an impeachment trial against Obama – violation of international law and mainly the violation of the US constitution, because the violation of international law or the act without approval by the UNSC (UN Security Council) does not really matter in this case in the United States. The violation of the US constitution is a more serious mistake and the dark clouds of an impeachment trial will then fly over Obama.

So or so – it currently seems that a historic defeat for the US administration is imminent and that is the reason why US Secretary of State John Kerry has started to repeatedly say that Obama is even able to launch the war on Syria after losing the upcoming vote. We will see.

Barack Obama certainly has not a lot of willingness to risk an impeachment trial against him. However, this also depends on the level of pressure by the Israel Lobby and the regime in Tel Aviv. At least, the statements by John Kerry will be put to the test in case the US administration of Barack Obama will receive a historic defeat for its war plans against Syria.

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    Yes ! Sionistes and extremists jesw want to boys going and dying in war .Stop them Stop AIPAC and ADL ! arent dangerous mans, destroy people’american.


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